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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.11
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: The Shorts Blowpipe is a man-portable surface-to-air missile that was in use with the British Army and Royal Marines from 1975. It was superseded by an interim design, Javelin, and later the greatly improved Starstreak.

Date: 2020-09-26 09:40

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Blowpipe Surface-to-Air Missile

Phantom Hawk

The Shorts Blowpipe is a man-portable surface-to-air missile that was in use with the British Army and Royal Marines from 1975. It was superseded by an interim design, Javelin, and later the greatly improved Starstreak.

The missile is shipped as a single round in a storage cylinder/firing tube. The aiming unit is clipped to the launch tube and fired from the operator's shoulder. To reduce the overall size of the container, the rear fins of the missile are stored in the larger diameter cylinder at the front of the tube (this also contains the Yagi antenna for transmitting guidance signals); during firing, the fins slip onto the rear of the missile as it flies through and are held there by heat-activated adhesive tapes. This gives the launch container a unique shape, seemingly oversized at the front and extremely thin at the rear. The missile is powered by a short duration solid rocket for launch, then by a sustainer motor once it is well clear of the launch tube.

The Blowpipe's guidance is initially semi-automatic with the missile gathered to the centre of the sight's crosshairs by the infrared optic atop the aiming unit. Two to three seconds after launch, missile guidance is switched to fully MCLOS mode, and the operator regains full control of the missile. The operator has to steer the missile all the way to its target manually via a small thumb joystick. The operator can opt not to use autogathering when engaging low flying targets such as helicopters, but then has to super-elevate the launcher to ensure that the missile does not hit the ground. Four flares in the tail of the missile make it visible in flight, first to the infrared optic, then to the operator. Detonation is either by proximity or contact fuse. In emergencies, the operator can end an engagement by shutting off the power to the transmitter with the system switch, after which the missile will immediately self-destruct. The aiming unit can then be removed from the empty missile container and fitted to a new round.

Blowpipe was found to be particularly ineffective when used to engage a crossing target or to chase a target moving rapidly away from the operator. Its poor performance led to it being withdrawn from British service. In 1986, some of the mothballed units were sent clandestinely to equip the Mujahideen fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan.(info from Wikipedia)

This is designed to be used for cold war scenarios and Addons.

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Addon features:

- Blowpipe surface-to-air missile.

- Blowpipe surface-to-air missile launcher.

- Ammo box with 20 missiles and 8 launchers (look in props section in the editor).

Missile and launcher features:


- The Missile is what is know as a Manual command to line of sight (MCLOS) missile using radio control to get a lock on the target it must be within the aiming crosshairs to lock on to it once fired the missile will automatically fly to the to the target and destroy it.

- The Missile has a max range of 3.5km.

- it is claimed to be virtually impossible to decoy it away from a target with flares.


- Battlefield obscurants, such as smoke or fog, can degrade the ability of the missile operator to see the target, and could potentially interfere with the missiles guidance. This is also the case (to a slightly lesser extent) in misty or rainy conditions.

- The training level of the operator is critical since, unlike infrared guided missiles, the operator has to track the target exactly with the sighting unit aimpoint (MCLOS). If the aircraft detects the missile it has the whole period of the missile flight time to engage in avoidance manoeuvres, which adds additional challenge to the missile operator's target-tracking task.

To install Blowpipe Surface-to-Air Missile you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Known issues:
- The missile is meant to be fully manually guided but due to ARMA 3's AI needing a lock to fire anti-air missiles I had to add a lock on feature.

Future plans:
- None at the moment. let me know if there is anything you want me to add.

- The launcher is made up of various models from ARMA 2 and its DLCs.

- The missile model is a heavy modified stinger missile model from ARMA 2.

3rd party addons used in the screenshots:

- 3 Commando Brigades British Armed Forces Addons.

- The Faces of War Development Team Faces of war mod.

- Red Hammer Studios RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

- @ Wars Extra RHS Uniform Re-textures.

Credits & Thanks:
- Bohemia interactive for the base textures and models.

- Slatts for his Unfinished Bits And Bobs public model pack.

- eggbeast for his Simple O2 tutorials.

Changelog: (26-09-2020)
Fixed missing texture error.

Update: 25 sep om 17:05
Missile max speed had the worng value.

Missile guidance system is now fully SACLOS (the missile flys to the wherever the crosshair is aimed).
Missile covers now pop off when fired.
Fixed delay bettwen missile shots not working.
Added fire control system and ballistics computer for better acurcy.
Added thermal imaging views to optics.
Ajusted missile speed to make it more controllable.
Ajusted Damage vaules to be more realistic.
Ajusted scope zoom levels.
Misc bug fixs.

Missile now has a slight chance of being effectd by countermeasures to simulate operator/missile error and for balance reasons.
Misc bug fixs.

Fixed missing bikey.

Misc bug fixs.

Redone all Models.
Fixed some model parts that were to small.
Misc bug fixs.

Changed maneuverability form 22 to 15.

Changed missile geometry model.
Ajusted the LML geometry model.
Added AP warhead to the missile.
Fixed bugs on some models.
Misc bug fixs.

Changed the firing sound to that of the Firefist ATGM.
Weapon name now shows up on MFDs.
MissileLockCone is now the same as the titan MPRL.
Reduced missile thrust.
Misc bug fixs.

Fixed rvmats using the wrong textures.


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