Author: POLPOX
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Requirements: POLPOX's Base Functions

Version: 2.5
Signed: No

Short description: This MOD allows you to make an artwork easier and faster with functions in it.

Date: 2020-10-16 15:19

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POLPOX's Artwork Supporter


This MOD allows you to make an artwork easier and faster with functions in it.

In Eden Editor:
Ctrl + Q to open the Animations Viewer.
Ctrl + E to enable animation for selected/mouse over'd unit.

This MOD also allows you to spawn the Sprehe_3DEN and SphereNoGround_3DEN in Eden Editor on the fly. Search "Sphere" in Assets Viewer to reach it.

Featured functions:
POLPOX's Animations Viewer

Put a word in top-left search field and hit the "Search" button or the Enter key. You'll see.
If you need multiple words to search, separate with "/"(slash).

"file:" - search by file name
"interpolateTo:" - search by interpolateTo config
"interpolateFrom:" - search by interpolateFrom config
"connectTo:" - search by connectTo config
"connectFrom:" - search by connectFrom config
"loop:" - (0 or 1) search by loop config
"action:" - search by actions config
"-"(minus) - search but exclude this word

Hit the top-right "Add bookmark" button to add the search command in the field to bookmarks.
Hit the bottom-right "Remove bookmark" button to remove the current bookmark.
Double click the entry of list to apply the bookmark.

Search example:

Animation Player

0: Unit
1: Animation Name
2: Time (-1 to ignore, -2 to skip to the end of the animation)
3: Attach To
You don't need the unit in arguments when you are about to run this function via Eden Editor.
Pasted animation is added in the unit's attributes.

Golden Ratio

[] spawn PLP_fnc_goldenRaito
(use spawn not call!) before open camera to enable Golden Ratio.
Numpad 2,4,6,8 to move
Numpad 7,9 to zoom in/out
Numpad 1,3 to invert image
Numpad 5 to invert color
Make sure you don't assign any camera movements for Numpad!

The function uses a resource of Wikimedia Commons

To install POLPOX's Artwork Supporter you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Credits & Thanks:
Arma 3 Aegis community for making this happened!
ConservativeJustice for the last two pictures in Workshop page!
Bohemia Interactive for the game, Splendid Camera, awesome animations!

License / Disclaimer:
Arma Public Licence

Removed: Animations Viewer. It is now a part of Base Functions so don't need to worry about that
Added: Ability to load pre-defined video settings in Splendid Camera interface, for quick “high-quality” shots without changing video settings manually (Required some steps to do)
Added: Object scaler - put a p3d path and can make it bigger/smaller via attributes
Added: Ability to remove animations - Put [] to the Animation Player will remove the animations

2.4a - Hotfix#1
Fixed: Some tools' camera issue

Added: Advanced Surface Emulator prop (Adjustable in context menu > Surface Emulator controller)
Added: Flying Bullets props (Adjustable in attributes)
Added: Bullets props
Added: Sling (WIP) prop (Adjustable in context menu > Sling Editor)
Added: Laser props
Added: Rainbow props (Adjustable in attributes)
Added: Afterburner prop (Adjustable in attributes)
Added: A static animation (Tribute to Global Mobilization: Cold War Germany)
Added: Two more parachutes for Parachute Animatior (only usable when you enable Global Mobilization: Cold War Germany)
Tweaked: Gestures search condition

Added: Fake Pond object
Added: Note in Multiplayer game
Added: Two new filters
Tweaked: Gestures Viewer now only shows working gestures
Tweaked: Alternative way to play animations (* see note here[])

Fixed: Sometimes it is impossible to hide interfaces on Splendid Camera

Fixed: Sometimes can't move/hide HUDs on Splendid Camera
Tweaked: Various tweakment for Surface Emulator

Fixed: Surface Emulator's inaccurate texture scaling - Base Functions related

Added: Foregrip prop for bipod slot
Added: Copying data in Splendid Camera in Eden Editor will also copy data of filters/guides/icons etc now
Added: No-filter variant of gasmasks are now visible in Arsenal
Added: You can enter FPP in Animations Viewer by pressing F3
Added: Splendid Camera's guides can change its color (White/Black/Red/Green/Blue)
Added: Few gestures
Tweaked: Refactored Animations Viewer and Splendid Camera so will launch faster
Tweaked: Some guides
Fixed: Filters didn't apply its intensity slider properly
Fixed: Fixed some problems and overhaul for Surface Emulator
Note: Camera prop isn't in this update for some reason

Added: Advanced Search Menu to Animations Viewer; enterable from the icon just left of the Search button
Added: Livonia and Livonian Defence Forces flag for custom flags
Added: Various icons for Splendid Camera
Added: Aliases for enoch animations
Added: Bit of static animations and mimics
Tweaked: Special faces (e.g. Miller, Kerry and Developers) are now unhidden
Tweaked: Reworked animal spawner; legacy objects are now obsolete and not available anymore on Editor
Tweaked: Splendid Camera's icons and filters moved to config, you can add them by your own by making MODs (Documentation is not available yet; wanted to make one later)
Tweaked: Aliases for animations are hidden by default
Tweaked: Various tweakment that I don't even remember

2.0e - Hotfix#5
Fixed: PLP_goldenRatio_debugAbort variable is not worked properly

2.0d - Hotfix#4
Fixed: Search box of the animations viewer has wrong tooltip message

2.0c - Hotfix#3
Fixed: Mimics Viewer doesn't work after exit and re-opened again
Fixed: Animations Player's attach argument doesn't worked properly
Fixed: Some static animations don't have proper file path

2.0b - Hotfix#2
Fixed: Various problem on custom assets especially when it removed from Eden Editor and undo the action
Fixed: Sometimes search condition is not saved properly

2.0a - Hotfix#1
Fixed: Animations Viewer doesn't show the unit correctly on some maps
Fixed: Some error log spam related to Armed Assault animations

Added: Ctrl+E now works for gestures and mimics
Added: Parachute Animator
Added: Splendid Camera logo can be shown in center and middle also
Added: Another syntax for SimpleAttach and behavior when is a plane
Added: Ability to hide items on Missile/Bomb Trolley
Tweaked: Splendid Camera custom interfaces are hidden while your mouse is not at the top or the bottom
Tweaked: Refactor some functions
Fixed: The slider on Splendid Camera doesn't set properly when you change the list
Fixed: Some over the sea related problems
Fixed: Various problems
Removed: Acts_CivilDance01 and Acts_CivilDance02 animations due to official implementation
Removed: Some alias animations
Note: POLPOX's Base Functions is added to required MOD
Also note: Started version count to clearfy something
Note again: Of course if you find any problem, send me a report

07/26/2019 - Hotfix#1
Fixed: Script error

07/26/2019 - “First Expressions Contact”
Added: Arma: Combat Operations cutscene animations (That's why you need to install 100MB+. You can find them with AA_ prefix)
Added: Unused Arma 3 animations
Added: Tweaked Arma 3 animations as alias
Added: Gestures Viewer (You can enter from the top-right buttom of Animations Viewer)
Added: Facial Expressions (Mimics)
Added: Mimics Viewer on Animations Viewer
Added: Arugment for Animation Player to play Gestures and mimics (Useful for use static gestures)
Added: Changeable camera rotation/movement vector
Added: Camera perspective preview lines in Eden Editor (Visible after use Ctrl + C)
Added: Brand-new static animations and gestures (You can find them with file:plp_staticAnims)
Added: Simple Light Placer can adjust its attenuation (Requires advanced knowledge to handle)
Added: IK search command on Animations Viewer (ik:0 - disabled, ik:1 - rifle, ik:2 - pistol, ik:4 - launcher)
Added: Few effects in Effect Dropper
Added: USS Equipment Editor(Right click on USS Feedom or USS Liberty and Transform>USS Equipment Editor)
Added: Partidle Dropper
Added: Rope (Start) and Rope (End) objects (You can fix the rope somewhere via synchronize Start and End)
Added: Simple Object Placer now accepts CfgMagazines class
Added: Simple Object Editor now shows every selection position in 3D space
Added: (Partly) Simplified Chinese translation (by CptCat)
Added: Ability to apply multiple filters
Changed: PLP_HeadLimits is optional now. Due to this change, Multiplayer restriction is also disabled by default
Tweaked: Debug texts, object box and more in Splendid Camera
Tweaked: Animations Viewer doesn't show animation aliases (_Hgun and _enableFire) when search command is empty, to show aliases, just put some command
Tweaked: disableWeapons search command on Animations Viewer
Tweaked: Behaviors of Animations Viewer
Tweaked: Behaviors of Tracer Placer
Tweaked: Behaviors of Weapon Placer (buggy yet)
Fixed: Longer text may broken in the search field in Animations Viewer
Fixed: Weapon Placer doesn't show proper weapons list
Fixed: Weapon Placer doesn't apply magazine properly
Fixed: Fake Weapon Fire can't use pistol properly
Fixed: Small Animations Viewer issues
Removed: Some MOD dependendent alias animations
Note: Mimics names are changed from Development Branch
Also note: Forums front post will be updated soon.

Just an update due to release Development Branch

03/17/2019 - Maintenance #1
Changed: Clan logo for vanilla vehicles is now optional
Tweaked: Show note when you're using Simple Object Editor to unvalid vehicle
Tweaked: Set Unit Clan now throws an error if the clan functionality is disabled
Tweaked: Set Unit Clan now throws an error if there's no clan selection
Tweaked: Simple Object Editor now shows the selection position even when you just click the selection
Tweaked: Some config

Fixed: Clan logo of modded vehicles

Fixed: Removed unnecessary required addon

Hotfix 1

“Turn the Impossible Possible”
Added: New technology for playing animations(Slightly unstable and may causes some problem but includes some improvements - more info on the forum or welcome screen)
Added: Simple Object Editor (Accessable from the context menu>Transform, works only for Simple Object Placer)
Added: Quick Camera Preview (Activate by Ctrl + P after copying the data in the Splendid Camera by Ctrl + C in Eden Editor, [] call PLP_fnc_loadCamera in game. The data will be remained in the mission file after saving even you leave the Editor)
Added: Weapon Placer now supports secondary magazine (such as Grenade launcher, .50 cal of Type 115)
Added: Effect Dropper object (Easy to drop effects in Eden Editor workspace)
Added: Night Vision/IR view changer in Splendid Camera
Added: Custom vanilla assets (Status inverted Diver equipments and Nightvision goggles. Available in the Arsenal)
Added: Clan texture selections for most of Vanilla units/vehicles and PLP_fnc_setUnitClan function (For more details see forums or Functions Viewer)
Added: Convert to Simple Object (Context Menu>Transform>Convert to Simple Object)
Added: Parachute objects in Assets Viewer (search for Parachute)
Added: Welcome Screen in Animations Viewer
Tweaked: Animation code changed to Object Initialization in Simple Object Placer
Tweaked: Simple Object Placer now accepts classNames of CfgVehicles, CfgWeapons, CfgAmmo and unformatted p3d path (Note: will be Super Simple Object)
Tweaked: Animation Player now sticks your unit more accurate in Eden Editor
Tweaked: Light position of HandFlare effects
Tweaked: HGun and fireEnabled alias animations
Tweaked: Can hide interfaces in Animations Viewer now with the same way to do (Backspace) in Eden Editor
Tweaked: Readable functions description in Functions Viewer (Suggest to read all of descriptions of functions for once! PLP>animations)
Fixed: Problem when place Simple Light Placer over the sea
Removed: Debug checkbox in Simple Object Placer

Note: PLP_fnc_effectDropper is now obsolete

Fixed: Weapon Placer doesn't place weapon properly in some condition

Fixed: Tracer Placers hide objects
Fixed: Golden Ratio function's abort script isn't working properly

Hotfix 1

1.20 “Props Everywhere”
Added: Variants of almost every official animations (Holding pistol, able to fire, pistol and fire. Search for PLP_ to find these animations)
Added: Flags that used in official vehicles (Able to mod texture same as other flags)
Added: Weapon Placer (Place it to certain accessories. This may takes few to open the attributes especially when you open with many weapons MODs)
Added: Tracer Placer
Added: Almost free vehicle interior camera (Expect FFV turrets)
Added: Golden Ratio function is now can be called even from outside Splendid Camera (Some features are locked)
Added: "Dust" and "DustHeavy" for Effect Dropper
Added: Loading status in Animations Viewer
Added: Volume Lights are having actual lights now
Added: Some variants of Spotlight
Added: Some icons for some assets
Added: Flag animation attribute for Flag (Custom)
Added: Flare type is now changeable between eyeballs and camera lens in Golden Ratio function
Added: Gameplay disable screen for Multiplayer game (It can be disabled by mission setting - for more info, please read this post[])
Tweaked: Categorize of assets
Tweaked: Animation name tooltip in Animations Viewer
Tweaked: Face in Animations Viewer
Fixed: Debug chat in Simple Attach function
Removed: Tracer objects (These are still remaining in the data for backward compatibility)
Known issue: Tracer Placer's preview don't behave as it should be

Tweaked: Load order to prevent override functions by most of addons
Tweaked: Some of features on Golden Ratio
Fixed: Error on Banner (Custom)

Tweaked: Method to hide Eden Editor interface in POLPOX's Animations Viewer
Fixed: Debug chat on animation
Fixed: Camera can't handle its zoom properly

Fixed: Camera can't rotate holizontally
Fixed: Potentially error
Fixed: Abort execution doesn't work properly

Added: Icon placer on Splendid Camera
Added: “In-Game” filter on Splendid Camera
Added: Camera movement speed adjuster on Splendid Camera
Added: Focus distance viewer on Splendid Camera
Added: Surface Emulator (Requires little knowledge of CfgSurfaces to handle)
Added: Animal Spawners (Dog, Goat, Sheep, Hen, Fish, Shark, Turtle) which also allow you to animate
Added: Spotlight props which actually work (May buggy, parameters are still WIP)
Added: The functionality of ANIMATIONS button of Debug Console is replaced by POLPOX's Animations Viewer
Added: Message when no animations were found in POLPOX's Animations Viewer
Added: Ship Flagpole (The same thing with used in USS Liberty)
Added: Icons for some assets
Added: Convert Cluster function (Execute and there're HQ models of munitions)
Added: Chernarus flag for Flag selection
Added: Golden Ratio funciton is can be aborted now (Execute PLP_goldenRatio_debugAbort = true; before launch camera)
Added: POLPOX's Animations Viewer shows disableWeapons and IK Weapon now
Added: "disableWeapons" search command for POLPOX's Animations Viewer (Filters disabled animations if you throw disableWeapons:1 and vice versa)
Tweaked: Dialog focus
Tweaked: Little performance improvements
Tweaked: Fake Weapon Fire can detect animations those can't fire little more precisely
Fixed: Debug chat on Golden Ratio function is now disabled
Fixed: Flag objects don't apply their arguments properly
Fixed: Analog controlling in Camera Controls will cause no error in Splendid Camera anymore (Dang, Moricky, why did you do this? Still I don't recommend to use analog controller to handle Splendid Camera)
Note: I'm too lazy to add localizations

11/18/2018 - “Small Birthday Gift”
Added: Flag (Custom), Flag (Custom, Small), Banner (Custom) with custom attribute and easy to change flag texture
Fixed: The interface of the Golden Ratio function does not want to disappear under low FPS environment

10/10/2018 - “Lifetime Saving”
Added: Wildlife Spawner (Can spawn birds easily, animal can be changed from attributes)
Added: Simple Object Placer (Throw className or p3d path to show and place Simple Object easily)
Added: Simple Light Placer (Edit in the attributes)
Added: Simple Attach Function (Useful to make aircrafts keep flying)
Added: Filters for Splendid Camera
Added: Light effect for Lightning bolts
Added: MissileExhaust effect for Effect Dropper
Added: Dynamic night vision and light in Animations Viewer (Press N by default to change the camera mode)
Fixed: Model data for Cartridge (9.3 mm) not set properly

09/02/2018 - Hotfix 2
Tweaked: Main Menu Screen guide disabled when Main Menu Screen was modified
Fixed: Few missing feature in Golden Ratio
Fixed: Golden Ratio did not localized properly

09/01/2018 - Hotfix 1
Fixed: Play Animation does not attach properly

Added: French translation (by Papa bear)
Added: Diagnosis Function (PLP_fnc_ASDiag) (Run before claim your problem!)
Added: Detached animation is now possible (by changing objNull to false, useful for Machinimas)
Added: Simple Rope Creator Function (PLP_fnc_ropeCreate) (Heavy WIP, readme is not available. See in Functions Viewer to get more info)
Added: Few props (Can be found in Other>Other, localization not available)
Tweaked: Behavior of bigger particles in Effect Dropper
Tweaked: Fire Weapon Function is now supports RPM Coef > 1 (To make single fire. Community's most wanted feature is now live, yay)
Fixed: Roses are red, Violets are blue, TracerYellow was red and vice versa in Effect Dropper
Fixed: Unexpected behavior when you make remain the bullets in Fire Weapon Function

Todo: Add localizations for some new contents

Added: French translation (by Papa bear)
Added: Diagnosis Function (PLP_fnc_ASDiag) (Run before claim your problem!)
Added: Detached animation is now possible (by changing objNull to false, useful for Machinimas)
Added: Simple Rope Creator Function (PLP_fnc_ropeCreate) (Heavy WIP, readme is not available. See in Functions Viewer to get more info)
Added: Few props (Can be found in Other>Other, localization not available)
Tweaked: Behavior of bigger particles in Effect Dropper
Tweaked: Fire Weapon Function is now supports RPM Coef > 1 (To make single fire. Community's most wanted feature is now live, yay)
Fixed: Roses are red, Violets are blue, TracerYellow was red and vice versa in Effect Dropper
Fixed: Unexpected behavior when you make remain the bullets in Fire Weapon Function

Todo: Add localizations for some new contents

13/05/2018 - Hotfix 2
Fixed: Incorrect behaviour of Fake Weapon Fire Function

v12/05/2018 - Hotfix 1
Fixed: Fake Weapon Fire Function did not working properly when the unit is not attached

Added: The square guide for Splendid Camera
Added: German translation (by christian2526)
Added: Effect Dropper Function and Fake Weapon Fire Function (more info on Workshop page and Forums topic)

Fixed: Search window won't show the last search word properly

Fixed: Abnormal behaviour in the Animations Viewer if [0,0] of the map is not a sea such as Takistan from CUP Terrains

Fixed: An error in the Golden Ratio when you using a MOD that mod the main menu screen( )
Tweaked: Removed a text from the stringtable and replaced by the official one

Added: Many more guides for the Golden Ratio function (the name is still remaining “Golden Ratio” though)
Added: Localization (Currently available languages are English and Japanese)
Tweaked: The Golden Ratio function will run along to the Splendid Camera so you don't need to run the function before opening the camera anymore
Tweaked: Unit in a vehicle who don't have attach argument will never attach anymore
Tweaked: The Golden Ratio is now transparent
Tweaked: Notifications are now more specifically
Tweaked: playAnim in Eden Editor will ignore your order if the clipboard contains invalid data
Tweaked: Alert if you don't select any human units when you tried to apply animations for units
Tweaked: If you mouse over a unit when you open the Animations Viewer, it will show the unit with the same loadout with the unit instead of the player
Fixed: An error in Eden Editor when using the playAnim *spaghetti cough*
Fixed: Unsupposed behavior when attach to some vehicle in the playAnim
Fixed: The playAnim can be applied and effected for vehicles
Removed: Default guides for the Splendid Camera

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