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Short description: Expansion for NATO markers. Markers were created on the basis of existing NATO designations.

Date: 2018-03-28 16:48

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NATO Markers+


Expansion for NATO markers.
Markers were created on the basis of existing NATO designations.

Today: added 14 markers

Attack by Fire Position - A position that designates the general position from which a unit
conducts the tactical mission task of attack by fire.

Contact Point - In land warfare, a point on the terrain, easily identifiable,
where two or more ground units are required to make physical contact;
In air operations, the position at which a mission leader makes radio contact with an air control
In evasion and recovery operations, a location where an evader can establish contact with friendly forces.

Engineer Regulating Point - Checkpoint to ensure that vehicles do not exceed the capacity of the crossing means and to give drivers final instructions on site-specific procedures and information, such as speed and vehicle interval.

Fire Support Station - An exact location at sea within a fire support area from which a fire support ship delivers fire.

Forming Up Position - The position from which the march begins.

Linkup Point - A point where two infiltrating elements in the same or different infiltration lanes are scheduled to meet to consolidate before proceeding with their missions.

Passage Point - A specifically designated place where the passing units will pass through the stationary unit.

Rally Point - An easily identifiable point on the ground at which units can reassemble and reorganize if they become dispersed.

Release Point - A well-defined point on a route at which the elements composing a column return under the authority of their respective commanders, each one of these elements continuing its movement toward its own appropriate destination. (Army) A location on a route where marching elements are released from centralized control.

Start Point - A well defined point on a route at which a movement of vehicles begins to be under the control of the commander of this movement. It is at this point that the column is formed by the successive passing, at an appointed time, of each of the elements composing the column. In addition to the principal start point of a column there may be secondary start points for its different elements. A location on the route where the marching element fallsunder the control of a designated march commander.

Support by Fire Position – A tactical mission task in which a maneuver force moves to a position where it can engage the enemy by direct fire in support of another maneuvering force.

Way Point - A designated point or series of points loaded and stored in a global positioning system or other electronic navigational aid system to facilitate movement.

Used: FM 1-02 (FM 101-5-1) MCRP 5-12A

To install NATO Markers+ you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
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Included files:

v0.02 26 mrt om 10:37
Added new 5 markers:
1. Attack by Fire Position
2. Support by Fire Position
3. Fire Support Station
4. Engineer Regulating Point
5. Point of Interest

Added 9 markers:
1. Way Point
2. Check Point
3. Start Point
4. Forming Up Position
5. Release Point
6. Passage Point
7. Rally Point
8. Linkup Point
9. Contact Point

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