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Requirements: Extended_Eventhandlers by Solus & Killswitch

Version: 1.10
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Date: 2008-07-12 16:32

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T72a era upgraded tank - Retex Package

The reskin addon includes the skins plus definitions for the mission editors containers (I have splitt the skins into different containers to make the mission makers live easier plus having a single designation for the T-72 and the ERA-style in-game.)

Extract the pbo(s) to your ...ArmA\Addons folder or use a mod folder to install/launch it (recommended).
If you don't know how to make and use modfolders have a look in our FAQ.

Included files:

The reskin-addon can be used to create your own addon:
1) Unpack the addon
2) Define a new addon name (e.g. 343rdBadger_skins)
3) Rename the t72_era_custom_retex directory to the new name
4) Rename all texts "t72_era_custom_retex" to you new name in the config.cpp, textures.sqf and readme.txt
5) Modify skins / config etc. as you need.
6) pbo the directory again and test it

model & config. by modEmMaik & Mateck & T72_era_custom_retex
Texture skins by the fabulous piranha-dl (

Config includes material / armor values from OFP-WGL mod.
Model is based completely on "BI Vehicles and weapons sample" models.

Credits to:
Burns and Evil Homer for their support and material (burns special for number textures ;) )
Hamis @ for supply of his engine sound
Mateck @ for custom skin invention and support
Sebastian Muller for the same invention for OFP custom skins
Maruk, Urki and Loneship crCTI clan for ideas, support and beta tests
T_bone, CameronMcDonald, hamis, Gedis, A.T.R.F. special: Marijus plus all the others @ for tests, photos and suggestions
Rellikki ( for his superb Sahrani Liberation Army Desert Troops ( I used as blueprint for this reskin
piranha-dl ( who inspired me to add some scratches (although his scratches look much better...)
Vilas (, who enspired me by his T72-B ERA
WGL mod team ( for their great mod
ACE team (, successors of the former WGL team
Solus & Killswitch for their Extended_Eventhandlers implementation
BI ( for their sample models

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- BI forums

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