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Version: 1.0

Date: 2018-04-17 09:15

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Altis - Vanguard - MP Altis- CEF

R.Demi [CEF]

This is something I designed because I wasn't comfortable aborting the mission in order to select another character. I've been able to set it to respawn into another AI instead of aborting. That's the best I could do.

Feel free to customize it and use it to your own needs.

Known issues
- Respawn timer visible on bottom of screen.
- First time you enter a vehicle you get kicked out, just make sure you press the accelerate button as soon as you start driving the vehicle, I suspect there is an AI commanding you telling you to get out.

Features -
-Vehicle's can be serviced at each base
-When you start off you need to go to the flag pole in order to teleport to your respective FOB
-Each faction has their own version of the Arsenal, Opfor can only use Opfor stuff, blufor can use their own gear etc...
- If Oposing forces enter enemy area "FOB" they will be killed. There will be a short warning first.
- Each Faction has their own Vehicles.

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Tags: Scenario,   Multiplayer,   Pvp,   Air,   Infantry,   Vehicles,   Altis