Author: 7erra
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Requirements: Pythia

Version: 2.6.05
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Here is my first attempt to create a mod. This mod is heavily inspired by R3vo's 3den Enhanced.

Date: 2020-11-25 11:40

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7erra's Editing Extensions


Here is my first attempt to create a mod. This mod is heavily inspired by R3vo's 3den Enhanced.

- Find Object Type on Map: Creates a map marker and a 3D marker on the position of every object with the same class name. Useful to find certain house types.
- Show Building Positions: Creates 3D markers on the positions of the building positions used with buildingPos[].
- Export button for the CfgViewer: Export the currently selected config with a single click!

To install 7erra's Editing Extensions you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Changelog: (02-11-2020 - updated as it happens, displayed in news once every month)
Now with working v2.6 Hotfix 2

Can't continue work atm because the packing is failing for unknown reasons...
EDIT: because of an update to the tools that breaks some of my macros

2.6 Hotfix 3
Fixes upload of dev version

2.6 Hotfix 2
~~~ Changed ~~~
- Config Viewer Shortcut is F12[] (changed to "CTRL+C")
- Color Picker doesn't work.[]

2.6 - Hotfix 1
~~~ Added ~~~
- Added shortcut for Config Viewer 73.[]
~~~ Fixed ~~~
- Color is not set in Color Picker when previewing color in config Viewer[]
- Help text is cut off in Config Viewer[]
- Config Viewer 73: Search Bars Do Not Initiate List Updates[]
- Remove shadow on debug console title[]
- KillzonKid -> Killzone_Kid[]
And added contributions from @R3vo

- "Config Viewer 73 Preview" update
+++ Added +++
- You can now preview certain classes from the Config Viewer 73 (see the Steam description)
- Shortcut for opening the debug console changed from "^" key to CTRL+D (same as CBA)
~~~ Changed ~~~
- Some background stuff, I am transitioning to using BIS_fnc_display for my displays
If you have another idea for configs which can be previewed just drop a comment.

"RPT Page" update
With this release there is a dependency on the @Pythia mod. This enables me to do file operations such as reading the RPT and opening up even more options for the future ;)
+++ Added +++
- RPT page for the debug console
~~~ Changed ~~~
- Added dependency on the @Pythia mod
- Various minor fixes by R3vo and myself
If something goes horribly wrong I'll roll back to the previous version.

Hotfix 1
~ Fixed: Vanilla debug console was gone
This hotfix includes some WIP files, should not affect anything though.

- "Export Config" Update
+++ Added +++
- TER_fnc_configToString
- UI for the above function in the Config Viewer 73

Config Viewer 73:
~ Fixed: Preview for .jpg and .paa files should now work

- Removed unused config classes
Config Viewer 73:
+ Entity context menu in 3den (Search Config) now opens the entities config in the Config Viewer 73
+ More user settings are now saved, eg selected property, text of the search boxes, etc.
+ Config search now supports multiple search terms as well as the "-" operator to exlude results
+ Property preview: Scaleable pictures (paa, jpg)
+ Amount of loaded classes and load time are now displayed on the progress bar
~ Property preview: Color Picker is now displayed as control instead of opening a new display
~ faster config loading (around 20% faster)
~ Accesible now from 3den >> Tools >> 7'3 Editing >> Config Viewer 73
~ Accessible now from escape menu (page 1 of the modded debug console)
~ Some smaller improvements
Color Picker:
+ Converted the color picker to a controlsgroup for implementation in other displays
~ Color is saved for the duration of the session
~ Fixed: Position of the dialog should now be always centered

~ Vanilla debug console was missing

2.3 - "Config Viewer 73" Update
+ Config Viewer 73
One of my favourite updates ^^ Until I have to fix it...

2.2 - "Namespace Explorer" Update
+ Added "Namepsace Variables" in the "Tools" folder. This feature will enable you to browse through the different namespaces and see what variables are used.
+ "Namespace Variables" button in the Debug Console.
~ Custom Commands, More Watchfields and Live Debug now operate in missionNamespace.
~ Custom Commands: Remote execution now gives an appropriate message.

- "Custom Commands and More Watch Fields updated" Update
+ Control Types tool
~ Custom commands and More Watch Fields now use a new control type which makes it more visually appealing
~ Live Debug is now implemented into the More Watch fields page
~ Live Debug now supports custom amount of entries
~ The combo box to change sides now has color formatting
- Live Debug button on page one

2 - "Next Level" Update
+ Saved Watch Entries
+ Anchor Positions
+ GUI grid editing
+ Functions: convertNumber,
+ KK Debug page
+ Export marker as string
+ Clear Inventory
+ RscGrids can now be used as GUI Editor background
~ Major performance improvement
~ FIXED: Alignment of console
~ FIXED: Draw Unit Icons
~ FIXED: First created Extra Watch Field was hidden
~ FIXED: Translation error in the Font Picker
~ Extra Watch Fields are now disabled during input
~ AttachToFinder now returns the variable of the objects if defined
- nil value termination on Live Debug
- Recent Watch Entries (is now Saved Watch Entries)
And probably some things I forgot.
1.8 - "Watch unit" Update
Debug console:
+ Watch unit page
~ 5 instead of 2 pages now
~ changed the way that the target debug works. It now displays information of the entities in a 20 m radius on a 3D control
~ easier access of the pages with a normal listbox
~ The default grid is now the UI_GRID since the vanilla one is useless
- some UI related functions

+server key

~ new icons ( forgot to pack the pbo :S)

~ Logo and thumbnail

v1.7 - "attachTo Finder" Update
Debug console:
+ Numbered tiles for Draw Grids
- Absolute frame for Draw Grids
+ Locality option for custom commands
3den Editor:
+ attachTo Finder
+ Shorcuts for the Structured Text Edior: Double space will be replaced with a line break, CTRL+U will underline text
+ TER_fnc_controlInfo
~ onLoad EH are no longer functions

v1.6 - "BIKI Links" Update
Debug Console:
+ BIKI Links
~ Font
~ Folder structure (again)
- Sperate pbo for pictures etc.

v1.5 - "Structured Text Editor" Update
+ Structured Text Editor
+ Font Picker
+ Color Picker
+ Multiplayer support
~ Major file restructuring
+ Added a GitHub repository

v1.4 - "mikero" update
~ Debug console:
+ Change GUI Editor grid
~ Live debug would stop printing results as soon as a nil variable was ecountered
~ The recent watch history wouldn't update when exceeding the threshold of 25 entries
~ config binarised
~ All config files moved together in one

v1.3 - "Debug console: Page 2" update
~ Debug console:
+ Custom Commands (Planned: Change locality of commands, needs testing)
+ Recent Watch Entries
+ Clear Chat
+ Second page for the debug console for more space
~ Watch commands are now saved upon leaving the escape menu instead of when the text doesn't change for a second and is not nil
~ " Same goes for all other custom options
~ Config binarized
~ Moved the pictures etc to a second pbo so the other one can be binarized
~ Config and pbo names corrected to TER_Editing from TER_Eden

v1.2 - "Debug console update"
IMPORTANT: This mod will from now on be called "7erra's Editing Extensions" instead of "7erra's 3den" as I have left the bounds of 3den. Some things will still contain the prior name but that is due to technical problems.
+ Extended debug console
+ Draw grids
+ Enable teleport
+ Show icons over units
+ Side player
+ Target debugging
+ Extra watch fields
~ Live debug is now accesible through the extended debug console
- Seperate "Live" watch buttons

+ Watch expressions live
+ ezGUI
+ Escape shortcuts
~ Adjusted the mod presentation with pictures and description


- Pythia

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