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Requirements: IFA3_AIO_LITE

Version: 1.28
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: General Equpiments and Accesories, is something that came out of my slight impatience from the absence of this set of Uniforms in the A3 scene. I made some of these uniforms, Primarily the Field Jacket M1943, but also decided to make some HBT uniforms.

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Date: 2020-10-22 19:27

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US General Equipment and Accessories (IFA3)


General Equpiments and Accesories (or GEAR), is something that came out of my slight impatience from the absence of this set of Uniforms in the A3 scene, I simply cannot properly do proper post-normandy scenarios without M43 uniforms, therefore, with all my almost nonexisting modelling skills, I present thee some of these uniforms, Primarily the Field Jacket M1943; but somehow i also decided to make some HBT uniforms so make it two kinds of uniforms, i present thee.

They come in several variants, M43s for standard infantry, paratroopers, winter, etc; and HBTs also in standard versions, wool trousers, and camo mix.

oh and these uniforms are fitted to IFA3 webbings, all credits to El Tyranos for helping me in getting the proportions and rigging right to fit them.

And turns out this project becomes more than just adding the m43 and HBT uniform, So here includes a bunch of unit groups, depicting divisions with unique helmets and patches

- M1943 jackets, standard infantry version and paratrooper version with modified pockets on their pants
- ranks from Pvt to S/Sgt,
- recoloured m1941 jackets and webbings to fit better. m41 now has a more greener-beige OD3 look, compared to the yellowish look of the original
- HBT 2nd pattern uniforms, in few variations
- Added Winter versions of 101AB helmets
- Added burlap covered M1 helmets, parachute camo cover, late-war shrimp nets, scrim, and more net variants
- groups of guys wearing m43s, standard infantry, winter infantry, and airborne units: 101AB and its subunits (327th, 501st, 502d, 506th, and recon units), and 82nd, available in editor and zeus
- groups of US Divisions in midwar uniforms (m41s + hbts) and latewar uniforms (m41s + m43s) available in editor and zeus, including 1ID, 2ID, 3ID, 4ID, 2AD, 28ID, 29ID, 90ID, and some i may forgot
- Unit Patches of 17AB, 26ID, 28ID, 30ID, 79ID, and 90ID
- several more unit patches made by bigstone, 1ID, 2ID, 4ID, 35ID, 36ID, 42ID, 104ID, 106ID
- cheap jeep cap attempt
- M44 SWDGs available on Glasses and NVG slots, they fit m1 helmets of both FoW and IFA3.
- Helmet band that fits IFA3 helmets, available on Glasses and NVG slots
- Reskin of P47s, depicting the 62nd FS of 56th FG
- some new US bandoliers (great now theres a total of 3 models of em), available as a backpack, and also as glasses/NV for decorative purposes

Optional Files:
In the directory, theres a folder called "optionale" there exists optional files:
1. simc_uaf_44_unhide:
unhides assets that are hidden to avoid clutter, but they will provide you with way more options for some more in-depth-barbie-dressing. these assets includes:
- Helmets with unit markings of 1ID, 3ID, 4ID, 5ID, 28ID, 29ID, 36ID, 45ID, 88ID, and 90ID
- a ♥♥♥♥load of paratrooper helmets, that are historically accurate for post-normandy era (market garden and varsity), which has smaller net mesh and no camo scrims.
- Extra uniforms with ranks from tech Sergeant to Colonel (no officer ranks for HBTs and M41s tho)

2. simc_uaf_44_m42: recoloured the IFA3 m43 uniforms to look like a standard 82d AB M42, with flags.

To install US General Equipment and Accessories (FOW/IFA3) you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Future plans:
- Wound textures (something i cant get right so far)
- HBT cap
- Hood headgear

Credits & Thanks:
- IFA3 team for everything; including base webbings, m41 jackets, m1 helmets, rank and unit patches; real awesome stuff, and specifically El Tyranos for the sample webbing models that helps alot with rigging and proportions
- Bohemia Interactive for the arma sample models, made my jeep cap out of one of those beanies
- Bigstone for advices and ideas, helmet band model, patch textures, and testing
- Jaki for advices and ideas, testing, some textures, and additional screenshots
- Courtland: Garrison cap model

License / Disclaimer:
Do not attempt to monetize this addon! I did not get paid to make this so neither will and/or should anyone else get some money from this

Changelog: (22-10-2020 - only displayed in news once every month)
earlier update was wonch upload, now fixd

- some config errar regarding class b uniform

- added face and neck-worn M44 SWDG
- added marston mat (for some reason)
- forgot wat else but who cares lol

- fixed hbt rolled trouser having misassigned UV
- fixed cosmetics 404 in arsenal
- replaced garnisun cap model
- fauf?

- updated USMC cover texture
- added USMC mosQTo nets
- added tucked in HBTs (43 patterns and MC P41s)
- updated net textures (colours to blend better)
- updated paratrooper FAK textures
- added P41s w/o MC stencil for KMNL
- darkened NCO nd Officer bars on helmets so that it shines less
- added Polaroids (made by Jujurat)
- added Rommel Glasses (made by Jujurat)
- M1944 goggle model replaced with a new model (original model is a 1974 SWDG by Olmo Potmus, part of the CVC helmet model[] )
- added LandContact LODs to rearpack so that they no longer float 1m above ground

- unwonched mtl

- USN N3 uniforms
- "fixed" shine for nets and patches

- added UA structured collar karkees and woolies (by Frenchy56)
- added 1941 UA group
- added AAAO (Helmet stencil texture by Unitatoe)
- added M41s w/ overshoes
- added M41s and M43s w/ sweaters nd scarves
- added hbt w/ sweater
- added terry moore webbing (zekritt)
- added CC2 HBT (texture by Ethridge)
- updated liner strap texture (by Ethridge)
- added buckled MC helmet without liner strap
- fixed misassigned hbt texture on one of the UAAB M43
- fixed one of the HBTs having unassigned boot texture in 1PV

- fixed misassigned model for od7 gp (rear)

- added M42 101AB groups (501, 502, 327gir)
- added m1918s to 327gir
- added m43 (hbt) variants with buckles and unbloused trousers
- new hbt trouser model
- configured officers for better compatibility
- fixed some issues with ifa3 replacement file
- added woolie sweater
- added GP rearpack

- a gift for the sufferer of foot(wear) fetish: New Shoes
- aaaach, ich bin verwundet!
- fixed some misassigned textures

- oepsie woepsie previous uploed est brojkie

- fixed missing M2 medic helmets
- fixed some file pathing errors

- fixed mantel LOD
- fixed planes
- fixed ifa3 medic helmets
- fixed some missing m42s

Ultra Mega Updatum paket!
- new overhauled uniform models
- added web gear
- added helmets
- added more accessories
- everything is new
- added marine gear
- replaced IFA3 assets with ones from this mod

- impelmented new sculpting on the uniforms, not exactly good but at least better than what it was before, ik denk

unbroke the mod

Fixed error with nonexistent classname referral

Added 17th Airborne groups for editor/zeus

nani the fuck steam

Fixed 77ID soldaten not having helmets

reupload of last update, since the last upload might be broken due to slight loss of netzwerk connection, thx indonesie

- added PTO units
- Added mantels
- Added Tanker Jackets (or more commonly known as tanker jackets)
- Added m41 jackets
- Added HBT caps
- Added 77ID unit groups
- Reskinned I44 US Panzers (thanks to yurichenco for base textures)
- Added more HBT variants (unbloused boots, no m37 undershirt, and buckle boots)
- Added gas hood headgear
- latewar unit sets now have a more mixed uniform, with tanker jackets and mantels
- garrison cap model altered

- fixed some cfgpatches override problems
- fixed infantry spawning as OPFOR side instead of INDEP when spawned through zeus

Made publick

- added garrison caps


- IFA3 AIO Lite

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