Author: pSiKO
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Stratis, Altis, Malden
Playable options: MP / SP (in local multiplayer)

Version: 0706

Date: 2018-06-07 13:39

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Liberation RX

Zbug, pSiKO

I'm very happy to present you my own version of [GREUH] Zbug Liberation,
ARMA-3 Liberation - RX

Based on version 0.924

* R3F Logistic (can tow vehicles and load item)
* LARs (Larrow) Arsenal (no ngs, viper, etc..)
* FAR Revive (drag/stabilize)
* TK Punishment (autoban)
* Player & Base Protection
* Group Lock/Unlock
* Hearplug
* MagRepack
* Unstuck AI
* AI Medic can revive player pretty well
* RP oriented
with ranking system based on player action
automatic permission granting (build/tank/air/recycl)
unlocking arsenal/units according to rank
* Dynamic events (based on A3Wasteland)
* Special Town invasion when opfor is low
* FPS fix and perf
* Admin Menu (teleport/skiptime/God/spawn)
* Lots of Customization (shorter night, anti mine, recycling ammobox....)
* No need of admin/commander (including fresh start)
* and many more !!

Engine and map available for:
* Altis
* Malden
* Stratis (Air Carrier)

Arma3 Official Server
A3Serv :

Credits & Thanks:
I want to thank : Zbug, who did a very good job, AgentRev and Larrow and all contributors of Bohemia Interactive Forums. for the countless messages I read from them and gave me a real code lesson!


Forum topic:
- BI forums

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