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Version: 1.6

Short description: BP Oil Rig Template for Altis.

Date: 2018-07-07 08:37

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Altis Blue Pearl Oil Rig #7


Blue Pearl (BP) is a multinational company known for their business infrastructure on the Horizon Islands. They have extensive ties in the energy market and have an establish focus in oil and gas. BP have been constructing oil rigs all over the world, and are also known for their notorious reputation for their impact on the environment.

Platform BP-007 is a fixed platform oil rig located in Pyrgos Gulf, Altis. It is a medium sized rig with 3 main decks and a dock, with multiple levels on the top deck. It features a helipad to allow medium to small sized helicopters to land, load, and unload occupants. There are 5 main buildings each with different internal layouts (Drillhouse, Fuel Tanks, Compressor & Vent, Mud Room, and Shakehouse). As this platform is near the shore, BP workers are ferried offsite while not on duty.

- King of the Hill position (KOTH)
- Attack & Defend (by air, boat, and sdv)
- Hostage Rescue
- Hijacking
- Seek and Destroy
- Altis Life
- Roleplaying
- Etc...

Installation / Usage:
For usage instructions and information of how to use the Altis Blue Pearl Oil Rig #7 please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

Version 1.6
VR Version:
Steam Sample Mission CO-OP 8 (Difficult):

Feel free to unpack, edit, and share this. Just remember to credit, as many hours were spent designing it. VR template version can be placed in other maps in depths of water up to ~170 m.

Free Easter Egg Patch for a certain Nation.

Credits & Thanks:
A lot of the inspiration came from previous mission makers such as: Maxine, Silos, Xcinos, and another maker who I can't seem to find. This rig was also definitely inspired by that MW2 oil platform as well.

Version 1.6
    - Added Zeus positions
    - Added SDV
    - Set all unlocked vehicles to be editable by Zeus
    - Added UAV briefing
    - Changed civilians with AAF
    - Update description.ext

Version 1.5
    - Minor Tweaks


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