Video update
There have been released some more usermade video's the past few days. We didn't have time to add them before but here they all are.

NeZz_DK posted a video showing how to land the Harrier without crashing it.

Harrier landing
Size : 12.9

Download it from our video section PART II.

BTK has released the following movies.

Sahrani is big       MI-17 rotor failure    Flight of a MI-17
Size : 19 Mb           Size : 19.1 Mb         Size : 42.8 Mb

Forrest night fight
Size : 40.1 Mb

Download them from our video section PART II.
Or watch them streaming by selecting below:

At there were 2 exclusive videos released.

CQB fight
Size : 28.2 Mb

Harrier fly over
Size : 26.5

Download them from our video section PART II.
You can watch the Harrier fly over in streaming here.

Forum discussion here.

Written on 2006-11-25 23:03 by Foxhound  

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