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Short description: Carrier Strike Group 14 Template for Altis

Date: 2018-08-04 08:45

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Sixth Fleet's Task Force 60 Template


Sixth Fleet is the US Navy's operational fleet in the Mediterranean. Any carrier strike group operating in the Mediterranean is usually designated as Task Force 60 (TF-60). Carrier Strike Group 14 (CSG-14) was deployed due to recent escalating events within the Aegean region, thus is designated as TF 60.

Carrier Strike Group 14 (CSG-14) is composed of 5 naval vehicles featuring: USS Freedom (CVN-83), 3 destroyers callsigns USS Micdonals (DDG-93), USS Constitution (DDG-334), and USS Democracy (DDG-76), and lastly HMS Proteus. USS Freedom carries multiple strike and anti-air intercepting assets, as well as light to heavy air transport vehicles. CSG-14 is capable of providing long range cruise missile support via its destroyer's MK41 Vertical Launch Weapons Systems, and is capable of defending against multiple air and sea threats. Each destroyer contains various assets to cater to different missions for greater immersion, including dockable watercraft assets.

Zeus is enabled, to allow for PVP or creating custom missions while exploring the CSG template.

Thumbnail is total click bait, ships do not move. I'm just practicing my photoshopping skills.
Crew animations only work in singleplayer.
VLS systems work, but requires pressing "R" a lot to lock on to a laser designation.
Zeus is compatible for using custom addons and mods.

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