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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 3

Short description: Joint ammunition and magazines can be used by different weapons packs

Date: 2018-07-06 08:24

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by JAM3 team

JAM stands for Joint Ammo and Magazines. It’s purpose is to allow multiple weapons in OFP to share common ammo and magazines.

The Problem
You have got several units from different addon makers in a mission. For example, BAS Rangers, Earl/Suchey’s Marines, some Laser SEALS and ADF units. Each carries a custom version of an M4 or M16. In real life each of the weapons can chamber the same mag, however in OFP, if your BAS Ranger runs out of ammo, you cannot ask a Laser player for ammo or pick up ammo from a dead Earl/Suchey Marine and vice versa. Why? Each mod has coded their magazines using their unique class tag. BAS_M4Mag for example, or ADF_M4Mag. Although this is a good addon making practice it does not lend itself to inter mod weapons sharing. In real life, you could choose the weapon of your choice, your own customised M4 (in OFP, choose your favourite mods M4 or M16) but you could use any mag you found around the battlefield. That is to say, the magazines are the one constant between any variant of the M4 or M16 you choose to use.

The Answer
The first option is to use only BIS magazines but with all due respect for their coding, it is sometimes nice to be able to use custom sounds and settings in the magazines. This is where JAM comes in.

Joint Ammo and Magazines project (JAM) is a magazine standard, originally developed by BAS and Digital Grenade, for use with all our units. Other addonmakers/mods are invited to use JAM to improve compatibility between similar versions of weapons made by different people. It is impossible to code for every single weapon/magazine combination, we have included the most common and therefore the most likely to be shared between different units. Some specialised magazines do not need the commonality that JAM provides so can be coded separately in each addon.

JAM uses the Fired Eventhandler to control various scripts. These scripts perform the following functions:

1) Obscuring Smoke Grenades

Thanks to Angusheaf and General Barron we have included obscuring smoke grenades, these will block the view of AI soldiers. The JAM default units have all been updated to inlcude these grenades and will use them automatically (no need to change the loadouts from the default BIS smokeshell, smokeshellred, smokeshellgreen, as the script automatically detects them and blocks the AI view).

2) Marker Smoke Grenades

Grenadelauncher based smoke grenades. These come in single rounds
(JAM _MarkerRound) or in pistol slot groups of 4 (JAM _MarkerGrenades)

3) Launcher Smoke scripts

Smoke from launching an RPG or AT/LAW round.



To install JAM_Magazines.pbo, JAM_Sounds.pbo, and JAM_Vehicles.pbo: place them in a mod folder of your choice. ex.:

Program Files\Codemasters\Operation Flashpoint\@JAM3\addons
Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ARMA Cold War Assault\@JAM3\addons

User missions:

To install "JAM Sound Demo.Intro" you need to place the .Intro folder into your folder:

Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ARMA Cold War Assault\Users\your name\missions for ARMA CWA v1.99 (steam)
Program Files\Codemasters\Operation Flashpoint\Users\your name\missions for Operation Flashpoint Resistance v1.96 (CD)


Included files:

You can find complete instructions about JAM3 usage in the included ReadMe.rtf.

For usage instructions and information of how to use JAM3 please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

Credits & Thanks:
Coding by Eviscerator and SelectThis. JAM3 coding by Cornhelium.
JAM2 Scripts by Rom.
Sounds by Katerina, Suchey, Flocko Jocko, RHS, Eviscerator, SelectThis, Earl, Nagual, Vipersheart, and the OFP Community. Please see the JAM_Credits-Filenames(Community).xls for full credits.
Pictures by Suchey, Eviscerator, SelectThis, Denorc
JAM2 Beta Testing: BAS and Digital Grenade
JAM3 Beta team: hardrock, raedor, crashdome, Denorc, Dragofire, Edge, FireflyPL, AgentFox2, King Homer, Messiah, Uziyahu, calm_terror, commando84, MrN
Thanks to Kurayami and Gatordev for recoil input.
Thanks to TermiPete, Przezdzieblo and SPQR for CAVS input.
Thanks to Denorc for new inventory pics and JAM3 banner.
Thanks to Hardrock for hosting a forum for the JAM3 team.
Thanks to Mintyboy for the vehicles config.
Thanks to General Barron for the improved smoke grenades.
Thanks to Snypir, Zayfod and Killswitch for ECP input.
Special thanks also to Killswitch for config advice, fixes and general beta testing godliness!

Lastly, a big thank you to The Avon Lady for kick-starting JAM3 with her MAAM project, and to SelectThis and BAS for allowing development to continue.

License / Disclaimer:
This is NOT an official Addon. You know the drill! Use at your own risk.

Version 3: Revision History:
-Fully compatible with ECP, EECP, FFXUR, INQ-Mod, Y2K3, etc.
-New AT rounds, compatible with CAVS project
-Improved recoils for all rifles, pistols and shotgun
-Tweaked accuracy for all sniper rifles
-SD magazines tweaked to simulate realistic supersonic ammo where appropriate
-Subsonic “SUB” mags preserve JAM2 SD values
-New sounds for 99% of magazines and weapons– big thanks to the OFP community
-Most magazines have separate fire sounds. Now you can tell who’s shooting!
-Different fly and hit sounds for different bullet types
-Bullet hit and fly sounds also externalized to JAM_Sounds.pbo
-THREE alternative versions of the JAM_Sounds.pbo available. Community Pack, Rainbow Pack, Cinemania Pack
-New Mounted Machinegun magazines, with HD versions. Ready to be used on vehicles
-New realistic-size mags for M60, M240, RPD, PKM. Max loadout of 500rds per unit
-New 12rd Belts for grenade launchers, like GL Vest but only taking 3 spaces
-Primary and pistol-slot options for most SMG/PDW mags.
-Unsuppressed, suppressed and silenced (subsonic) MP5 and Uzi mags
-Improved support for UMP-45
-New magazines for Remington SPC 6.8mm and Grendel 6.5mm rounds
-New sniper mags for: L96A1-type, AWSM type (including armour piercing incendiary round), SVU tactical rifle
-Made recoil more manageable for .50cal sniper rifles, based on real-life reports
-New Editor groups
-New units for all sides: Spotter, Grenadier (Belt), Machinegunner (500 rounds), AT Units (CAVS compatible)
- All BIS vehicles available with JAM crew
-Editor mission allows players to quickly preview many of the sounds
-More effective smoke grenades.
-A few config fixes

Version 2: Revision History:
-Sounds moved to JAM_sounds.pbo to allow editing of sounds without
affecting CRC checks on the main PBO.
-reload times tweaked
-Anti-tank rounds flight paths are now the same for the different types
-added new EH with launcher smoke on anti-tank rounds
-AIRateof Fire figures tweaked
-New weapons and Magazines added.
-Machinegun recoils fixed to stop firing too high

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- BI forums

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