Author: Jackal326
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Requirements: JAM3

Version: 1.1

Short description: Extensive pack containing over 200 weapons

Date: 2018-07-18 13:50

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SJB Weapons Pack

by Jackal326

SJB Weapons Pack contains almost 200 weapons ranging from handguns (Colt 1911, SIG SAUER P228 etc.) to sub-machineguns (MP5s etc.) and assault-rifles (M16A4s, AK47s, M4A1s, LR300s etc.). Also included are a range of sniper-rifles (M24s, M21s, M82A1s, PSG1s etc.).

Also included are scripts (courtesy of Monty), which can add the various weapon types to existing ammo crates/vehicles. See readme for instructions.

To install SJB Weapons Pack we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

Included files:

The standard OFP West units (SoldierWB) carrying the weapons from the pack can be found under: 'WEST > SJB - Weapons'.

Alternatively, see the list of classnames, and manually arm your units with the weapons (see readme for list and instructions).

Credits & Thanks:
Special thanks go out to the following:
- SelectThis/Deadmeat/The BAS Team: Eotech Holosight optic.
- FliPer: C-Mag Textures.
- Earl/Suchey: Optic and Muzzle flash textures, some miscellaneous textures and sounds, original M240G Model/Textures.
- -X-/sas.stu: M4A1 model and textures, P-228 base-model and textures, SVI Infinity model and textures.
- Marcinko: ACOG base textures, AN/PEQ-2 model and textures made exclusively for SJB.
- Ankalar/Thor: USP/MP5/AK47 models and textures.
- Spydr: M9 Beretta model and textures.
- iono/Wannabe: Original Colt 1911 model/textures respectively.
- Wannabe: Raging Bull model/textures and various misc textures.
- Endorphin: Basic M24 model.
- Duffman/Chimp: Original Colt Anaconda model/textures respectively.
- Anklar/Sandwich: P99 model/textures.
- Bullet-Head: Glock 19 model and sounds.
- CheekyMonkey: M60E3/MK43 Model and textures.
- JAM/BAS: Some weapon sounds.
- MAA/CSLA Team: AK47 Optic textures.
- AK/Hybrid/Coleman (AKA Hotshot)/Fudge/Fransden/Para-Trooper/Delta-One-Zero/ThirtyG/GordonB: BETA testing.
- Fudge: M4 Mag-clamp base-model.
- Para/ThirtyG/EricJ/GordonB: Providing reference material for various weapons.
- Willem-Matthijs Crielaard: Elcan texture.
- RASP: Guiding me towards the problem involving the huge drop the sniper-rifle bullet's exhibited when fired over
distances greater than 750m.
- Those on the official BIS/BIA and SJB forums: Feedback on images and new suggestions/ideas.

License / Disclaimer:
This product has been fully tested during development and should not cause your system any harm.
The author (Jackal326/SJB), Codemasters (CM) or Bohemia Interactive Studios (BIS) - including their relative sub-divisions, will take NO responsibility and cannot be held accountable for any damage (e.g. data loss) caused to any hardware/software you may use during the installation/use of the addon.
You may re-distribute this package provided the file is kept in its original state and is not modified, and that no commercial gain is made by either renting, leasing or selling of this package.

Version 1.1
- JAM Compatability Added for the majority of weapons.
- Fixed various optic views (ELCAN, Eotech etc) which were incorrectly mirrored and/or not glowing.
- Added a new AK47 optic (courtesy of the CSLA-II Mod Team).
- Tweaked various config.cpp values (Recoil, ROF etc).
- Fixed the detection rate of the suppressed PSG1, which, in v1.0 was higher than the M82A1 (whoops!).
- Corrected the trigger grouping of the 'MP5 Navy' in the pack - now fires in semi-auto. (Old 'SJB_TOS_MP5_Mag' now fires in semi-burst-auto for the MP5A4, and a new magazine define has been included for the semi-auto trigger grouping - 'SJB_TOS_MP5_Navy_Mag').
- Added an MP5A4 which fires in semi-burst-auto as the MP5 Navy (incorrectly) did in v1.0.
- Corrected the lighting on the Benelli M3 shotgun model (some areas were set to "Always in Shadow" and thus always appeared dark.
- Added scripts for adding the weapons to ammo crates more easily without the need for a lot of init line editing - see ADDON USAGE for more information.

Version 1.0
- Approximately 170+ new weapons.
- Edited config.cpp values to alter accuracy, recoil, damage and detection values of all existing weapons.

- JAM3

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