Author: OFPL Mod Team
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Requirements: JAM3, Facestex2, Facestex

Version: 0.55

Short description: Mini-mod containing Polish Army soldiers, vehicles and equipment

Date: 2018-07-18 14:03

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WP Soldiers mini-mod

OFPL Mod Team

Hereby, we've the pleasure to present this addons pack to you. It contains Polish Army soldiers, vehicles and equipment for Operation Flashpoint game. We have to warn you, that some models include certain dose of fiction, that is caused by many factors, including, but not limited to lack of knowledge and resource materials, game engine limitations, and sometimes plain laziness of the authors (most often, mine - Offtime). Despite all that, we sincerely hope you'll enjoy using these addons.

1990's-era Polish infantry armed with AKMS rifle, PK machinegun, SWD sniper rifle, RPG-7 and Wist-94 pistol.
Polish Army vehicles: UAZ, Star 266 truck, BRDM-2M96, Mi-8.
Misc objects including Polish tents.
OFPL Events addon which provides scripted features for OFPL soldiers, such as additional weapon fire effects, tracers and bleeding effects. It also enables you to use Polish soldier names in game.

To install WP Soldiers mini-mod we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

Included files:
Documentation in Polish and English languages.

For information of how to use the WP Soldiers mini-mod please refer to the included documentation.

A little background story... the action takes place on the island of Nogova in 1996. After the end of the conflict (which the Resistance is about), some resistance members are disappointed with the new pro-American government. They disagree to disarm and new acts of violence are begin to escalate. International community, observing these events, considers the partisans as terrorist. Eventually, the uprising evolves into a civil war and NFOR peacekeeping forces are sent to Nogova. Small Polish Army contingent is among them.

Credits & Thanks:
Offtime - config, models, tekstures, scripts and everything else..
Jack_410 - interior model and textures of BRDM-2
Agent Smith - config, LOD models, scripts, bug fixing
Ebud - major help with soldier models
Tow. Szumek - Star 266 truck model
Llauma - head model and textures
Extraction - additional head textures
Diesel - Mi-8 model
Hawk - suspension script for Mi-8
Gordy - cockpit for Mi-8
Alderous - scripts
Panda - scripts
Hyakushiki - hand textures
Jachu - Wist-94 pistol model
Firegold - AKMS model
Tactician - original TACTevents addon
bn880 - tracer scripts
AngusHeaf, JAM team - obscuring smoke grenades

Special thanks go to:
Hummel (LWP), Lenin (OFPL), ZoloQ (OFPL), Stg.Stryker, Przezdzieblo (OFPL), Panda and the whole OFPL.

License / Disclaimer:
© 2004-2005 by OFPL Mod Team
All models, textures and scripts are intellectual property of their respective authors.

If you want to modify any of our addons, please ask us first (Exception: addons covered by OFF License).

This addon must be distributed completly free and only in the original provided archive. Any commercial or institutional use (including, but not limited to training purposes) is strictly prohibited without explicit permission from the authors. Content can be used only for modding and playng "Operation Flashpoint", "VBS1" and "Armed Assault" by Bohemia Interactive Studios.

This is an unofficial addon. You know the drill: "You use this addon at your own risk. Neither BIS, Codemasters nor anybody else can be held responsible in case the use of this addon results in any problems".

Version 0.55
- soldier models were vastly improved, some equipment details were added and I've switched to Llauma 2.0 head model
- Star 266 track reammo version
- dozens of other fixes that I can't even remember...

- JAM3
- Facestex2
- Facestex

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- BI forums

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