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Requirements: JAM3, Facestex2, Tonal Redux

Version: 2.0

Short description: Expansion for Tonal Redux

Date: 2018-07-20 19:51

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Tonali Special Forces Redux


These addons provide a comprehensive set of European and South African mercenary units in the service of the Tonali government. Desert, jungle and urban versions of all mercenary soldiers are included, along with two versions of the BTR-T created by Sebastian Muller (in both Tonali government and captured rebel paint schemes). The ZP1 pack contains unmentionable things.

- Fictional Russian mercenary units in custom Tonali desert, jungle and urban camo.
- Fictional South African mercenary units in desert and jungle camo.
- Newly-textured BTR-T APC in Tonali government and captured rebel paint schemes.
- South African mercenary Pumas.
- Tonali SF Land Rover.
- Civilian Safari Land Rover.
- New character models.
- Random headwear/gear based on unit type.
- ZP1 zombie pack.
- Over 20 missions.

To install Tonali Special Forces Redux please refer to the readme file.

Included files:

The Tonali Special Forces (TSF) are Tonali Government's answer to the influx of foreign soldiers and extremists sympathetic to the rebel cause.

Recruited mainly from central and eastern Europe by an Executive Outcomes sub-contractor, in reality most TSF soldiers are neither special forces-trained, nor Tonali, although they fill a vital role within the Tonali Defence Force (TDF). Although not - technically - Tonali citizens, TSF soldiers are integrated into the TDF. This is done to prevent resentment from within regular TDF units, and to draw less attention from the international community.

On the battlefield, identifying TSF soldiers is not difficult, as they wear distinctive Tonali camouflage not issued to the TDF rank and file. However, TSF units are more often found working with TDF scouts in the bush, leading assault missions, training squad and section leaders, or hidden away in a comms/intelligence shack. For this reason, the international media and other external observers get few opportunities to identify TSF soldiers as foreign fighters.

Within the TSF, teams are loosely based on special forces team structures from around the world. Typically, a patrol is made up of specialists trained in the fields of heavy and small arms, engineering, demolitions, and signals. Beyond these core competencies, other specialist skills that the TSF brings to the Tonali conflict are as varied as the individuals within its ranks.

All TSF soldiers are trained in advanced first aid, and are expected to be both self-reliant and capable of providing medical support to others (including civilians). If a team member is sent into a village for intel, and a child needs rudimentary medical care, he is expected to be able to diagnose (with assistance via the radio if necessary) and provide basic treatment for the patient. Similarly, during combat, if a medic is incapacitated other TSF soldiers are expected to step-up and fill that role (rebels tend to target the radio operator first, and medics second).

Missions most suited for the TSF include demolitions, covert assassinations, small to heavy arms training and tactics, signals, CQB/urban tactics, and training in mechanical and civil engineering.

Credits & Thanks:
Project Coordinator - Ebud

Modeling and textures - Ebud
Helmet - RHS
Cpp File - Ebud, Rom

TSF Weapons
Modeling and textures - Earl, Suchey
Cpp File - Earl, Suchey

Modeling and textures - IKAR, Ebud, Merwe Smith
Cpp File - IKAR, Ebud

Modeling etc - Deliltmon, Modifications by Messiah and a little by Ebud, Based on TDF Landrovers edited by Inquisitor
Scripts - Rom, Swift88, Messiah
Cpp - Messiah, Ebud (small edit. blame me if it's broke.)
Animations - Gameer 77, Shifty VCB, Ebud

Modeling and textures - Sebastian Muller, Ebud
Cpp File - Rom
Scripting - Sebastian Muller, Rom

Modeling and textures - Ebud
Cpp File modification - Ebud, Rom
Script modification - Rom

SP MISSIONS (BIS and Nagual)
Mission modifications - Ebud, Hellfish

Mission modifications - Rudedog, Hellfish

Documentation - Ebud
Producer - Ebud

Special Thanks:
BIS for original models, Earl for making such wonderful weapons and allowing me to use them, and Sebastian for allowing us to use hit great APC.

License / Disclaimer:
This is NOT an official Addon. You know the drill! Use at your own risk.

You may not edit anything in this public release without permission. Too many people have contributed to this project for me to give permission to edit anything. You can ask the original authors for editing right as well.

You may not convert these to VBS or any other game without permission.

You may not do anything with these except play them in OFP.

TSF Redux 2.0 (20-11-06)
- second release

BAS TSF 1.0 (11-07-04)
- first release

- JAM3
- Facestex2
- Tonal Redux

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- BI forums

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