Author: OFPL Mod Team
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Requirements: JAM3, Facestex2, Facestex, WP Soldiers 0.55

Version: 1.0

Short description: Modern Polish Army & SF extension for WP Soldiers

Date: 2018-07-20 19:56

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OFPL Extension Pack

OFPL Mod Team

OFPL Extension Pack contains modern day Polish Armed Forces and their weaponry. OFPL Special Ops Weapons Pack contains some of the weapons used by Polish Special Forces and anti-terrorist units.

Beryl and Mini-Beryl rifle variants (incl. bayonet, GP-40 grenade launcher, CK-3 red dot sight, LKA-4 sight, EOTech HWS-552 Holosight, PCS-6 night vision sight).
H&K G36C and G36K rifle variants (incl. Beta C-Mag and silencer).
M4A1 rifle (inlc. variants with Aimpoint red dot sight, EOTech HWS-552 Holosight, M203 grenade launcher, silencer).
Pallad-D grenade launcher.
PKM and UKM-2000 machineguns (incl. variants with PCS-5 night vision sight).
SWD, SWD-M and SWD-N sniper rifles.
Sako TRG-21 and TRG-22 sniper rifles (incl. variants with camo net and silencer).
RPG-7W, RPG-7N, Carl Gustav and RPG-76 Mosquito AT weapons.
PM-84P and PM-98 submachine guns.
H&K MP5SD6 and MP5A5 submachine guns.
GROM AA launcher.
Type-78 flare gun.
Soldiers equipped with these weapons can be found under "West > OFPL - Soldiers (2005)".
Proper soldier groups can also be found under "Groups > West > OFPL - Infantry".
Three different ammo crates can be found under Empty > OFPL - Objects. They contain ammo for most weapons.

To install OFPL Extension Pack please refer to the included documentation.

Included files:
Documentation in Polish and English languages.

Since WPS version 0.5, Wist-94 pistol was transfered to WPS weapons pack.

Sako TRG-21/22 is equipped with Schmidt-Bender 3-12x50 scope. The scope is calibrated for 150 meters at minimal zoom and 600 meters at maximal zoom.

Credits & Thanks:
Modeling - Alderous, Agent Smith, Marcin_BM, Offtime, ZoloQ.
Textures - Agent Smith, Alderous, Offtime.
Config - Agent Smith, Alderous, Kuba, Marcin_BM, Przezdzieblo.
Quality Assurance - Agent Smith, Corran, Lenin, Przezdzieblo.
Readme - Kuba, Agent Smith.
Research & beta testing - OFPL Mod team: Alderous, Diesel, ZoloQ, Offtime, Paweł, Banan, SiD, Lenin, Kuba, Corran, Koli, Marker, Przezdzieblo, Firefly, ZoloQ.

We would like to thank the following persons for their help:

Ballistic Addon Studios - EOTech HWS-552 model.
Short_Fuse, Creeping_Jesus - MP5 model & textures.
Dark Hunter, nIrvy, |Mall_Security|, Stoke, Rob O - G36/M4 model & textures.
Rus Partisan / ORCS - Beryl textures.
Tow. Szumek - Beryl textures.
Jachu - Wist-94 model.
Smookie - PM-98 model.
Kegetys, Mintyboy, Tanelorn - RPG-7W.
Vit (AKM74 / DKM) - SWD / PKM base models.
Shar / SFP Team - Carl Gustav M3.
RHS Team - RPG-7W reticle.
JAM Team - JAM ammo / sounds.
Jackal326 - M4 elements and some inventory pictures.
Earl, Suchey - Beryl optics view, muzzle flash textures, M203 optics.
B3liar - barrel model and textures, optic model and textures.
Gordy - M4 textures and optic.

Additional thanks to everybody in Polish OFP community, who supported our mod.

License / Disclaimer:
© 2004-2005 by OFPL Mod Team
All models, textures and scripts are intellectual property of their respective authors.

If you want to modify any of our addons, please ask us first (Exception: addons covered by OFF License).

This addon must be distributed completly free and only in the original provided archive. Any commercial or institutional use (including, but not limited to training purposes) is strictly prohibited without explicit permission from the authors. Content can be used only for modding and playng "Operation Flashpoint", "VBS1" and "Armed Assault" by Bohemia Interactive Studios.

This is an unofficial addon. You know the drill: "You use this addon at your own risk. Neither BIS, Codemasters nor anybody else can be held responsible in case the use of this addon results in any problems".

Version 1.0
- brand new or redone weapon models: SWD-N/M, U/PKM-N, Sako-TRG21/22 (several versions), PM-84, RPG-7W/N. Now we have a total of over 50 weapon models here.

- JAM3
- Facestex2
- Facestex
- WP Soldiers

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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