Author: 3WX Team
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 3.0

Short description: Pack of industrial-themed objects and buildings

Date: 2018-07-31 09:56

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AGS Indutrial Pack

by 3WX Team

This addon contains a full set of various Industrial Buildings. It comes in WRP-friendly, binarized form.

- Coal powerplant (now with coal heaps).
- Various enterable warehouses (and crates).
- Various oil & chemicals tanks.
- Various refinery buildings.
- Pipeline objects.
- Aircraft hangar w/ animated doors.
- Train platforms.
- Grain silo, factory, administration building, other misc buildings.
- Industrial crane.
- 2 ambient sounds.

To install AGS Indutrial Pack we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

Included files:

Credits & Thanks:
Design team:
Agent Smith - modelling, textures, config.
Leone - modelling, textures, model optimization, bug fixing.
Solo - warehouse 3 & 4 original models.
Lockheed Martin$ch - coal heaps original models and config.
Lupus[WD] - ligthing effects, model optimization.
Vektorboson - scripting, testing, good advices.

Additional thanks go to:
AceCombat, Blackdog, Bobby (CSLA), Cervo, Cheeky Monkey (textures), Drow (textures), Der Bastler (textures), JorgF (texture maping ideas), GPH, Kegetys (FDF - scripting ideas), Pathfinder ( - hosting), raedor ( - scripting), Schoeler, Silesian (textures), TJ (BAS - original burning script).

Additional beta testing:
da_ofp_man, Soul Catcher, MadAussie, Kuba, Hit_Sqd_Day.

Special thanks:
Dschule and SnakeMan (WRPTool, PANTool), feersum.endjinn(PAATool) and last, but not least, BIS for the great game.

License / Disclaimer:
Copyright 2002-2004 by Agent Smith and Third World Explosion Team.
All models are intelectual property of their respective authors.
The burning script is originally made by TJ (BAS).

This is an unofficial addon. You know the drill: "You use this addon at your own risk. BIS, Codemasters and 3WX cannot be held responsible in case the use of this addon results in any problems". You have been warned.

Not tested on animals. ;-)

Introduced in v3.0:
- Addon is now tagged with F3WX tag, belonging to Third World Explosion Team.
- added: 31 brand new models, ranging from crates to factories. See object_list.txt for full list.
- added: optimized LODs for all models, thanks to Leone
- added: cfgMaterials - specular lighting effects, thanks to Lupus[WD]
- added: scripted warning lights at night
- fixed: possible CTD reason related to Paths LOD
- fixed: ladder bug with pipeline_pump.p3d
- fixed: missing shadows
- changed: most buildings are now indestructible
- changed: many new and improved textures
- tweaked: config.cpp and named properties
- tweaked: exhaust scripts, now influenced by actual in-game wind
- hundreds of other smaller fixes and tweaks...

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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