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Version: 0.8.6

Date: 2018-08-04 14:06

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Fall of men



Fall of men is role playing game where you can talk and commerce with NPCs and do quests. You must also try to survive in the hostile post apocalyptic world,
where even other players maybe hostile

This mission is continuous work in progress but can already be played.

NPCs with quests
Doing quests will reward you XP and money
Talk to NPC via dialogues
over 25 quests! (more to come)
XP / level system
Different skills (total 8)
Hostile world outside of towns (AI controlled bandits)
Gain money and XP by killing the bandits
Law and guardsĀ in towns (don't shoot or steal!)
You can surrender and get rid of the villain status if you break the law in town (but you lose couple skill points)
Trading with NPC shopkeeper
8 populated towns so far
Hireable companions
Buy houses where you can store your gear
Gear from previous plays go to your house's container when you buy a house
Beaware that players with high lockpick skill may break into your house
Player can deposit money in bank. Each town has independent bank
Player can rob the bank. Making him hostile to the current town
Abandoned vehicles spawn across the island
Some houses outside towns may contain valuable loot. The doors are also locked if any
Player data is saved so you can continue where you left
Money you left in banks will be saved to your character
Also money you used to buy houses is returned to you when you quit
Fast travel between towns via helicopter! Talk to the pilot in town
Some gameplay parameters (more to come)

Skills include:
Accuracy (amount of weapon sway)
Speech (Unlocks special options in conversations)
Pickpocket (Try to take items from NPC, who will get mad if you get caught!)

Look for NPC with icon on top of them. They will give you quests and trade.
Use mouse scroll wheel to select actions and middle click to use

Multiplayer support
No addons required
Should disable weapon sway mods
Game is saved when you press esc and also periodically
Map is Altis
version 0.8.5

To play:
Multiplayer -> Server browser -> Host server


Screenshots in the steam download page

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