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Sgt.Ace sent us some exclusive WIP news about the current projects.

"3D-Editor" by Silola:
    Silola began his work on his new project called "3D-Editor" once the DAC 2.0 had been released. The development on this project is far advanced and the first beta tests have shown a good ability to control, accompanied by a huge level of "fun at work".
    But this Editor has nothing to do with a 3D-Missions-Editor as some of you guys might think now. It's rather a special way of object placement and that's the way the Editor has been made for.

      - Projects can be saved at any time
      Each project can be exported to a SQF-Script or a Visitor-Script
      - User defined favorites can be created and saved
      - Many different functions
      - Dialog can be hidden
      - Moveable Control-Dialog
      - Options can be saved
      - a lot more

    4-silola_3d-editor_1.jpg 4-silola_3d-editor_2.jpg
"Editorupgrade" by Lester:
    Lester is currently working on a new EditorUpgrade. This Upgrade won't only be enlarged with all Queens Gambit objects, furthermore many objects, i.e. all street objects have been adjusted to the 3DE Format to ensure a optimized handling.
    The objects will be named more accurate and a huge number of icons will be replaced by new ones as well. Furthermore ArmA will be adjusted much more through new or edited Objects like:
      - new rocks, walls and a bridge
      - new and modified streets and sidewalks
      - new plants
      - one small Building-Kit of diverse objects
      - a lot of accessoirs to decorate
      - no annoying icons will be displayed on the mission map

    4-lester_editorupgrade_1.jpg 4-lester_editorupgrade_2.jpg
"3DE - Island" by Sgt.Ace & MCPXXL:
    Finally there is Sgt.Ace, currently working under high pressure on a new

Written on 2008-06-30 20:28 by Sgt.Ace  

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