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Version: zombie,coop,outbreak,rainbow six siege

Date: 2018-08-25 11:01

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There has been reported a virus break in Tanoa.Different from what a virus normally does,this virus didn't weaken the patients.To the contrest,it strengthen them and even take control of their bodies.More severely we haven't find the cure towards it.Luckily ont of our officer managed to locate the virus sample.He was trapped in the tower by the infectors.We havd sent the CBRN members to rescue them.However due to the damage the infectors brought,the AA system is online.Consequently,our plane can't send you directly to the tower.Instead We will send you to the nearby town.Operation called "Tuvanaka Airbase"

Action Steps:
1.Locate the vehicle
2.Rescue the officer and data

Latest Intel:
The officer hasn't replied to us for so long.We must make the worst assumption that he was K.I.A.

^Respawn gears and location.
I have made 4 job for you to select,Choose wise and value teamwork.
Also With the push of mission there will be more respawn spot near the battle place

it demands APEX DLC

In the last thanks for your support i will make more mission

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