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Requirements: Arma 2 operation Arrow Head
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible / Singleplayer compatible


Date: 2018-08-28 12:44

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Armory of Death


This is the finished version of my last upload of the Armory this one has more missions, more optimization for the host PC more things to do in general.
This mission started as an experiment for my friends and I, we loved the Armex armory but it lacked a lot of the objects in game so I created this map that had basically every weapon and vehicle in the game. My friends and I eventually go bored so I started adding missions and as of right now i've decided to post the map here.

You are a USA based strike team locationed at a captured Takistan Military base, Your purpose here is to retake the country from the Rogue Takistan Army. Your efforts have proved victorious thus far as you have managed to retake the Northen side of the Country.
However the remaining Takistan Army troops of dug into the South of the Country. Takistan Locals have joined into their ranks and now support their cause. They have set up Checkpoints onto every road leading into their territory,
Intel also shows that there is 2 SU-25's Patrolling the air space of the Border. The unpatrolled roads and non-occupied towns are marked on your map. You have to complete the 8 given objectives in order to make it safer for troops to move in and stabilize the region.

Map Divided in 3 (Usa owned, No mans Land, Opfor owned)
Opfor patrols and checkpoints in their territory
Blufor checkpoints in their territory
10 missions
Armory of vehicles (most in the game)
Custom weapon crates (most weapons in the game)
Towing script for aircraft (Use the towing tractor, The script is still only usable by the host, attempting to fix)
Transport script (transport humvees or the m1a1 or m1a2 in the Mv22, C130 or Ch-47, objects can be paradropped out)

I'm still in the process of optimizing the map and scripts, this combined with the large amount of units on the map will leave low end and mid ranged systems lagging if they host this on their PC.

Prejudice - Majority of editing and scripting
BTK - Transport script
SHoT x MAVERICK - Missions template
rundllexe - Towing script (they abandon their project, I edited their script to make it execute on server side instead of clientside)

Thanks for downloading more updates coming soon so keep an eye out.

Known Bugs:
Transport script - only works with 1 vehicle at a time if you attempt to load 2 then when you unload the next vehicle it will unload the first vehicle you loaded into whichever vehicle you loaded it out of.

Objective 9 and 10- The waypoints sometimes bug (small chance) and it pauses the waypoint order, preventing objectives 9 and 10 from working

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