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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.31
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This includes three major MTVR variants, the Mk23 Cargo, the 4x4 Short Bed Cargo and the 16.5-ton LHS.

Date: 2020-02-28 09:36

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vurtual's MTVR


Includes three major MTVR variants:
The Mk23 Cargo, with toggling passenger/cargo variant and flatbed variant.
The 4x4 Short Bed Cargo, also with a toggling passenger/cargo variant and a flatbed variant.
And the 16.5-ton LHS, with a 20ft flatrack mounted.

Each fits a driver, and two front passengers, one FFV from the roof hatch. The troop transport Mk23 holds 12 passengers(2 FFV) in passenger mode, the 4x4 holds 8.

A script like the one in my Boxloader mod will let you load more stuff into the trucks than just vehicles, but it's entirely optional, and there are no mod dependencies.
Flatbed versions of the Mk23 and 4x4 are wide enough to fit TRICON containers: the Mk23 can hold 2 TRICONs with its 14 foot bed; the 4x4 can hold one with its 10 foot bed.
The LHS version can fit 20 foot containers, including Huron support containers. (though due to bohemia reasons, vanilla generic containers do not fit.)

If you don't have a script/mod for setVehicleCargo, you'll only be able to load vehicles into the back of the trucks. You can drag some objects like containers into the back of a truck in Zeus, though.

Other features include a stowable cargo cover(interact with the green case on the left side of the body between the bed and front cab, engine must be off), folding tailgate, fold down bed sides(must be in cargo mode and have the cargo cover off), and the ability to switch brakelights from normal, to blackout, to off. (brakelights will return to normal if headlights are used.)

To change between cargo and passengers on the mk23 and 4x4, look at the tailgate above the back of the bed(it has a little ladder-cutout on it), switch between cargo and passengers there. The bed must be empty to do so.

There are three skins: woodland(default), green, and desert. The virtual garage can change between them. The virtual garage can also configure the fold down bed sides, stowable cargo cover, switch between cargo and passenger mode, set the blackout lights on or off, etc.

You must put the passenger bench versions in cargo mode to load them into other vehicles. (BI's fault)

To install vurtual's MTVR you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

You can find these Under NATO > Cars.

Check it out on GitHub if you want to see how I did something, or if you want to make your own version:

Credits & Thanks:
Based off of Richards.D's DAR_MTVR mod, many thanks for making the source available to others.

Added hiddenselections for the ugly green parts of the flatrack MTVRs.
Added flag proxies to all MTVRs for use with forceFlagTexture.

Modernized fire geometry with Tanks DLC features.
Added the extra lights used on the HMMWVs: high beams, turn signals etc.
Retouched the paint jobs to match the HMMWVs.
Switched to using my vehicle base for some common keybinds and scripts.

Fixed visual issue with exhaust on MTVRs.
Added ACRE and TFAR radio support.
Adjusted blackout lights to match HMMWV mod.
Added HMMWV mod's turret FFV turning system. This mod now requires CBA.

Added a 180 degree turn action for the top gunner, and increased its total turn arc: you should be able to engage enemies all 360 degrees now.
Added FFV for the front passenger, roll down the window to enable it.
Added some damage textures.
Fixed the animations in the virtual garage not working.

Fixed right door camo selection on mk23.
Fixed engine drowning not behaving properly in MP.
Added buoyancy geometry to MTVRs, they now slow down in water due to drag.
REMOVED autocenter property from MTVRs; you will have to realign them in pre-placed editor missions. (This was required for water drag behavior.)
Changed engine drown behavior to not kill the engine when overturned in shallow water.
Changed engine shifter physics to RPM ratio based, causes some changes to handling.

Fixed the visual bug with the exhaust stack's transparency.
Added optional support for boxloader's "drive-on" system.
Added pseudo-realistic fording simulation. Vanilla's misbehaving fatal fording depth value is now 1000m. Instead, a script will damage the engine slowly if you exceed the safe fording depth of the MTVR at the engine(1.524 meters), and will completely kill the engine if you submerge the air intake(3 meters). You will be able to repair the engine back to full operation, as this only sets the engine damage to full, and does not permanently disable the vehicle, like in vanilla.

Added hazard signs that can be set by the user. Install/Remove with the left side "cargo tarp" box action. Cycle between the options with the front cab grill action. Signs appear on the front and back.
Comes with five signs: Flammable, Explosive (good for marking ammo cargo in ACE for secondary explosions), Toxic, Infectious Substance, and Radioactive.
Set a custom sign texture(should be a square texture, with transparency for any other shapes, eg diamond) with setObjectTexture[3,"yourtexture"]

Added Boxloader-centric version of the 16.5-ton LHS. It has no flatrack installed, and can use the WIP Boxloader flatrack system. It does not require Boxloader itself, but will not have any flatrack features without it.

Improved PhysX geometry.

Fixed and adjusted PIP mirrors.

Added the MTVR Mk27 Extended Cargo. Holds 20 troops, flatbed version can fit 20ft ISO containers.
Due to issues with their models, some of the Huron support containers will not fit. Use the LHS truck if you want those to work.
Vanilla "normal" containers are "sideways" oriented and won't fit either.
Added realistic turning radius for the Mk23 and 4x4.
Removed the extra stowed cargo bow on the Mk23.

Fixed the mixed-up cargo alignment behavior, sorry!

Fixed grab handles on the doors not animating.
Adjusted the green of the LHS flatrack to match slightly better.
Added a check for Sab's C-130 to automatically use the packed roof animation.
Slightly improved flatrack/arm model, has distinct hook, proper proportions, tie-downs, etc.

Fixed glass breaking on rear window.
Doors will now animate open/closed.
Adjusted LHS name to "MTVR 16.5-ton LHS".

Realistic vehicle loading size, MTVRs will now fit in a C-130.
Suspension will be reduced when loaded, and if the vehicle is loaded into a transport that can't fit the full height of the roof and exhaust, they will be packed down and folded. (The CUP C-130 will also trigger folding even though the loading height is extra high)
Passenger-bench versions must be in cargo mode to be loaded. (BI's fault)

Fixed camo not changing on the mk23 cargo tailgate.

Fixed being able to install the cargo cover with the bed sides down.

Fixed not being able to shoot while turned out.

Front passenger can fire from hatch.

Fixed ethereal gunner slot on flatbed trucks.

Fixed mk23 flatbed having cargo ride too high in the air.

New cargo bed mechanics. Flatbed versions WIP.

Fixed cargo bed locking being inverted for player actions.

Tweaked vehicle physics, 4x4 short bed variant.

Contains physics tweaks.

Improved textures.

Added light controls: lights can now be on, stoplight only, blackout mode, or off.

Cargo cover for Mk23 MTVR. Can be installed/removed.
Added the flatrack to the LHS view cargo LOD.

Redone vehicle physics.
Adjusted specular of vehicle camo.
Fixed the instrument panel.

Improved fixed bedseats with side rails on the Mk23, seats now have a proper folding animation.
Added bumper to the LHS.
Slightly increased fuel capacity.


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