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Requirements: Community Base addons A3, IFA3 AIO Lite

Version: 3.4.1
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: It's a mod which proposes a series of textures designed to complement Uniforms, Helmets, Caps, Vests, Bags, Insignia and other little things, and vehicles, for IFA3 LITE based on WW2.

Date: 2019-01-28 19:44

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What is @GEISTA3L ?
It's a mod which proposes a series of textures designed to complement Uniforms, Helmets, Caps, Vests, Bags, Insignia and other little things, and vehicles, for IFA3 LITE based on WW2.
All the factions found with IFA3 LITE mod are concerned.
It includes :
German uniforms : generic Heer (Infanterie, Aufklârung, Pioniere, Artillerie / Summer & Winter), Großdeutschland (Infanterie, Aufklârung, Pioniere, Artillerie / Summer & Winter), Panzer Lehr (Infanterie, Panzergrenadiere / Summer & Winter), Gebirgsjaeger, Panzerwaffe, Panzeraufklärung, Feldgendarmerie, Luftwaffe (Infantry, Crewmen, Fallschirmjager -Summer & Winter-, FLAK), Waffen-SS (generic, Frundsberg Division, SS-Panzerwaffe, SS-Panzeraufklârung, SS-Fallschirmjaeger / Summer & Winter), División AZUL, Rouskaïa Osvoboditelnaïa Armia and Kazaki
German equipment and vehicles
Finnish uniforms : Infantry, Tankists and Airforce
Finnish equipment and vehicles
Soviet uniforms : R-KKA (Summer & Winter), Kavaleriya, Kazaki, VDV (Summer & Winter), NKVD and VVS
Soviet equipment and vehicles
US (1944) Uniforms : "generic", 2nd Armoured Divisions, 3rd Armoured Divisions
US equipment and vehicles
British uniforms : Paratroopers
Free French Forces uniforms : Marines of French 2°DB (1944)
Free French Forces uniforms : uniforms and vehicles
French Resistants
Vichy's France : French Militia
Polish Forces (1944) Uniforms : Armia Krajowa and 1° Armia Wojska Polskiego
Polish Forces (1944) : Equipment and vehicles

To install GEIST A3 Lite you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

This mod is strictly "neutral" and its content doesn't strictly prefigure the ideas of its creators and no ideology and opinion should be extrapolated from it.

Credits & Thanks:
Textures, coding, researchs, ideas & screenshots : Joarius
Master-coding, ideas & textures .nohq, tests : Catsy
Textures, logo & ideas : Mogwaii
WIKI, tests & ideas : Foxsch
Researchs & ideas : [RATS.ins] ARAB
Textures & ideas : Basher, Bigstone, Major421
Textures : Alan123, Dalai, Hdnw, Lexx, Savage, 5KULL, theOden, Zim
Ideas : Amnesia, Anatoli, Djmika50, Francky, Fabrice, Masterjak, Partyzant, Ray Jefferson, Scyooff, Tiger, Valou, VFCepu, Wolf, YouReK Lothbrok
Screenshots : BigminStone99, Furean
Question-answerer-man : TyrTheBull

License / Disclaimer:
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

- Add : medical vest for medics, as Vests, but Glasses and NVGoogles too
- Add : new textures for SdKfz 234
- Add : gerrman general officers for Heer (generic, Großdeutschland, Panzer Lehr, Gebirgsjaegern, Afrikakorps), Waffen-SS (generic and Frundsberg) and Allgemeine SS
- Add : Kubankas for Wehrmacht's Cossacks
- Add : finnish artillerymen
- Add : finnish Pe-2
- Add : Kubankas for R-KKA's Cossacks
- Add : french kepi of Foreign Legion
- Add : bachi of French Navy and Marines
- Add : Soldiers of RMLE of French Foreign Legion
- Add : flag of Foreign Legion
- Add : texture for T34-85 of ROHA
- Add : new textures for T34-85 (Berlin 1945)
- Add : new textures for SU-85 (Berlin 1945)
- Add : new textures for M8 Greyhound (2°DB & RBFM)
- Add : markers of german divisions
- Corrections : add of the Kragenpatten on the uniform of Feldwebel and Unteroffizier of the Pionier
- Corrections : Kazaki are now with Kubankas showing german eagle or red star
- Corrections : the eagle on the chest of the Waffen-SS uniform with rolled sleeves has been erased
- Corrections : the uniforms of SS have been reworked (less brightness)
- Corrections : the picture for SS have been reworked
- Corrections : french RBFM
- Corrections : new texture for "MAS 36"
- Corrections : us vest for M1 Garand
- Corrections : the old 3D model of the Kar98K has been replaced by the new 3D model, so no more problem of vision
- Corrections : the old 3D model of the Kar98K has been corrected too
- Corrections : sound of the Pak40
- Corrections : "full auto mode" of the Pak40
- Corrections : the bag Panzerschreck's rockets can now contain 5 rockets
- Corrections : winter camo for finnish infantry

- Add: Brown vests for Finnish soldiers
- Add: Pioniere and Artillerymen for Großdeutschalnd Division
- Add: Infantrymen, Aufklârung, Pioniere, Artillerymen for "generic" Division of Heer
- Add: German Gebirgsjaeger
- Add: German Fallschirmjaeger with FG42
- Add: Waffen-SS with "Kharkov" Parka
- Add: supplementary elements for german Helmets from IFA3's helmets
- Add: Soviet Cavalry (Kavaleriya) and Cossacks (Kazaki)
- Add: Soviet Partyzany
- Add: Soviet caps for Kavaleriya and Kazaki
- Add: White Kubankas
- Add: MP40 of Iron Front
- Add: textures of K98 from Iron Front
- Add: Antiaircraft Guns Flak 30 & Flak 38 (additionnal textures)
- Add: Funnies OpelBlitz (Opelblitz + Flak 30 & Flak 38)
- Add: Funnies SdKfz 7 AA (SdKfz 7 + Flak 30 & Flak 38)
- Add: Funnies SdKfz 7 AT (SdKfz 7 + Pak 40)
- Add: variations textures for StuG III
- Add: variations textures for JS-2
- Add: variations textures for GazM1 (german et soviet)
- Corrections: variations of the uniforms' textures for soldiers of Großdeutschalnd Division
- Corrections: Belt Buckles for Finnish soldiers, Luftwaffe soldiers, Flak soldiers and Fallschirmjaeger

Version 3.3.1:
- Add: German Panzeraufklârung uniforms
- Add: División AZUL uniforms (summer)
- Add: Emblems of divisions for the map
- Fix: Position of the eagle on sleeves for german uniforms
- Fix: Some german backpacks
- Fix: US helmets
- Fix: French helmets of 2°DB
- Fix: Crew for polish Panther

Version 3.3.0 :
- Addition of German helmets and caps based on Faces of War's models
- Addition of Finnish faction : Infantry, Tankists and Air Force
- Addition of Finnish equipment (belts, gears, weapons and ammunitions) and vehicles
- Addition of NKVD ranks insignias
- Addition of Kubanka of Basher
- Addition of US ranks insignias on uniforms for Colonel, Lt-Colonel and Major
- Addition of French Resistants
- Addition of New Polish partyzants
- Addition of the 2 polish Panther of Armia Krajowa
- Corrections on German uniforms : shoulder straps appear again
- Corrections on German helmets : textures normally applied again
- Corrections on German ranks insignias of Obergefreiter, Gefreiter and Oberschütze
- Erasing of the eagle on the breast of the SS and Waffen-SS officers uniforms
- Erasing of the skull on collars of Waffen-SS Panzerwaffe uniforms
- Corrections on ammunitions of Luger P08s for German Officers
- Corrections on US uniforms of Tankists
- Correction of the side for the British paratroopers

Version 3.2.0
ALL : Fix hatchback operation without scripts for ZIS5, GMC353 and OpelBlitz
ALL : Add national weapons.
ALL : Add translation of vehicle names in English
ALL : Fix voice depending on factions
ALL : Add new flags.
GER : Add SS-Fallschirmjaeger.
GER : Add StuG III German, Soviet and Polish versions.
GER : Add PzKpfw IV Soviet and Polish versions.
GER : Add headphones in the form of "glasses" for their visibility when a crew member is exposed.
GER : Add OpelBlitz fuel.
GER : Add OpelBlitz winter version.
GER : Add Tank Panther.
GER : Add Paradrop with Flarepistols and 3 Flares.
GER : Add FSJ winter.
GER : Add helmets FSJ.
GER : Add uniforms Feldgrau winter version.
GER : Add Kubelwagen with hood.
FRA : Add M4A3 for RBFM representing a M10 Tank destroyer.
FRA : Add M8 GreyHound.
FRA : Add Jeep Willys & M3 Scout.
FRA : Add uniforms RBFM.
FRA : Add Caps & Helmets.
FRA : Add Milice Française.
FRA : Add beret RCC.
GBR : Add Britsh paratrooper.
USA : Add uniforms USA.
USA : Add 3rd Armored Division.
USA : Add tankistes 2nd Armored Division.
USA : Add helmets pilots & tankists.

Version 3.1.0:
Reupload due to an error during compilation

Version 3.1.0
Version 3.0.0 :
Initial version of GESIT Mod for Iron Front for Arma 3 Lite (IFA3_Lite).

- Community Base addons A3
- IFA3 AIO Lite

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