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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.46
Signed: No

Short description: This adds the vault 111 uniform to your Arma 3.

Date: 2020-06-21 09:16

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War. War never changes.
The AFTERMATH Team presents you the AFTERMATH mod. We would like to invite everyone who has a burning passion for post-apocalyptic atmosphere and Fallout game series to this journey - explore the wastes in Arma as you've never did before. With a high potential for roleplaying and warfare scenarios, this mod aims to recreate the initial mood and style of the Fallout.

Combine it with Ravage, RP or COOP missions and you'll have a hell of a coctail. Create missions with unique assets and rig the game from the start! Life in the wastes is about to change.

We hope you'll like it! Good luck on the wastes and remember that war, war never changes.

Key Features:
Factions And Units
The mod contains 4 main factions: NCR, Caesar's Legion, Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel. Secondary factions complete this list with these: The Railroad, NCR Rangers, Brotherhood Outcasts, Gunners, Jackals, Kings, Great Khans and civilians (vault residents included). Every faction has different unit types like medics, engineers etc.
Aftermath has a wide selection of equipment for player to wear. Hell, you can even dress as a Benny or Easy Pete! And of course, what is a Fallout without power armor? But be sure that you won't lose an expensive piece of army-issue equipment. That suit is going to come out of your pay, and you will remain in this mans army until you are five hundred and ten years old, which is the number of years it will take for you to pay for a Mark II Powered Combat Armor you have lost!
Trooper! Always check your service rifle! The Legion is going to strike when it malfunctions!
Although the list of weapons is not that big, you already can play with Service and Anti-Materiel rifles, Laser and 9mm Pistols, or throw some dynamite with frag grenades to spice things up a little! And yes, more weapons are coming ;)
Build your own home on the wastes with the Map Mojave. Being a modified version of original Gila by Acoustic, whom we thank really much for this donation, this 10 kmĀ² map creates a great feel of desolation. Although it is still in development, we already have many assets to add after Contact DLC files' decryption.
Create your own vault and hang posters all over it! Spice up your terrain with billboards and assign the property with the flag of your faction! More props are coming.
Try and fly the XVB02 vertibird for NCR, Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel. For now, it's a retexture of a vanilla V-44X Blackfish. Arma 3 Apex required!
Ambient Fallout Music (Module)
We all know Fallout for its ambient soundtrack that makes you feel the aftermath of the nuclear war. Now you can use the ambient music module from the Zeus and Eden to make it play in combat, stealth and safe situations.
New Faces
Its ghouls i tell ya! Religious ghouls in rockets looking for a place to call their own. Don't you laugh at me! We really have the ghouls! And besides them we also have tribals! More faces are coming!

To install Aftermath you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

-Communitys & Servers using this mod-
Using this mod on your server ? Let me know right away! and I will link your server and community on this page.

How do I contact you ? - Add me on steam.
Using this mod on your server ? Let me know right away! and I will link your server and community on this page.

License / Disclaimer:
You MAY upload this mod to your communities Repofor or Website for use in mod pack E.G large lifemod modpacks or other community packs all I ask is you that you give credit if applicable.
(make sure you keep them uptodate)

You may NOT use this mod on any server that is monetised including but not limited to any premium membership, paid or reserved slots, paid for in-game items, skins, bonuses, any paid for in-game service, any paid for forum or website bonuses such as paid for forum badges, coloured names,forum titles, ranks or any other paid for service.
(If you want to monetised and want to use this mod, contact me I may change this on a case by case basis)

This does not include donations for server/web hosting costs.

These term of service are subject to change if you use this mod you are agreeing to take responsibility for checking these term of service for updates and changes.

Credits & Thanks:
All credits go to Obsidian Entertainment, Black Isle Studios and Bohemia Entertainment. Without these guys this wouldn't have been possible! Thank you for all your games!

Ask us questions and see the development state in our discord

Bohemia Interactive
Black Isle Studios
Obsidian Entertainment
Bethesda Game Studios
Our Discord contributors

ADDED: Helios one props
ADDED: New objects
ADDED: New locations on the map
FIXED: Ace patch now work with all armor
FIXED: Armor system

- fix update

- Fix items, lvl armor.

TWEAKED: New names added to contributors list
FIXED: A lot of map misplaced objects
FIXED: Interior collision and other errors
FIXED: Some objects weren't available in editor

ADDED: A big map update (remastered Novac, Primm, Vegas etc.)
ADDED: New interiors (motel, office, bathroom) and some new props, road props
ADDED: New static brahmins (plain, water, wind)
ADDED: New armor system (needs testing)
FIXED: Unique hunting revolver wasn't available in arsenal
FIXED: Some interior collision problems
FIXED: Small items names

ADDED: Skeleton models (thanks to Breaking Point team )
ADDED: Hundreds of new objects and items
ADDED: New NCR ranger helmets, new 1st Recon uniform
TWEAKED: New lamp configs
TWEAKED: New Vegas square
FIXED: Some minor issues

- fix update

**ADDED:** More new Mojave locations!
**ADDED:** Even more new objects, furniture, interiors and inventory items!
**FIXED:** All the NPCs are available now!

ADDED: New Mojave locations!
ADDED: A lot of new objects, interiors and inventory items!
ADDED: New uniforms
ADDED: NPC props (even static brahmins!)
ADDED: New .357 revolver texture!
TWEAKED: Uniforms now have vanilla armor parameters for testing purposes
FIXED: Some minor errors

ADDED: CBA Mod Dependency
ADDED: Weapon breechblocking animations for lever-, pump- and bolt-action weapons
ADDED: Tactical mode for service rifles (WIP), switch available in options - keybinds - mod - Aftermath. In future it's going to force to drop the mag on the ground
ADDED: New uniforms (combat armor, leather armor, hazmats, some new facewear and helmets)
ADDED: Lucky 38 and Gomorrah props
ADDED: New reloading animations for service rifles, R91, LMG, pistols
ADDED: New fire sounds for some weapons
ADDED: Death from high caliber shot animation
ADDED: New ammo exclusively for YCS/186
ADDED: Hidden selections to T51, APAMk1 and APAMk2
TWEAKED: Changes to cowboy repeaters' visuals
TWEAKED: Jackhammer's magazine extended to 15 rounds
TWEAKED: La Longue Carabine now can hold 12 rounds inside
TWEAKED: Reduced BB Gun damage
TWEAKED: Increased .22LR damage
TWEAKED: Now all the guns can be put into the vests and backpacks
FIXED: Combat Armor fem variant had no arms in 1st person
FIXED: Chinese stealth suit had helmet seen in 1st person
FIXED: Some flying props on map
FIXED: Some openable props had action available too far from the object itself

FIXED: Legion added back to the terrain
FIXED: Lamps now glow on the map
TWEAKED: Reduced glowing for some helmets' visors
TWEAKED: Armored truck is now faster and has more armor
TWEAKED: New Steam logo :)

FIXED: DLC Dependency
FIXED: Jackals now spawn with proper uniforms
FIXED: Units with antimat rifle now have proper ammo
TWEAKED: Steam page updated
TWEAKED: Helmet visors are now less bright
TWEAKED: Hellfire helmet now has TI and NV
TWEAKED: New Nuka bottles
TWEAKED: Laser and plasma sound volume reduced
TWEAKED: Some map errors
TWEAKED: Plasma fire range increased

-- AM_Terrain
ADDED: New terrain - New Vegas, Mojave
ADDED: New terrain textures
ADDED: New module for ambient music - Stop Music
-- AM_Props
ADDED: Hundreds of new objects
ADDED: New Nuka Cola bottles
ADDED: APC props
ADDED: Terminal screens now glow in the dark
ADDED: Storage to some objects (e.g. shelves)
ADDED: Food to inventory items (via Arsenal)
ADDED: China marker
ADDED: New tent colors (white, black)
TWEAKED: Now you can open the Khans' tent
TWEAKED: New ground texture for vault entrance
TWEAKED: Better buildings' foundations
TWEAKED: Metal Barrel has no fire now
TWEAKED: New textures and materials for safe, Enclave locker and big locker
TWEAKED: Map markers got some fixes
TWEAKED: Changed agave plant texture (less bright)
TWEAKED: Banners are now suitable for Terrain Builder
FIXED: Diner booth collisions
FIXED: Containers were mirrored (text on them was)
FIXED: Tents have different names now
FIXED: Xmas tree name fix
FIXED: Big objects like vaults and monuments now have collision and proper size; added to Zeus; added to new categories; have icons
FIXED: Removed materials from bed and tents so that they don't have graphic artifacts
-- AM_Weapons
ADDED: New guns (M79, M79 Long, M79 Short; Pump-Action GL; New FN FAL bright version; BAR Colt Monitor; Tommy Gun, Short Tommy Gun; Multiplas Grey variant; LMG; Winchester City-Killer; Panckor Jackhammer; White Death Medstick; Mauser, Chinese Pistol, Zhurong + HE ammo; Unique 9mm Pistol, Maria; BB Gun, Abilene Kid BB Gun; Full Auto AER9; Laser RCW; Tri-Beam Laser Rifle; M1 Garand; Ruger Mk2; Assault Carbine; )
ADDED: Plasma and lasers now have new effects
ADDED: Weapons have calibres in their names now (Arma 3 style)
ADDED: Plasma weapons now have glowing parts
ADDED: Optics' lenses now have reflections
ADDED: Gobi sniper rifle muzzle break
ADDED: Single shotgun shell
ADDED: New explosive devices (JH Beartrap; Frag Mine; Powder Charge IED)
TWEAKED: AER9 now single shot only
TWEAKED: New bipod points for weapons
TWEAKED: Plasma fire distance increased (patreon request)
TWEAKED: New varmint rifle now fires faster
TWEAKED: Every weapon weight is now realistic
TWEAKED: Aiming time for antimat rifle reduced
TWEAKED: Laser rifle had very faint sound
TWEAKED: New materials for 10mm SMG
TWEAKED: G11 magazine is animated now during the fire
TWEAKED: Camera is closer now to Shorty
TWEAKED: Laser Rifle damage is bigger now
TWEAKED: Plasma and sawed-off shotguns now have less loud fire sound
FIXED: Sniper rifle muzzle break didn't have sound
FIXED: Shotgun shells weren't hiding during reload
FIXED: Some weapons didn't have authors mentioned
-- AM_Units
ADDED: New uniforms and gear
ADDED: New faces
ADDED: Factions now have different faces depending on their lore (Enclave and BoS has no ghouls, others do)
ADDED: Gear categorization for arsenal
TWEAKED: T51 new desert version
TWEAKED: New face materials
FIXED: Some faces were hidden
-- AM_Vehicles
ADDED: 2 civilian cars (civ category)
ADDED: Armored Truck (civ category)
ADDED: Eyebot (OPFOR category)

Added: 2 new maps - Dillingham County, Alaska and Warren County, Indiana (both are empty - use them as your own playground and also create your own compositions and send them to us, cause we can include them!)
Added: Tons of new guns (including classic ones from FO1/FO2)
Added: New vault uniforms, T-51b and Riot Gear armor
Added: A lot of new objects
Added: Ghoul face model
Added: 8 magazines, new food items
Added: New crates
Added: Some weapons received an ability to mount attachables
Added: Some SMGs now can be used as a secondary weapon
Added: Experimental feature, TBD - Fallout scopes now have their own reticles which may not work as expected, need additional feedback on this
Tweaked: Everything's visuals
Tweaked: Laser and plasma projectiles models and parameters
Tweaked: Weapon damage
Tweaked: Grenades' damage
Tweaked: Everything's visuals
Tweaked: New iron sights for Service Rifle
Tweaked: Lots of other features!
Fixed: Wrong ammo issue
Fixed: Holodisk and Nuka Cola disappearing
Fixed: Helmets were not present on some units
Fixed: Lots of other issues!

Added: New map objects
Tweaked: Uniform visual upgrade
Tweaked: Laser pistol animation
Tweaked: AK's rate of fire
Fixed: Some weapons received visual upgrade
Fixed: Helmets' radio system removed until redone
Fixed: Squads and units sides
Fixed: Units now have corresponding uniforms
Fixed: Removed vest remnants of units

Added: Legion's BIG upgrade
Added: MORE GUNS!! (plasma included)
Added: New headgear
Added: More units to Legion
Added: Invisible bags to vests slot
Added: New vault module - corner
Added: XVB03 Infantry version
Tweaked: Units' loadouts (removed vests)
Tweaked: Weapon visuals
Tweaked: Weapon sounds
Tweaked: Weapon animations
Tweaked: 9mm and 45-70 damage
Fixed: Items have icons now
Fixed: Naked uniform
Fixed: Many fixes and stabilization upgrades

- 2 - fix armor characteristics

- fix armor characteristics

Added: Strength Bobbleheads with 3 armor levels for Vests
Added: Perception Bobbleheads for NVG and IR
Added: GPS for Pip-Boy 3000
Added: Winterized US Pre-War T-45d
Tweaked: Pip-Boy 3000 now has armor LVL 2 (like Bobblehead LVL 2)
Fixed: Stringtable names for units and items
Fixed: Some errors with classnames
Fixed: Uniforms for units and groups

Added: NCR and BOS winter clothes
Added: New weapon variations
Added: New Enclave clothes
Added: New squads and units
Added: Enclave Y-32 Xi'an retexture (XVB-03)
Tweaked: Magazines' weight
Tweaked: New improved weapon visuals
Tweaked: Weapons' sound distance
Fixed: Some of the units' loadouts

- fix ncr ranger

- legionnaire clothes fix

- fix uniform

Added: NCR faction received a big update
Added: A big list of new weapons and attachments :P
Added: Ammo types (WIP)
Added: New materials for all weapons (now with specularity)
Tweaked: Service Rifle rechambered to 5.56mm
Tweaked: Anti-Materiel Rifle rechambered to .50 BMG
Tweaked: Weapon sound volume
Tweaked: Laser Rifle sound
Tweaked: Legion's Grenadier kit
Fixed: Changed NCR mask icon
Fixed: AI learned how to use energy weapons
Fixed: Enclave's X-01 name changed to APAMKI

- added x-01
- fix update

Added: Legion's headgear
Added: New units for Legion's faction
Added: New camera position
Added: New objects (crates)
Tweaked: New loadouts
Tweaked: Weapons' visuals (new shaders)
Tweaked: Items' weight increased
Fixed: Kings' outfit's first person model fix
Fixed: Objects' positioning in Zeus and 3DEN

Added: Misc items (Alcohol, drugs, etc.)
Added: More units to existing factions
Added: All props are in 3DEN now
Added: Server keys
Added: Faction categorization
Added: Plain combat armor
Tweaked: Changed units' loadout
Fixed: FO_Flags error
Fixed: classnames' errors
Fixed: Tribals' heads disappearing
Fixed: Ranger uniform normals
Fixed: Enclave beret's name
Fixed: 9mm Pistol uses proper ammo now
Fixed: Laser beam distance
Fixed: Combat armor white straps are now grey
Fixed: Story characters have proper uniforms now
Fixed: Texture transparency issue
Fixed: Chryslus/US Propaganda billboard texture

- update

Added: XVB02 vertibirds for Enclave, NCR, BoS (V-44X retextures)
Added: Ambient Music Module (available in Zeus and 3DEN)
Added: Faction flags
Added: Faction markers (resize them manually for better visuals)
Added: Location markers
Tweaked: All units are now available in Zeus

Added: Units are divided by factions now.
Added: More units for different factions.
Added: Tribal faces.
Added: T-45d Power Armor variations (Lyons' Pride, US Army)
Added: Cowboy hats (ranger hat included)
Added: Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 2 soundtracks (courtesy of Inon Zur and Mark Morgan)
Tweaked: Gear is now properly added to units (more ammo) .
Fixed: Kimball's badge is now bigger.

Added: Rebreather is now available as a mask and as a headgear at the same time
Added: Slave collar
Added: NCR Ranger Helmet (Broken)
Tweaked: Units are fully equipped now
Tweaked: Ranger Helmet lenses were desaturated
Tweaked: Kimball's suit NCR badge is now looking better
Fixed: Businesswear texture glitching
Fixed: Stringtable names are now set properly

Added: Benny's Suit (Ring-a-ding-ding, baby)
Added: President Kimball's suit
Added: Desert Ranger uniform (helmet included)
Added: Pre-War businesswear (2 variants)
Added: NCR Berets (green, 1st Rec)
Added: Pre-War hats (2 variants)
Added: Rebreather
Added: Ghouls (face and skin)
Tweaked: New stringtable (names are changed)

- added power armor enclave
- added wasteland clothes

- fix ncr textures

- added armor ncr
- added enclave officer

- ranger helmet added nvg
- added power armor brotherhood
- added power armor outcast

- added combat ranger
- added combat ranger helmet
- added slave backpack

- added Combat Armor lite
- added Combat Armor Helmet

- aded Army Helmet

- fix rvmat

- fix Armored Coat
- added Army Fatigues

- fix armored coat

- added Armored Coat

- fix lod shadow.

- test version

- Community Base addons A3

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