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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 0.35
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Drongo's Air Operations (DAO) places AI aircraft, SAMs and radars under player control. The focus is on controlling airspace. For air-to-ground operations, see Drongo's Air Support at my Patreon. DAO should be MP compatible but has not been tested.

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Date: 2020-10-19 14:30

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Drongo's Air Operations


Drongo's Air Operations (DAO) places AI aircraft, SAMs and radars under player control. The focus is on controlling airspace. For air-to-ground operations, see Drongo's Air Support at my Patreon. DAO should be MP compatible but has not been tested.

Open the system with your H key (can be changed under Options>Controls>Configure Addons).

Enable a very enemy simple AI commander with:

WEST call DAO_fnc_SimpleAI;
EAST call DAO_fnc_SimpleAI;
RESISTANCE call DAO_fnc_SimpleAI;

Blacklist users by setting daoAvailable=false on their client.

Player control over AI aircraft, radars and SAMs
Assign CAP, CAS, SEAD, loiter, take off and land orders
Intuitive interface
Units communicate (current orders, launching missiles, detecting enemies)
Radar-based information sharing (AI aircraft and SAMs are more dangerous)
Radar targets are shared with aircraft and SAMs
Markers for friendly assets and detected enemy assets
Terrain, altitude, range and radar cross section affect a radar's ability to detect aircraft
Control AI aircraft altitude and loiter area
Gun camera

To install Drongo's Air Operations you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Known issues:
SEAD missions
Bombing missions
Anti-ship missions

Future plans:
At the moment only Altis, Tanoa and Stratis have airport support.
Dynamic airports are not yet supported

Viewdistance can affect engagement range
Terrain blocks radar (place your radars and SAMs in elevated areas)
All groups using this system must contain only a single vehicle (eg. 2 planes in a group may cause errors)

Supported Units:
The default BIS units supported. Mods that use standard inheritance should also work.

You can help me
I put a lot of time and effort into my mods. I support single, coop and MP players with unique mods and new features. Please show your support, subscribe, follow and rate my mods. Please promote my work on social media and forums. If you have cash to spare, please consider chipping in to my Patreon.

Credits & Thanks:
Drongo: Development and scripting.
A big thanks to my supporters Seth, Sonny, Sly and YonV.

License / Disclaimer:
The rights of any 3rd party scripts used in this work belong with the owner. I do not and have never claimed ownership over the work of other people. All 3rd party scripts are used in good faith.

You may NOT reverse-engineer this addon for your personal use.
You may NOT distribute altered versions of this addon.
You may NOT use this addon or any derivatives thereof in any way for monetary gain.
You may NOT use this addon or any derivatives thereof as part of any submission to any contest of any kind.
You may NOT port this addon to any other game (it may ONLY be used with Arma 3).
You may NOT use this addon with VBS, VBS2, VBS3 or any similar product.
You may NOT use any of the scripts, configs, concepts or designs of this addon in the development of other projects.
You may NOT re-upload to Steam.
You may NOT use this addon in any way if you are R0adki11.
You may NOT use this addon in any way if you are BohemiaBeck.

If you need an exception, contact me.

Changelog: (19-10-2020 - only displayed in news once every month)
Fixed: VAM infinite planes bug
Changed: By default all pylons in VAM are empty

Added: Manual input
Added: Gunship AI scripts
Added: V-44 Z Gunship (more lethal than default gunship)

Fixed: Aircraft could not take off from the USS Freedom

Added: JTAC mode (dialog with no radar/SAM info)
Added: Gun runs
Added: Rocket runs
Added: Laser-guided bomb support
Added: Clicking on a unit in the Radar/SAM list will display a hint with a quick rundown on group, unit type and magazines
Fixed: Bombs should now hit accurately from any altitude
Changed: Some order buttons now in a list (running out of dialog space)
Changed: Player can designate helo landing zone
Changed: Guncam toggle is now the F1 key at the bottom of the tablet
Changed: Switch to Gunner toggle is now the F2 key at the bottom of the tablet
Changed: Guncam, switch to gunner, track bombs and bombcam have been moved to the F1-F5 keys along the bottom of the tablet

Added: Gunships for players (AI not yet functional)
Added: Airports on all islands now supported.
Added: Dynamic airports now supported.
Added: SAMs can be toggled to fire/hold fire by double clicking them in the dialog.
Added: Combat radius for CAP: Only contacts within their radius will be reported to them.
Changed: Another attempt at making rearming at airports work.
Removed: CAS script. Reverted to vanilla Arma 3 Search and Destroy behaviour.

Added: WIP bomb runs
Added: Switch to gunner button
Added: Tooltips to the ROE ALL buttons
Added: Variable to tell a craft if it is rearmed or not (daoRearmed)
Added: Groups, vehicles and vehicle classes can be excluded by adding them to the array daoIgnore=[];
Changed: Reduced dialog clutter
Changed: Double-clicking an air group in the dialog will toggle it's ROE
Changed: Aircraft that start grounded now use setBehaviour "CARELESS" instead of setFuel 0 (thanks to F:E:N:R:I:R)
Changed: Aircraft that start airborne with no waypoints will loiter in place until given orders
Removed: ROE button (replaced by double-clicking groups)
Fixed: Planes failed to rearm after landing
Also, put an armed Blackfish on the map and click on the F1 button on the dialog for a bit of fun.

Added: CBA server option to prevent/allow grounded aircraft from auto-takeoff.
Added: CBA server option to restrict access to dialog (whitelist a client with daoAvailable=true;)
Changed: The take-off button has been removed. Now a STANDBY craft will take off if it is given an order (CAP, etc).
Changed: Craft that land will be repaired, refueled and rearmed, then take off again (stopgap measure).
Changed: Excluded helicopters from CAP orders.
Added: The land order will tell helicopters to land at their current position.
Other: Various small fixes

Cruise missile were showing up in command dialogs and also being evacced if DAO was present. Here are the fixed files.

Added: Order weapons free/hold fire with ROE button
Added: All weapons free button
Added: All hold fire button
Added: WIP SEAD code
Added: Datalink to all aircraft, SAMs and radars
Added: Group datalink toggle
Added: All radars on/off button
Added: All datalinks on/off button
Fixed: Numerous small bugs

First release

- Community Base addons A3

Steam Workshop:
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