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Requirements: BTHBC Terrains Core - Objects and Shared Definitions, CUP Terrains Core

Version: 1.08
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This is a heavily modified/redesigned and updated version of CypeRevenge's "Lost Island"

Date: 2020-04-13 11:58

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This is a heavily modified/redesigned and updated version of CypeRevenge's "Lost Island" (Original can be found at )

Krasnorus is a small island in the baltic sea that is slowly developing from a rural countryside island into an increasingly more urban and developed trade location.

There are a great many changes to the original terrain including an entirely new city in the SW corner of the main island and serious modification to the heightmap. The heightfield resolution is 4x higher. The ground textures and clutter have been entirely replaced. The satellite texture and mask have both been completely redesigned from scratch. Many objects have been replaced with A3 objects or my own custom assets.

The terrain features a completely custom lighting setup and uses a custom textured skybox for better visual weather.

Terrain specs:
Size: 10.2km x 10.2km
Cell size: 2.5
HM resolution: 4096
Sat/Mask resolution: 20480px
Lat/Long Coords: 21.744/-58.153 (in the Baltic Sea)
~410,000 objects total

To install Krasnorus you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

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New detail texture with modified mipmaps (Created with dedmen's mipmaptool)
Various floating objects fixed.
Replaced St. Marx center structure with a new flat-roofed version.
5 new sign types.
Added a few new signs around the terrain.
Various new objects placed through map.
Several small config tweaks.

Small config fix for lighting + Updating loading screen text

St. Marx Changes:
St. Marx has been in many areas overhauled and redesigned/expanded upon
Fixed: Crates object in the northern expansion of St. Marx are no longer clipping through the sidewalk
Fixed: Bollard objects in the northern expansion area of St. Marx are no longer horribly misaligned
Fixed: Some store buildings in the northern expansion area of St. Marx no longer have ground clipping through the interior floors
Fixed: Vegetation in fenced-in garden areas in St. Marx no longer clips through the fences
Fixed: Gate in pink suburb area is now properly scaled and not too small
Fixed: Dirt hump object in alley way was too large and the part of the model clipping through the ground was messing up AI navigation
Fixed: Adjusted position/orientation of tin fence that was protruding around the corner of a compound in the industrial zone of St. Marx
Fixed: Several clipping objects in factory complex in St. Marx have been adjusted or removed
Fixed: Moved some pipes that were blocking stairs in the factory complex in St. Marx
Fixed: Concrete surface in fenced in transformer area in St. Marx factory that appeared as dirt in the satellite image now appears as concrete\
Fixed: Several walls in St. Marx didn't full meet the buildings they were attached to are now properly closed off at the ends
Changed: Lowered garage building in St. Marx that was too high next to the second garage in that area
Changed: Replaced ~450 short and standard sidewalk models with new longer variants in St. Marx for performance reasons
Changed: The layout and composition of the church compound in the south of St. Marx has been heavily modified
Changed: Completely redesigned many areas of St. Marx
Changed: Removed 'parkline' paint markings in grassy areas in St. Marx
Changed: Removed and replaced old custom chainlink fence model in St. Marx
Changed: Replaced fences with short concrete walls in alleyway in the northern expansion area of St. Marx
Changed: The concrete surface in the parking lots of St. Marx now extend to fully meet the road
Changed: The concrete surface at the entrance of the large factory complex in St. Marx now meets the road
Changed: Manually modified several surface mask tiles in St. Marx alleyways and other areas
Added: Many new detail objects to alleyway areas of St. Marx
Added: Many new detail objects to St. Marx in general
Added: New experimental AI path objects to some areas of St. Marx
Added: New 'scrapyard' compound next to where the road to the St. Marx port splits from the residential road
Added: Several new signs and advertisements to areas in St. Marx where they were lacking
There are a lot of significant changes that have been made to the city that are included within what is listed here, and there are probably some I forgot to mention as well
Fixed: Custom sign objects no longer have 9 sections for each LOD, and instead now only have 3. This could have a potential performance improvement
Fixed: Specular texture for custom signs no longer appears to show 2 individual panels on the front of the sign
Fixed: Custom sign models now have appropriate named properties and selections
Fixed: Removed single CWA crate object that was creating a CUP: CWA mod dependency
Fixed: Removed duplicate water tower object in farm west of Kirov Naval Base
Fixed: Removed random extra runway lights placed in the grass outside of the Balkhash airfield
Fixed: House in Stoczek is no longer inaccessible due to being too high to get into the doorway
Fixed: Civilian hangar building no longer has the terrain surface clipping through the floor at the main airbase
Fixed: Military hangar building no longer has the terrain surface clipping through the floor at Balhash Airfield
Fixed: Removed randomly placed rock object near mountain factory that had several trees clipping through it
Fixed: Readjusted/removed several objects in the mountain military base that were clipping through buildings or other objects
Fixed: Building in mountain military base is no longer too low into the ground
Fixed: Houses in Dolyna longer have terrain clipping through their floors
Fixed: Removed randomly place tree bin in factory complex in Svetlograd
Fixed: Trees no longer collide with rock objects along the main road near the mountain factory complex
Fixed: Bush in Svetlograd is no longer clipping through wall of garage building
Fixed: Pallets are no longer clipping through hangar walls at main airbase
Fixed: Plastic-wrapped boxes are no longer clipping through garage/hangar walls at main airbase
Fixed: Adjusted position of objects at 'homestead' east of Ivanovka so they are no longer clipping into the wall of the house
Fixed: Several houses in Ivanovka no longer clip through the ground
Fixed: Replaced CUP version of station-house building in town of Borkin with my custom version of the A2 station-house
Added: 4 New regional signs
Added: New fortifications and protections for hangars at Balkhash airfield that were previously too exposed
Added: Placed several new rock decal objects around the island
Added: Abandoned homestead near Balkhash airfield now has tall grass and vegetation near buildings and the road
Added: The dirt road that leads to the abandoned homestead is now the new thin road type
Added: New dead pine trees to several areas of the island
Added: Several new rocky valleys and cliffs throughout the island
Changed: Caustics animation and config values
Changed: Replaced brick wall with new Contact DLC brick wall objects (More replacements of objects and buildings will come in the future)
Changed: Disabled terrain synth
Changed: Tweaked several surface blending values in the world config
Changed: Redesigned much of Goritsky Island castle
Changed: Slightly increased overall clutter density
Changed: Slightly reduced clutter view distance to compensate for density changes
Changed: The default editor/mission start time is now 9:00
Changed: Updated the default world date setting
Changed: Reduced the number of objects in the mountain factory complex
Changed: Removed large rock object in the center of the castle ruins
Changed: Created a custom sea material with custom normal maps
Changed: Modified WaterExPars parameters and removed water surface shadows
Changed: Custom lighting has been changed in several ways
- Averaged some HDRNewPars values with values from Enoch config
- Merged some parameters with values from Enoch config
- Reduced number of LightingNew classes to 27
- Tweaked lighting classes appropriately to match new 27 class setup
- Tweaked sunset/sunrise sky colors and brightness
- Tweaked diffuse and ambient values of several lighting classes
- Tweaked sky color of several lighting classes
- Fixed cyan ground reflection color for some lighting classes
- Changed the sunAngle parameter for several classes
- Several other changes and tweaks

Small config fix

Added: Dirt decals under many dirt piles throughout the island
Added: Expanded Budky, with more buildings and no dead ends. Added backyards, walls, lights, detail objects, etc.... The town is almost entirely different now
Added: Expanded St. Marx, with a new strip-mall type area and a lot more buildings/detail inside the city
Added: Expanded Stoczek, with many more objects, more roads, and fixed dead ends. Fixed alignment of existing objects, as well as adding many new objects. Added backyards, walls, lights, detail objects, etc.... Like Budky, the town is very different compared to how it was before
Added: Expanded Svetlograd, with new subdivided town-block that was previously mostly empty before
Added: Expanded several of the guard rails throughout the island
Added: Forest surface type under many trees surrounding forests or in clusters instead of just grass
Added: More rocks/boulders on sloped areas near Krasine
Added: More walls and fences to residential area in St. Marx
Added: New Krasnorus Police Department icons to various buildings throughout the island
Added: New fire escapes to many buildings in Svetlograd
Added: New grass surface that appears in small patches throughout the island
Added: New military airfield north of St. Marx
Added: New road leading up to the factory complex near the main mountain
Added: New road type: Wide variant of the cobblestone path
Added: New stationhouse buildings throughout the island
Added: New wooden bridge in the north of the island to connect the road network around the mountain on that side
Added: Plate character configuration
Added: Preview image for loading screen
Added: Preview video for main menu screen
Added: Several new objects to St. Marx and surrounding area
Added: Several new sidewalks/pavement to the city center of St. Marx
Added: Small patches of dirt that appear throughout the island
Added: Smaller rocks and more detail to some areas
Added: Various patches of a new tree type throughout the island
Added: Various patches of foliage throughout the island
Added: Various rocks to small valley near Svetlograd
Added: Wooden boardwalk paths to steep areas in mountain trails
Added: Wooden planks to many areas for easier navigation between buildings/floors throughout the island
Changed: Created breaks in some of the large farm fences throughout the island due to AI navigation issues
Changed: Expanded taxiway at Krasnorus airport
Changed: Heavily modified terrain sat/mask layers
Changed: Heavily modified the terrain surrounding the new airfield
Changed: Heavily modified wildgrass clutter models and configuration. Tall grass is now shorter and all the grass is slightly smaller and less common
Changed: Hens and roosters now spawn as ambient life
Changed: Layer surface mask blurring. Tiles with snow have a 1px blur and all other tiles only have a 0.5px blur
Changed: Modified large flat area under the water near Krasnorus airport to look more natural/realistic
Changed: Modified some road materials and added new detail textures
Changed: Moved location of a hidden "farm" to be farther away from the main road
Changed: Moved the Balkash Airbase location
Changed: Moved various objects throughout the map (Houses, walls, trees/bushes, lights, etc...)
Changed: Opened up a closed-in house in St. Marx that had no entrance in the walls before
Changed: Overall slightly reduced ambient life spawn rate
Changed: Redesigned terrain normal map
Changed: Replaced haybale models with custom retextured version
Changed: Replaced more A2/CUP objects with available A3 variants
Changed: Replaced six CUP shed models with my custom variants (They look more natural, don't glow at night, etc...)
Changed: Replaced tree stumps with custom versions that more properly match my custom tree trunks
Changed: Several tree models are now have "class = treeSoft" instead of "class = treeHard"
Changed: Sky textures and reflections textures were adjusted/recolored slightly to look better
Changed: Slightly modified the rotation and scale of several large rocks throughout the island
Changed: Smoothed interpolation artifacts (result of initial upscaling of heightfield) from many large areas in the terrain
Changed: Smoothed road near entrance/exit of St. Marx port
Changed: Smoothed roads in Svetlograd
Changed: Surface under bushes in St. Marx Hospital is now grass instead of concrete
Changed: Swapped the road ID's of my new road and an older one for organization's sake
Changed: The intersection near Krasnorus Airport now has a roundabout intersection similar to the existing roundabout
Changed: Tweaked/modified road network
Changed: Updated preview image to reflect new changes
Fixed: Adjusted elevation of several floating objects
Fixed: Clipping houses in St. Marx
Fixed: Clipping objects in and around Kozinka
Fixed: Fallen tree log orientation now properly aligns to the terrain slope
Fixed: Flickering sidewalks in various locations throughout the island
Fixed: Hospital elevation in Svetlograd. Floor was clipping into the ground near the back
Fixed: Overlapping fences in a Svetlograd property
Fixed: Position of various fences/walls realigned
Fixed: Realigned buildings clipping into the ground or not properly oriented in Stoczek
Fixed: Realigned houses that were too far above or below the surface in most towns
Fixed: Replaced/removed bugged yellow CUP house in various locations throughout the island
Fixed: Skewed houses in St. Marx
Fixed: Slightly tweaked road corner/intersection models to be more properly aligned
Fixed: Surface in the dirt pits of the construction zone in St. Marx are no longer grass
Fixed: the rotation of several buildings that were oriented to the terrain surface
Removed: All bar gates on the island, because of AI related issues
Removed: All of a single rock type found in thick forests
Removed: Bush clipping inside a building in Stoczek
Removed: Bush clipping inside of house in Svetlograd
Removed: Objects obscuring or obstructing roads/footpaths throughout the island
Removed: Random large rock east of St. Marx that was obstructing several other objects
Removed: Random rock object near Budky
Removed: Random solitary wall in the garage of the Svetlograd hospital
Removed: Removed some locations from the map that are no longer present on the island
Removed: Removed various out of place decals throughout the island
Removed: Various medium to large shipwrecks throughout the island
Removed: Various objects around the radio station in the forest that felt out of place
Removed: ~100 duplicate objects

Initial Release

- BTHBC Terrains Core - Objects and Shared Definitions
- CUP Terrains Core

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