Author: SchnapsdroSel
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: v0.5 Beta
Signed: No

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Date: 2008-10-27 15:36

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This addon will add several new mercenaries.

Just extract the pbo to you addons folder or use the modfolder method.

The bb_mercenary_no_medics.pbo removes the medic abilities that the mercenaries have.
The mercs_replacementqg.pbo replaces the Queens Gambit Mercenaries.
The bb_mercenary_soldier_replacement.pbo replaces the regular soldiers with mercenaries.

Included files:

Change log:
v0.5 Beta
- completely reworked the WDL Mercenaries
- added 3 more Blackops (new group: "Mercenaries BlackOp")
- added a female to the "Armed Civilian" group
- added one more female and a farmer to the Civilian side
- added 4 more faces to the merc face pack
- some minor model changes

v0.4 Beta
- new SF mercenaries added to the East side (Mercenaries WDL)
- added several Civilians (City)
- added Armed Civilians to the Independent side
- added Medic Mercenaries
- added 1 Blackop (Mercenaries WDL)
- Mercenary faces added to the profile selection
- some minor model changes

v0.3 Beta
-new mercenaries added to the Desert and WDL group
-eastern mercenaries added (Urban and WDL)
-4 female Civilians added
-some minor model fixes
-QG replacement with new face textures

v0.2 Beta
- new mercenaries
- new female mercenaries
- female soldiers
- one female civilian
- Queens Gambit is no longer needed

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