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Requirements: ZNV Complement

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Short description: Modality of Submarine Simulation and Naval Combat

Date: 2020-03-10 20:36

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(DISCONTINUED) Combat Submarine USS Alabama


This content is discontinued and should no longer be used.
Instead please download and use the SSBN 731 Ohio Class.


version actual 2.7.1

This ship is not a common vehicle of the editor. This mod recreates a simulation of underwater navigation, while transporting the players that operate the ship. Allowing to move, turn, submerge, emeger, armed with torpedoes, missiles, cruise missiles and nuclear missiles, this ship can fight other ships and submarines, and support the ground infantry, everything is managed from an area that simulates navigation inside of a submarine. and everything that is executed from the compartments, will be executed by the submarine that simulates the exterior of the ship.

the submarine that can be damaged by the enemies and everything that happens to the submarine. could harm players inside of the compartments, the players will feel movements, water pressure, lack of oxygen, inclination, pain, heat, radiation, among other characteristics, if the ship is destroyed, the players inside will die, if the ship damages. will flood the areas by water, they will feel a strong movement of S, blows, pain and bleeding, fire in compartments, among other actions, the players can repair the ship from the compartments, with tools, seal broken valves and extinguish the fire , repair engines and electronic boards, among other jobs, this work was done with the purpose that players entering the ship can feel that they are inside a real submarine and that they work inside as if they were in a real submarine.

You can obtain the manual of navegation this link:

Manual in Spanish:

Manual in English:

IMPORTANT INFORMATION, if you want to edit the missions with the USS Alabama should be the following information:

If you are inside the ship, and you close your EDEN server, your editor will remain dark

To solve it go to tools, and press the camera

Then press escape and close your Splendio camera.

Authors of the base this work

The 3d model of this ship is made by the author Gnat, you can locate the model that has been used for the alabama in the information that you find in the prolog of the navigation manual. The engine of movement of the ship is made by Mr. Stick_Hogue, they can locate their work from the prologue of the navigation manual.

Combat Submarine USS Alabama

This mod is apart from a submarine a modality of naval simulation with combat of different ways and in relation to terrestrial missions, it is very important that you read the manual of the Alabama before manipulating the ship, this mod was made with the purpose to work in milsin, military simulation, so it is not possible to manipulate it in a player, you need a crew of no less than 4 to operate it.

Submarine Militar USS Alabama, is a submarine navy, specially designed for the protection of maritime and terrestrial spaces, this mod is based on the simulated function of its operation in most of its aspects, so it will be necessary for a constant coordination and communication between the crew, the compartments that divide it, the function cameras, the tasks given, the position of government or ground control and command.

Among the features we have:

Crew and Command
Propulsion engines shaft and Helix
Atomic or Nuclear Energy
Electric or Electric Energy
Mechanical or Diesel Energy
Snorkel System
Gas combustion discharge system
Applicable maneuvers of the USS Alabama
Possible Threats
Enemy Strategies
Individual and group offensive tactics of enemy vessels
radial assistance system between enemy vessels, when one is attacked, nearby vessels will help
missile cruises support of enemy vessels requested by enemies on land
Nuclear missile support of enemy vessels requested by enemies on land
Control compartments and electrical panels
Depth chargue
Unguided torpedoes
Guided Torpedoes System
Unguided Missiles
Guided Missile System
Nuclear missiles
Possible Complications
Auxiliary Electrical System
Medical area
Sonar Manipulation and Communications
Sonar Passive
Sonar Active
Tracking System
Threat Proximity Sensor
Radial Silence System
Enemy ships use radial silence maneuvers to hide from the radars
Communications with Ground Bases or other Allied Vessel
fax delivery system for communication
Radio buoy
Fire in Compartments
Nuclear Safety
Engine repairs
Driving the Alabama
Descent, Ascent, Port and Starboard
Pressure for crushing depth
Anticollision Reader
Officer's Place At the Command of Ship
Auxiliary Oxygen System
Analysis to avoid Threats
Maximum Silence Maneuver
State of Absolute Silence
System of enemy naval convoys (New)
Hydrophone system, to distinguish the emanating noise of each type of enemy craft (New)
Added new Diving System from the Alabama (New)
mini-submarine for deep deployments (New)
Scanner drone system to be deployed on surface (New)
Coupling and uncoupling system for the mini-submarine and the drone scanner (New)
Crush depth system for diver players (New)
Function to the post of the captain in the bridge, for the manipulation of the drone Scanner (New)
System of defense of enemy ships against divers players, deploying enemy divers squads to defend (New)
Attack of Mortars Enemy Ships (New)
Manual Driving System (New)
Manual torpedo system straight line path (new)
Eye contact system from the periscope with the laser marker (new)
Missile interception system (New)

Version 2.7.1 instructions for the proper operation of the ship and the crew:

1- Download the compatible map package with version 2.7.1

Current support maps for the development of missions:

Duala Island
4 islands Mske

the ship can only be used in the predetermined missions, you can do the initial missions or edit your missions on that initial mission, to know how to edit it successfully you must read the last subject of the navigation manual. Soon missing maps will be published.

get the initial base mission from here Version 2.7 for both versions

Pack mission version 2.7 with new model version 1.0´╗┐


Old Version mission Pack for version 2.6

for the new update you can configure your server to your liking, the limitations have been corrected, you just need to have the most updated base map (2.7).

please read the manual for any concern and if you have any questions you can do it through the comments, If you suffer some bigs or do not manage to operate the ship, please inform in the comments, to solve the problem as soon as possible, and I will gladly help you,

To install (DISCONTINUED) Combat Submarine USS Alabama you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:


Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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-Minor Arrangements

-Fixed problem with loading torpedoes into tubes
-Fixed oxygen depletion issue for players entering the submarine after oxygen is depleted on the ship
-added new short-range sonar system to the bridge, with limited active sonar access and a hydrophone system for use of a passive sonar
-added new visualizations on the bridge
-Detailed bow and stern cameras for dedicated server until they function properly
-added new passive sonar system (Acoustic Warfare Analyst) to version 0.1, where more realistic work will be done regarding the hearing task of a gold ear professional (expect new versions of this system in the near future updates).
-added new sound effects on the ship's hull.
-We recommend updating your mission pack to get all the auditory details added to the mod

-repaired error of continuity of use of manual driving out of control
-fixed the location error when entering through the SDV gate

-Fixed inconsistency for working on dedicated server for version 2.8
-disable the stern and bow camera system due to problems during the use of dedicated server (wait for version 2.9 to fix it)

-Fixed inconsistency for working on dedicated server for version 2.8
-disable the stern and bow camera system due to problems during the use of dedicated server (wait for version 2.9 to fix it)
-added updates to the interior of the ship

-corrected failure of torpedo and tomahank socket, after version 2.7

-reduction of mods of requirements to the minimum, using the current version 2.7 of the new model
-another corregion of the freezing of the game while turning the ship with manual driving
-fixed some ad errors
-fixed use of stairs in the passage to maneuvers and bilges or machine room
-arranged of all the chairs of the boat
-informative aggregate of load time of the initial load module
-load time optimization when entering the map
-you need the mission package of the new version 1.0 model to run version 2.7 without errors and with the improvements

-Fixed error of the frozen game when turning the boat, with the manual driving system

-Update of the new 3D model to version 0.2 (note the load time of this model is longer because it is not optimized)
-added new missile interception system

-minor fixes

added new diesel engine, replacing the previous one

-added the current maps with the new model in test mode
-added panel of recovery of action of seats, in the case of the loss of the same

-Fixed bug at game start
-increased performance for dedicated and local servers
-added new internal model of the ship, eliminating 65% of objects of ornaments present in the map, with the purpose of increasing in performance in servers (you must download the test mission in the route of the mission package and read the important note)
-other details

-Change of autopilot driving systems to manual driving stop all progress of the ship, until if you set the next propulsion engine
- corrections in the auxiliary oxygen system in multiplayer use
-The power button has been corrected to be global and with JIP
-Corrections in the exit hatch when the ship is submerged
-Fixed error when rising from the ground, after the ship is hit by enemies

-minor details

-Correction in the operation of oxygen consumption auxiliary tanks

-other minor fixes

-minor fixes

-Significant performance improvement for the use of dynamic missions by up to 99% improvement for Local servers and Dedicated Servers

-less arrangements

-Added the option in the tank leveling button, option to correct possible failure in the depth marking of the ship
-Added option in the sonar compartment, in the button to activate sonar, to correct possible failure of correct visualization of the position of the ship
-Fixed auditory deactivation of Passive sonar

-Fixed the sliding in the pilot seats, working with stability
-Audio volume with high volume
-High performance increase in Local and dedicated servers up to 98%
-Repaired audio loss of launch tubes when the submarine turned off its engines
_Reduced the noise coming from the helmet by the pressure of the water, during the manual driving
- Fixed the option of the repeated eye contact system
-Fixed missing engine noise outside the ship
-Reduced the noise of the propulsion of diesel engines in the position of government
-Fixed the adaptation of boxing vest in the periscope
- Increased the time before inhalation of carbon dioxide to 5 minutes
-Repaired the toxic gas ejector
-Fixed depth marking during manual driving, when it comes to the surface, correctly marking 0, when the submarine is 0 meters deep
-Repaired the option of spawn lifeboats, in the Government post, in the short-range short-range tracking operator's seat
-Reduced noise from diesel engines
-Fixed the centering of the map on the ship, when leaving the boat, now placing the correct position of the player
-Fixed the loss of entry to the ship, when the process begins but the hatch does not open
-Adjust the active sonar of enemy vessels
-Fixed the functionality of torpedoes and missiles, at a margin of error of 1%
-Recovery of activation of boards if there are no players on the server
-minor arrangement
-Correction in the handling of weapons controls in the ammunition story
-Correction in periscope depth measurement, with the use of autopilot
-Correction in alarm delay of the gun control compartment
-repaired ignition details
-reduction of module loading time when starting the ship activation procedure
-corrected all failures in the last version
-important arrangement on one of the notes of the previous update

-Improved displacement on the waterline of the hull, helping to smooth sliding during propulsion
-Improved periscope slide, helping smooth rotation without sharp shortcuts when changing position
-Fixed constant sonar bug after control of the sonar computer was lost
-corrected screwdriver handling when fixing problems in the electrical system
-corrected audios out of place
-Added the attack of cannons of deep cargo ships if the submarine is on surface or periscope depth
-The deep cargo ships will not fire mortars or loads if the submarine is in periscope depth, instead they will use the cannonballs
-The ship3 is no longer armed with torpedoes, now it is armed with mortars and depth charges, for a total of 3 mortar attack ships and depth charges
-Significant increase in the performance of dedicated and local servers
-adjusted distance diameter allowed for radial silence at 400 meters periscope depth and 1000 surface
-fix in the attack of depth charges of enemy ships
-sound active added to enemy vessels
-adjusted speed of diesel engines in manual surface driving up to 25 knots
-Major correction in the Torpedo engine
-Minor fixes

-Added new function of detection of visual contact from the periscope, allowing to display information on the screen of the enemy ship, on the course, distance, type class, and nationality
-Fixed problem in manual driving of internal combustion engines
-fixed minor bugs

-Incompatibility correction with the game version 1.94
-Increased navigation performance to 95%
-Combination of dedicated server and host player versions to a single version
-Activated 3 more torpedo launch tubes for a total of 4 tubes, two bow and two aft
-Added new manual firing function of torpedoes with straight line trajectory, without affecting the radial silence system
-You need version 2.3 of the base mission package to run this new version without errors

-Visual corrections inside the boat

-Definitive correction of delay screens, on Alabama attacking screens, or Alabama under threat

-correction in the launch of torpedoes occurred in the last update

-screen correction delay
-correction in the initial module load reading

-New Manual Driving System
-Fixed the launch of missiles with selection system to scan over areas (up to a maximum of 100 meters over the selected area)
-please you need to use version 2.0 base missions package to use this version of the ship without suffering errors or bugs

missile launch error corrected to fixed positions and to scanning of selected area with AGM and I9M missiles, working correctly now

-corrected the problem of launching guided missiles and a repetitive fixed position
-Fixed the problem of repetitive missile audio when using the manual launch system
-added scanning reading screen for the area selection system to be scanned

-corrected bug in ls screens of the sonar room
-corrected bug in the positions of commander of the barco5 and barco6

-important correction of bug occurred in the bridge

-Adjustment in closing processes when losing the ship

-adapted new missile launch system Guided with the load of missiles AGM-65D and AIM-9M (remember to open the launch tubes to fire these missiles without damaging the ship) solecione area to scan in the weapons control on the map, and the search engine will find land vehicles in a diameter of 100 meters from the central point to be scanned

-Adjustment in the new manual missile launching system fixed position

-adapted new manual missile launching system to fixed positions with the load of missiles AGM-65D and AIM-9M (remember to open launch tubes to fire these missiles without damaging the ship)

-error correction when entering compartments

-correction in the mortar system of the enemy ships.

- Added new mortar attack system for enemy ships
- Added new system of Alarms against Threats
- Fixed Alert alarm system
- other minimal corrections
-To get the new effects we recommend getting the base missions 1.98

-minor fixes on version 1.97.4

-repaired the flickering of screens on the bridge during the entry of players to the server (changes visible in version 1.97.4 of the base missions package)
-arranged cut of audios of motors on the exterior of the ship

-repared use of the mini submarine

-added option to adjust stairs

-minor fixes

-Fixed initiation errors
-Performance increase when enabling the Hydrophone system
-possibility to disable the hydrofone
-If you have faults in the hydrophone system, please update your base missions package

-New protection against initial bugs

-protection against initial bugs

-minor arrangements

-minor arrangements

-correction of the sound room of weapons
-minor arrangements

-corrected the limitation of the loading time of modules, you can now enter with your crew at the same time to the server and enter all the ship
-corrected the limitation of the server autoinit box, now you can use the autoinit if you wish
-Fixed the distortion problem on screens that happened recently
-you can keep using the basic mission package you have, or update it to get the most current
-performance improvement in server

-protection against bugs

-minor correction

-performance improvement

-minor arrangements

-reactivated the chat function
-corrected message notifications at server startup

Added new Diving System from the Alabama
-Added new diving compartment
-Added mini-submarine for deep deployments
-Added new scanner drone system to be deployed on surface
-Dron scanner in diving compartment
-Added Elevator with gate to raise and lower the mini-submarine in the dive compartment
-Added Elevator with gate to raise and lower the Scanner Dron
-Added new hatch near the diving compartment, to enter the mini-submarine, when it is lifted over the elevator.
-Added Coupling and Uncoupling system for the mini-submarine and the Scanner Dron, to be later stored in the diving compartment with the use of the lifts.
- Added crush depth system for diver players
-Added crush depth system for the mini-submarine
- Added first function to the post of the captain in the bridge, for the manipulation of the drone Scanner.
- A new defense system was added for the enemy ships against the divers, sending the crew to form squadrons of enemy divers to defend.
-you can continue to use the mission package prior to version 1.97 without problems, but you will not get the new updates available in the current base mission packages

-corrected the inclination continued that gave the expulsion of water from the tanks of ballast aft 2 rooms

-New Hydrofone System for the Sonar System Compartment (this Hydrophone system will be able to distinguish auditory noise emanating from vessels, and the sonar operator after a prepared study will be able to distinguish between a cargo ship of depth to a frigate, or a corvette to differentiate a freighter, this new system of hydrophone allows to study the noise of the enemy propellers and to know what boat we have around us, coming from port or starboard, from the bow, or from the stern.
-Added an ejector of carbon dioxide gas residues, when the diesel engines are turned off and there is still toxic gas inside the boat
- added new sounds emanating from the energy propellers on the outside of the ship
-added new unguided torpedo shot sound
-Added original sound of the snorkel system
-added new realistic pressure sounds by depth
-added sound of emptying and filling ballast tanks of the system operated from the bridge
-added loss of radial silence system due to torpedo load
-you can continue to use your initial base missions package without problems, but you will not receive the new changes, in order to obtain the improvements you must use the initial basic missions of the package 1.96

-corrected the zoom problem of the periscope

-possibility to deactivate radio in the Weapons compartment
-arrangement in the countermeasures of enemy submarines
-minor arrangements

-correction in the maneuver of radial silence executed by enemy vessels
-corrected from several mixed audios
-Updated noise from internal combustion engines
-Fixed the programming of one of the enemy submarines.
-added noise produced by the hatches, noise by the speed changes, immersion alarm horn, among other noises produced by the hull of the ship, (these noises can only be heard if you are using the current version of the mission package, you can continue using the old package without problems, but you will not receive the newly added noises).

-added radiation damage caused by high temperature nuclear reactors
-correction of floating objects when the submarine is destroyed
-Adjustment of torpedo impacts
-Correction of information on sonar system screens

-correction minor

-fire in compartments caused by damage to the ship, working again
-use of the extruder to extinguish fire inside the compartments working again (the option to take the fire extinguishers will only appear when the fire goes inside the ship)
-temperature of rising reactors produced by heat of fire inside the ship
-Missing fax send sounds

Bespreek deze update in de discussies-sectie.

-repaired oxygen consumption auxiliary tank
-Adjusted the life time of the countermeasures from 35 to 40 seconds
-Adjustment of contact visualization of enemy ships now only visible in the computers of the sonar system compartment
-- Fix attacks against the submarine by enemies when it is already sunk

-Nuclear release with sound effect working correctly
-corrected the deactivation and activation of the alarm delay of the Weapons compartment
-corrected the deactivation and activation of alarm delay of the sonar system compartment
-corrected the abandonment of periscope when returning to the bridge
-added new maps for the development of missions with the USS Alabama support

-correction in the torpedoes to fight against other submarines, fully functional for battles in depths and for combats of surface ships

-engine sound on surface running again
-small change in torpedo operation, to work a little better on deep targets
-Auxiliary oxygen tank consumption adjusted to a duration of 40 minutes

-necessary changes in the passive sonar system, to work also when the ship is in radial silence

-adjusted system of countermeasures
-Passive sonar system running again
--damage to players by deep pressure working again (the damage will occur when the submarine maintains more than several minutes in depth of more than 100 meters
-arrangement in the silence system Radial enemy

-Fixed the system for launching unguided missiles and torpedoes, correcting the error of the firing action when the map was closed before firing.

-added cargo security system to initiate the modules in the main hatch to enter the ship when it finishes
-adjusted flare system of enemy vessels to evade torpedoes and missiles
-arrangement of guided torpedo system on enemy transport vessels
-Added new map for the navigation and development of Stratis missions

-important arrangement in the navigation of the ship

-adjustment in the enemy convoy system

-important repair at the entrance and exit of the ship

-Adjustment for damage caused by radiation emitted by nuclear reactors

-repair of enemy submarines
-important arrangement of enemy Artificial intelligence
--added new convoy system, enemy ships and submarines escort cargo ships during their transfer if they are within a radius of 2000 meters (if you have doubts about how this system works please ask in the comments)

-fix in the periscope view, to see the change we recommend get the map package map version 1.95.1
-arrangement at the entrance of the bridge

-Diesel engine system running again
-Auxiliary oxygen consumption working properly
-Expulsion of Carbon Dioxide gases operating
-Damage adjustment by depth charges
-operating snorkel system
-surcharge of batteries for electric propulsion with the use of snorkel, in depth of snorkel
-inhalation of carbon dioxide gases injure the crew

-repair in the firing of missiles by the enemy ballistic submarine
-repaired the function of enemy submarines to submerge
-minor arrangements

-Very important repair in the boat's programming.
-you need the maps package version 1.95 to run the boat without errors

-arrangement in the emptying of ballast tanks

-you need to download the map package compatible with version 1.9
-an important fix in auxiliary oxygen
-Arrangement of various sounds
-raise of ballast tank pressure panels
-Adjustment for damage by depth charges
-Arrangement of textures from the exterior of the ship
-rehabilitated the fuel consumption of the ship by the use of diesel engines
--Rehabilitation of diesel engine fuel replenishment
-important arrangements of textures inside the ship

- Important fix in some scripts with errors
-Added New Malden Map for the navigation and activities of the navy and joint components
-You need to download the package of new maps to be able to use version 1.8, and read the game's start instructions exposed in the main information of the mod

-Changes important in the programming of the ship
- Important update of the sonar indicator
-Updated Important in the threat proximity sensor
-Updated Important in depth meter
-Updated Important in deep cargo ships
-Ability to send and receive fax from command to Alabama again
-Renewed the phone function of the compartments
-Updated Important in the use of leveling Ballast Tanks
-Added important new instructions to start the map with the new version 1.7 in the mod information

- important fixes
- temporarily disabled the function of sending and receiving fax, due to problems, please wait for the next version where we solve this problem and enable the function of the fax again

- ZNV Complement

This content is discontinued and should no longer be used.
Instead please download and use the SSBN 731 Ohio Class.

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