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Date: 2018-12-16 12:17

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Zargabad Life Framework


Introducing Zargabad Life Framework for ARMA 3!
This open framework is a completely custom recreation of the original ARMA 2 OA Zargabad Life with some improvements.
After more than two years of development, I am pleased to announce it is ready for the ARMA community to download and use.

Here are just some of the many original features you can find in the mission:
    Feel nostalgic again with original A2 Zargabad Life styled menus, items, and features.
    Customizable mission that can be adapted to any map with any addons.
    Use specific equipment to collect resources. Fishing and mining make a return.
    Buy a factory - turn those precious minerals and resources into useful items that allow you to craft more goodies. You can also rely on capitalism and export your manufactured items for cold hard cash.
    Shops with limited stocks are back. Dynamic item supply and demand pricing are functional features. Buy factories and export items to keep the market afloat.
    Citizens can vote for a mayor, and officers can vote for a commander. Hover over a name and see how many votes they have.
    Illegal workers and workplaces are back to make your experience more… enjoyable.
    Customizable stat saving and automatic stat resets on a configurable cycle. The time until the next stat reset is also conveniently displayed in the main info menu.
    Completing patrol and delivery missions. This also handily utilizes the ARMA task system.
    Get rich quick by robbing gas stations and banks. Bank robbers beware, dye packs are functional…
    Police have access to a dynamic computer in vehicles - utilize city cameras with civ and sat cam, check warrants, issue warrants or pardon civs, and more.

In-game images of menus, effects, and more:
Check out the easily customizable config:

Why use this framework?
My framework is a change of pace and is something new in ARMA 3 - not something you hear all that often anymore. Arguably, the greater majority of life servers in the ARMA community utilize the exact same framework with minor modifications. Zargabad life helped kickstart the now massively popular ARMA gamemode. This framework has been in development for more than two years, and is an almost 1-1 recreation of the original Zargabad Life mission.

I have designed this framework to be modular, customizable, and easy to understand. The basic configurations are all contained in one file, making it effortless to start your own server. Furthermore, this mission has been designed so that it is not required to be hosted on Zargabad - with some adjustments, this framework can be hosted on any map with any addons.

I have partnered with the International Game's Federation [] who have provided a forum area to allow for Zargabad Life server owners to post server advertisements, support requests, scripts, and more. Please note that all official support requests will be handled on the IGF website, you can join by clicking this link [].

Official Server
Try it before you download it! Check out the official ARMA 3 Zargabad Life server, hosted by IGFGaming.

The required addons to play on the server (CUP), can be found here:

Stat Save Info
Optionally Zargabad Life Framework can use INIDBI2 for stat saving over restarts. Information and download can be found here.
X64 extension for 64 bit servers

If you have any questions about this mission, please leave a comment below or join me on IGFGaming’s Discord server.

Bug reports, scripts, addons, suggestions, and other related posts should be left in the appropriate section on IGF’s Forums.

License / Disclaimer:
Licensed under Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)

Monetization Agreement
You may monetize the Zargabad Life Framework as long as you adhere to the following conditions.
- Under absolutely no circumstances may you alter, remove, other otherwise modify "author = "ZKB1325";" found in description.ext file of the Zargabad Life Framework.

- Arma 3 Zargabad Life


External download:

Zargabad Life Framework

Forum topic:
- BI forums
- IGF Gaming Community

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