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Version: 0.02

Short description: This contains source files which will allow you to edit a map that is VERY similar to Silverlake.

Date: 2018-12-16 12:53

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"Silverlake" Source Files

Hadricks Services

Today I am releasing source files to you that will allow you to edit a map that is VERY similar to Silverlake. The roads, building placement, and terrain profile are exported from the real map and only have a few misplacement due to sampling limitations. The linked google drive gives you a .RAR file that will provide you with source as well as all of the P-Drive and server file requirements to edit and produce your own version of "Silverlake". There is also a document in the folder that provides more details about the limitations of these files and how to effectively use them.

For more information or for queries about mapping or source files, please contact us via e-mail:

These source files can be used to edit object placement, town names, terrain, mask/satellite maps, and any other functions possible within Terrain Builder or Terrain Processor.

This file will guide you through the setup and use of the files that are specifically for Silverlake by Koil, Ryan, and VVV. Any questions should be directed to Timothy Hadrick pertaining issues that come with use of source files that are not covered in Known Issues and Disclaimers.

An intermediate to advanced knowledge of Terrain Builder and terrain development for Arma 3 is required to be able to fully understand this tutorial as well as be able to benefit from access to source files.

To install "Silverlake" Source Files you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

This setup assumes that you are familiar with the use of Terrain Builder and Arma 3 Tools. Links to basic guides will be provided at the bottom of this document.

Copy the entire contents of the P-Drive folder and place them inside of your P-Drive
Open Terrain Builder and open the project
Click File, Open Project
Navigate to P:\Silverlake\source\TerrainBuilder
Open jc1.tvp4
You are then able to adapt the Silverlake source files however you want within the limits of Terrain Builder.
The @Silverlake folder includes every mod your players will need in order to play this map, it also includes a folder version of the map that can be used to apply edits to. Again, an intermediate knowledge of Arma 3 development is needed before using these files.

Known issues:
These source files are not exact replicas of the Silverlake map. Known differences are:
Terrain height has a ±5m difference in some areas. However, all assets are at appropriate heights.
Because of the re-importing of terrain data, a sample is only able to be taken every 10m, this means roads and terrain can have random bumps in, most of these have been addressed however some still remain. This can mean that some buildings are slightly above or below terrain level however these are in the significant minority.
All objects have been exported at the exact positions but in some places objects have been re-exported that has caused a small amount (max 200) trees or smaller assets to have been missed.
Map locations are not in the exact positions as they were placed by hand.
Some of the ground textures may appear slightly different because certain RVMAT files have been reformed.
Airport autopilot has not been configured nor have runway positions.
The only content included with these source files are:
Full source files;
De-pbo’d folders which include templates;
Game files;
Installation guide (this document).

Credits & Thanks:
None of these references support or endorse any of the content provided in this package
Bohemia Interactive -
Arma 3 -
L3DT (Heightmap editor) -
Arma 3 Tools -
Wiki (Includes terrain making tutorial) -
Arma 3 Tools setup -
Bulldozer Manual -

License / Disclaimer:
You may change anything about the map including authors however Timothy Hadrick is not liable for any issues with changing author credits or use of this map.
Timothy Hadrick is not responsible for loss or damage of source files or game files.
Issues can arise on certain operating systems when trying to use Terrain Builder.
Windows 8.1 is the only operating system these files have been tested on
It is your responsibility to have a good enough understanding of Arma 3 Development to use these source files.
Any “payment” towards these source files is purely a donation and thus will only be refunded if the transaction was fraudulently made.
The distributor of these files is not responsible for any damage caused by these source files to either:
Your server;
Your possessions.
You may not resell any of Hadrick’s Source Files.
Timothy Hadrick, this document, and these source files are not endorsed by Bohemia Interactive or any creator of content distributed. Any digital content distributed is purely a dependency to the work done by Timothy Hadrick and thus any donations are made upon time opposed to assets distributed.


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