Author: Wasabi 800
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Requirements: SABRE ACE, Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.13
Signed: Yes

Short description: Survivability Augmented Battle Realism Enhancement

Date: 2019-03-03 10:05

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Wasabi 800

Survivability Augmented Battle Realism Enhancement

Brief Feature List:
Extremely realistic body armor overhaul with 1,200 hard & soft armor inserts from all over the world. Drop a plate or helmet booster or armor for your other parts of your body in your vest and go!
Terminal ballistics overhaul. Shot placement counts!
Dozens of new ammunition types, with compatibility mods coming up soon.
Mobility overhaul. Your movement speed is now dependent on your loadout weight.
Explosives in different sizes for demolition work and other creative uses.
New moves, like lunges and a combat roll.

Full Description:
The long-awaited successor to Advanced Armor Plate Mod (AAPM), introducing the most comprehensive and most realistic body armor overhaul for Arma III by a whole country mile. Over 1,200 armor inserts, ranging from basic kevlar soft armor to the most exotic ceramic plates from all over the world, are at your disposal for stopping a whole new range of ammunition. Featuring plates from Ceradyne, BAE Systems, Leading Technology Composites, TenCate, Hesco, RMA, AR500, and more, SABRE both brings you the lion's share of real world body armor and the diverse range of ammunition you need to defeat it. Everything is designed to put realism first, with dozens of new ammo types at your disposal in all kinds of magazine sizes. With SABRE, you've got plates ranging from NIJ Level III all the way up to the most exotic LIBA, CeraFlex, and 12.7mm-rated plates. Ever wanted to survive multiple hits from 12.7x108mm B-32 API at 50 meters? We've got the real world body armor you need to do it, and so much more.

SABRE features a full mobility overhaul. You will move faster or slower depending on your loadout weight. Move quick and be able to run for a while at the expense of your ammo and armor, or load up and sacrifice the initiative for sheer firepower and armor. SABRE puts the twin powers of procurement and loadout design really in your hands. In other words, if you want to take the training wheels off of Arma, this is the mod you need to do it. To that end, SABRE also includes an extensive array of high explosive charges and a terminal ballistics modification that makes shot placement really count. Compatibility patches with mods like NIArms and Community Upgrade Pack are underway, so you'll be able to use the dozens of kinds of SABRE ammunition with your favorite weapons. Furthermore, SABRE also includes new movement options like lunges, jukes, and a combat roll. Additionally, SABRE also contains several new difficulties higher than Veteran... if you're feeling up for them. AI difficulty has been modified to make the AI more like a real challenger, especially considering the levels of armor you now have at your disposal.

For information on how to use SABRE systems, consult the in-game documentation in your map menu. God speed, and remember to drop a like if you like it!

To install SABRE Core you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

To get in touch with the development team, check out our Discord:

License / Disclaimer:
SABRE is open source. You are free to reupload it and modify it as you see fit for your own purposes, whatever they may be, as long as credit to the development team is given.

Armor fix and experimental implementation of some upcoming AAPM 3.0 features.
A massive amount of new plates.
Better energy transfer and backface deformation simulation.

Revert for functionality purposes.

Introduced pacing system. Go to Controls > Addons > SABRE Moves and configure your four pacing options. They'll allow you to do the following:
Pacing: Active - Your character will slow down as he loses stamina, increasing your ability to cover distance at the expense of speed.
Pacing: Disabled - The current system, and the default setting for pacing.
Pacing: Fast - More aggressive pacing that makes you move faster than Disabled, but at the cost of more stamina usage.
Pacing: Rush - Fast but faster.
Introduced damage reduction abilities for certain drugs. D IX and Cocaine both sport this new ability and more are on the way.
SABRE Movement now only applies for players and not AI, which significantly reduces lag.
Introduced WP 40mm grenades. Introduced Raytheon PIKE long-range 40mm munitions. Introduced a few new drugs.

New plate calculations.
Some SQF fixes.
A few new plates.
Rebalances for 1980s-1990s era US Military plates.
Some new & redone images for items.
Partial overhaul of Russian armor.
This is an emergency update sent out to correct an issue encountered by the 75th Ranger Regiment. Expect follow-up sometime soon.

Gave SABRE Drugs a key.

Fixed that bug Dentist reported, and updated the mod for RHS Compats.
Some new plates.
Some tweaks.
A lot of new drinks and drugs.
Peptides, as well as a fix of the recoil system. The drugs and drinks you use will affect your recoil.
There's a lot more nuance in the drinks and drugs now. Performance Enhancing Drugs will now dramatically affect your overall athletic performance.

Added Drugs. Use your ACE Medical menu for your head to use, and use Virtual Arsenal's '+' tab to access.
Added Drinks. Use your ACE Medical menu for your head to use, and use Virtual Arsenal's '+' tab to access.

New ammunition types. Some new armors.

Signed and keyed.

Fixed crank not found bug.

Added a range of eight real world tactical flashlights, all with realistic abilities.

Update for NIArms Compat. Added new Metal Piercing and Safety ammunition types.
Made some updates to some plate stats. Introduced the Hesco U210.

Release of SABRE. 12:00 AM, December 25th, 2018. Merry Christmas!

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