Author: Gunter Severloh
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.96
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Hermes Airlift Services is an easy to set up yet versatile and customizable Editor Module that enables heli airlift in a scenario.

Date: 2020-11-02 22:54

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Hermes Airlift Services Mod

Rydygier & Gunter Severloh

Hermes Airlift Services is an easy to set up yet versatile and customizable Editor Module that enables heli airlift in a scenario.
HAS also provides an accompanying background chat for communications specific to typical situations, that could break procedure.
The mod was created mostly for singleplayer, so multiplayer compatibility is not guaranteed.

  • Airlifting for units to a chosen destination or back to base.
  • Task initialized by radio call or by entering a helicopter at base.
  • Map click to choose a destination.
  • Helicopter will wait until all units are aboard and give the action to go to a new destination or RTB.
  • Variety of customization options through the userconfig.
  • Ability to cancel pending airlift.
  • The ability to point to an alternative LZ if landing is not possible at the chosen coordinates.
  • Daylight smoke, and night signals (flares) to mark the chosen extraction LZ.
  • Text radio chat communications or audio & text from the vanilla airlift support module.
  • Customizable call limits - set to -1 and have unlimited calls, set it to 4 and have only 4 call heli missions.
  • Possibility of adding new units and helis on the fly.
  • Logic handles special situations (not enough cargo space, heli destroyed/unable to fly etc.).
  • Optional auto embark*/disembark, *except for player controlled units and player lead groups.
  • On teamswitch all playable units defined in the userconfig will get the "call helicopter" action provided one being switched to is the player.
  • Fastroping.
  • Supply drop (slingload or paradrop)
  • destination choice action now appears, when heli is landed at pick up pos (no waiting for all to board, radio call) or when at least one of appointed units boards any appointed heli (first one boarded will be used).
  • Four new action to change flight ceiling on-the-fly.
  • rearranged the code (subfolder, all user config in the separate file for better clarity).
  • Module version - (configurable module in eden editor)
  • Added virtual arsenal option to supply drop

Installation / Usage:
To install Hermes Airlift Services Mod you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

For usage instructions and information of how to use the Hermes Airlift Services Script please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

Included files:

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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License / Disclaimer:
Do not change/edit, reupload without permission.

Changelog: (02-11-2020 - updated as it happens, displayed in news as it happens)
- Fixed - added code to prevent multiplied heli respawn bug, where when the heli respawned a copy of itself would spawn next to it.
- Added Contour Flight Mode (this enables the helicopter to fly close to the ground for those stealth insertion missions).

- Fix - Updated version number in the Has_fnc.sqf script to v1.95 in as it would show v1.94 ingame.

- Mod was resigned and new Bikey created, check the keys folder:
C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@Hermes Airlift Services Mod v1.94\keys
for the new bikey.

Fixed - Showing incorrect version number ingame.

Fixed error message "Script \RYD_HAS\HASInit.sqf not found"

Resigned the mod, as some players were getting errors of invalid signatures,
and Arma3 Launcher was not indicating it wasn't signed, now fixed!

- Fixed game freeze at respawn. 

- Fixed: units added via RYD_HAS_newUnit mid-game should get back HAS calls after respawn;
- Fixed: if CAS heli is destroyed during firing at the area, CAS task map markers should be deleted;
- Added new user variable (cannot be changed on-the-fly - attempt will be futile) - RYD_HAS_addJIPs = true;//if true, JIP-ing players will automatically get access to HAS calls;
- Provided global and "per unit" switches for selective enabling/disabling access to each type of support;
- Added new variable: RYD_HAS_RespawnHelis = 0;//if positive, destroyed/immobilized HAS helicopter will be after 60 seconds replaced by new one, placed, where destroyed was placed when was added to HAS. Old one will be deleted along with the crew (to avoid potentially unlimited objects accumulation). Value represents number of respawns. 0 - disabled, -1 - unlimited
- Optional feature that speeds up heli's availability after task completion: RYD_HAS_FastReady = false;//if true, helicopter will be ready for another task at the beginning of his RTB, not at the end of it.

Update v1.8
    Alternative CAS pattern: "SAD", based on vanilla SAD waypoint.
    Old pattern now is named "HOVER".
CAS pattern is chosen just after the call via mouse actions. 

Now when calling CAS support via 0-8, in your action menu you have 2 actions:
1 is Hover, which the heli will come to his attack position and shoot at the area you designate, complete his rounds and RTB.

2 is SAD, where the heli will arrive at his attack position and then proceed to fly around the area you designate and search and destroy anything it sees, after rounds are complete, it will RTB.

- Code reviewed and improved in regard of updating 0-8 helicopter lists and adding new helicopters and units mid game
(details in the manual, p. 11, "Additional advanced settings").
- Added systemChat message at init displaying in SP/on server running HAS version. 

- Added ability to customize flight path via shift+LMB and alt+LMB at chosen moments.
- added user config variable RYD_HAS_CruisingSpeed.
- added adaptative targeting for not guided weaponry during CAS to improve fire accuracy.
- fixed code error visible on screen at entering transport helicopter along with all further issues caused by this one.
- various fixes around CAS and other.

- CAS support with custom attack behavior, used may be appointed for HAS helicopters that are armed with any missiles or rockets;
- units from FFV positions should be fast roped properly on dedi;
- units with "canCall" false will no longer trigger transport task by entering the heli (such unit entering heli will be ignored);
- AI units after fast roping will now take some random positions few meters around to avoid next unit landing on previous unit's head etc.;
- also on dedi AIs should now after several seconds properly follow player TL's lead again;
- improved fast roping looks in sinfgleplayer (fast roped units should now go down rather along the ropes, than vertically to the main heli axis).

Defining units, helis and prepared boxes (if any) in the script version by default similar way, as in module: via syncing them with RYD_HAS_Base Game Logic (old way still possible too if proper variables defined by the user);
If set on server: unit1 setVariable ["RYD_HAS_canCall",false]; unit1 losts access to HAS calls. Use: unit1 setVariable ["RYD_HAS_canCall",true]; To give actions back. Can be switched back and forth any time;
From now on custom rope attachement points defined per each heli separatelly (helis have to be named in EDEN for that, see the manual or userConfig.sqf for details);
At destination choice two variants for choosing target location: touchdown, for traditional landing, and fast rope. Fast rope switch in userConfig removed;
Added RYD_HAS_SafetyMargin = 10; user config variable. Value set here is added to the heli size when calculated radius for flat and empty area search at landing zone (where fast rope or RTB not used). 10 is reasonable minimum. The higher - the safer LZ as for collisions with map objects. The lesser - bigger collision risk, but also bigger landing accuracy (closer to the spot chosen by user). If 0 - only heli diagonal model radius will be used as search radius. If set with negative number like -100, final search radius is 0, thus collision checks ignored, but landing most accurate;
Fixed a bug with no destination choice actions appearing, if task was triggered by the unit entering the chopper at base, while player unit wasn't the first in the array (with current, syncing method order in the array AFAIK is same, as order of unit placement in EDEN - first placed unit will be the first etc.);
Caller can now redirect the chopper during the transport if initially was't chosen "RTB" option via re-using destination choice actions;
Minor code improvements;
Manual updated accordingly.

Improved MP compatibility (client side players/dedicated server)
Optional usage of 0-8 supports menu instead of most of mouse actions, except for destination choice actions
0-8 variant includes manual choice of the heli to use for the call (always, via submenu);
Task prioritization for the helis in the mouse actions variant. Two variables: "RYD_HAS_TransportPriority" and "RYD_HAS_SupplyPriority". To determine, which heli should be used for given task in the first place, regardless of the distance, and also which heli shouldn't be used for given task at all. The higher value, the higher priority of usage, negative value excluded from the task completely. Application for example via heli's init field: this setVariable ["RYD_HAS_TransportPriority",1];//the heli gets priority 1 for troops transport (will be used before any heli of 0 priority)
Predefined boxes to be delivered before spawned boxes. Script version - boxes/objects added into: RYD_HAS_SupplyDrop_Prepared = [box1,box2];//holds optional prepared boxes as supply to be dropped, that will be used before default, spawned boxes. Module version - same method or synced with module objects of "ReammoBox_F" kind or any synced with module object tagged for example via init field: this setVariable ["RYD_HAS_ThisIsBox",true];
Alternative landing (experimental, will enforce autodisembark at destination, if not RTB or fast roping, faster descent). Variable: RYD_HAS_AlternativeLanding = true;//scripted solution instead of vanilla getin/getout landings at pickup and disembark spots;
Respawn compatibility (player should get back HAS actions after respawn)
RYD_HAS_IgnoreAbilityCheck = true;//if true, in mouse actions variant there will be no check, if heli is able to lift given container before accepting the task.
Workaround for not unreliable slingload unhook issue on dedi
Several code fixes.
New Video added to the OP --->
New PDF Manual created and added to the OP ---->

- Mod version release - (configurable module in eden editor)

added - fast roping
added - Supply Drop (slingload or paradrop)
added - action to change heli flight ceiling on-the-fly
changed - destination choice action now appears, when heli is landed at pick up pos (no waiting for all to board)
files - rearranged the code (subfolder, all user config in the separate file)


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