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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.025.11
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: WYSIWYG particle/lightemitter editor for Eden. Add and use particle and light emitters in your scenarios without any scripting.

Date: 2020-12-03 08:46

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Emitter 3Ditor


WYSIWYG particle/lightemitter editor for Eden.

Add and use particle and light emitters in your scenarios without any scripting.
Adds an emitter editor akin to the old "utility mission" editor that has floated around since the original OFP and the "Eden way" of adding emitters via object attributes.

Features include:
- add emitters (particle/light) and edit their parameters in Eden, in real time. WYSIWYG = will appear in scenario as it does in Eden
- Attach emitters to virtually anything (Eden entities, terrain objects, object selections)
- Save emitter parameter presets
- Export emitter parameters in sqf format like with the old "utility mission", sometimes you just want/need to script it
- Export emitter parameters as config class, greatly speed up creating your CfgCloudlets and CfgLights effects
- Includes "scenario function set" to deal with the emitters added with this tool in "mission runtime"
- Full set of Eden tutorials
- A 100+ page pdf manual with a lot of (hopefully) easy to understand examples on how to use the tool (located in modfolder -> docs)
- does NOT create dependencies, scenarios edited with this tool do NOT need this mod installed when played

To install Emitter 3Ditor you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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For anyone interested in translating, stringtables at GitHub:

License / Disclaimer:
You are not allowed to make any derivative works of this mod or it’s documentation in portions or as a whole.
You are not allowed to repackage or distribute a repackage of this mod or it’s documentation.

Changelog: (03-11-2020 - updated as it happens, displayed in news once every month)
- FIXED: Adding light emitter via object attributes broken
- FIXED: Attaching emitters would no longer be available after returning from preview

- FIXED: 'next' and 'prev' animation step buttons broken
- FIXED: adding new animation step broken
- FIXED: editing particle emissivecolor broke color sliders

- FIXED: possible scripting error showing up when attaching a light emitter with 'normal attach mode'
- FIXED: cloning light emitter after manually setting emitter parameters broken
- FIXED: loading light preset broken

- FIXED: ticking luminance box would set all color (with no luminance) alpha to full
- FIXED: Editing many of the particle classes could have unexpected results when animation step param array 'size' had less elements that some of the others (color, ecolor, animspeed)

- FIXED: Frame nr in Animation leaf could be left empty, causing scripting error shown and db data corruption
- FIXED: loading a scenario and then attempting to launch tool it would not launch
- FIXED: clicking on the eden edit area while data validation running would cause data corruption
- FIXED: setting last frame nr value manually would cause scripting error
- FIXED: 'luminance' state in Render Params was not stored correctly
- FIXED: 'pasting' params into an emitter and then later editing the emitter's params broken
- TWEAKED: the colors of the various things on GUI that were the odd tint of brownish-pinkish-whatever should now be the color stuff you have chosen in your profile (or game default)
- TWEAKED: importing params less frownyface about pasting other than just the wanted params into the export fields, so for example whole _emitter setParticleParams [<params>] etc can be pasted (only parameters are read)
- TWEAKED: mod size reduced by removing a lot of useless data

- KNOWN ISSUE: The first keyboard press after starting up the tool causes a freeze that lasts for a few seconds (length probably depends on PC specs). This will happen each time the tool has been "un-inited", like New Scenario etc..
- KNOWN ISSUE: for some reason all loading is taking forever now, Arma can go unresponsive for a uncomfortably long time. As in: starting the editor, loading a scenario, previewing scenario, returning from preview....
- NOTE: If you have some scenario saved with emitters using trigger syncs those will most likely fail to load successfully. This is because the trigger sync stuff was quite broken and fixing that I simply could not get it to succesfully load older trigger syncs.
- FIXED: When data validation enabled some array type data fields were getting stringed array as default value on erroneous data type entered = a sripting error and broken given data field (would stay red and recognize no input)
- FIXED: 'rand. direction intensity' and 'rand. direction period' data fields were not functioning
- FIXED: loading a scenario with emitters attached with 'selection attach' was broken
- FIXED: loading scenario with 'emitter attributes' was broken
- FIXED: using 'New Scenario' after loading a scenario with emitters would cause some tool eventhandlers to deactivate
- FIXED: default keybind for 'terrain object highlight' was falsely set as ALT + T instead of just T (thus colliding with an Eden Enhanced keybind)
- FIXED: in some situations returning from preview or loading a scenario into eden would end up having emitters emitting a wrong particle effect
- FIXED: in certain situations the 'leaf menu' would go unresponsive
- FIXED: after returning from preview 'global attach' could be broken
- FIXED: moving object with 'global attached' emitters or 'Attribute emitters' too far from it's initial position would break the attach when previewing (and spew out scripting errors)
- FIXED: while 'global attach' selected hovering cursor over and object and pressing ALT+A would perform 'normal attach' instead
- FIXED: Syncing to triggers was broken in myriads of ways
- FIXED: light class list in 'Attribute emitters' was empty unless tool was started first
- FIXED: 'Attribute' light emitters broken
- FIXED: tool would refuse to launch if applying 'Attribute emitters' to an entity first
- FIXED: Dragging entity with 'Attribute emitter' lights the emitter icons could be displaced from the entity
- FIXED: 'Attribute emitter' icon could be dragged away from the entity it was attached to
- FIXED: Deleting entity with 'Attribute emitters' was broken after preview
- FIXED: In certain situations deleting entity with 'Attribute emitters' was broken after loading a saved scenario
- FIXED: possible CTD when deleting entity with 'attribute emitters' after preview
- FIXED: cloning entity with more than one attribute emitter broken
- FIXED: 'attribute emitter' of cloned entity was not being deleted with the entity
- FIXED: Cloning attribute emitter after returning from preview was broken
- FIXED: Data validation in 'position' field was broken in myriad of ways
- FIXED: Data validation coef time was not affecting 'position' field
- FIXED: the default keybind for disabling emitters from emitting caused the camera to move
- FIXED: using the 'die out' timer and trigger sync for an emitter was broken
- FIXED: stored database was (still) storing inproper data (preventing loading a scenario)
- FIXED: Using grouped and single emitters attached to some things in the same scenario would break on returning from preview
- FIXED: saving and loading particle presets was broken
- FIXED: After preview emitter cloning keybind no longer worked
- FIXED: trigger sync would show a scripting error if the mouse cursor missed the trigger a bit
- FIXED: typing already existing name into rename dialog would wipe the text field clean
- FIXED: while trying to rename something it could fail with the "special characters not allowed" warning even no illegal char was used
- FIXED: renaming light emitters was broken
- FIXED: In certain situations tool could block all keyboard keys from working in Eden
- FIXED: in some cituations editing light params would result in scripting error shown
- FIXED: No "this emitter might kill" warning when attaching a possibly damage enducing emitter
- FIXED: Selection attaching fire to soldier entity could insta kill it in the editor
- FIXED: enable/disable state of emitters could get "confused" in certain situations
- FIXED: Terrain object highlight could become unresponsive
- FIXED: Loading a scenario with emitters attached to terrain objects broken
- FIXED: in light editor unchecking the ambient color checkbox did not change actual parameter back to normal color
- FIXED: exporting particle params to config was not exporting color
- TWEAKED: default trigger sync keybind changed from ALT+S to SHIFT+ALT+S because Eden Enhanced keybind
- TWEAKED: default attachmode select keybind changed to SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+A because previously used SHIFT+A could interfere with Eden control 'fast move left'
- TWEAKED: some minor miscellaneous tweaks here and there
- FIXED: Clearing a in-game error pop-up (like config entry error) was blocked by the 'coffee mug' progress thingy
- FIXED: Some buttons on the UI would trigger the 'Revert' button functionality
- FIXED: Some numeric inputs on the tool UI were not working (scripting error shown)

- FIXED: CTD when using 'global' or 'drag' attach
- FIXED: game update 1.96 broke loading scenario with emitters into Eden (because couple of ancient unnoticed bugs in this tool..)
- FIXED: several minor to medium attach related bugs occurring in certain situations
- FIXED: global attach was detached after return from preview
- FIXED: after returning to eden/loading a scenario into eden tool ui 'leaf menu' could get unresponsive
- FIXED: 'drag attach' could stop working after selecting 'new scenario' while tool running
- FIXED: selecting unsupported widgets could cause error message(s)
- FIXED: starting the game directly into the editor with scenario including emitters was broken
- FIXED: the 'coffee mug' progressbar could get stuck on full
- FIXED: after returning from preview some tool keybinds could stop working
- FIXED: attribute emitter database was not stored correctly
- FIXED: single trigger sync with several emitters could get broken when returning to eden
- FIXED: 'drag attach' was attaching to mouse position instead of the dragged emitter position
- FIXED: 'drag attached' emitters would lose their attach when returning to Eden, if synced with trigger
- FIXED: detaching/desyncing would fail with a scripting error
- FIXED: changing effect of a attached emitter would fail with a scripting error
- FIXED: 'Always start with 3DEN' and 'Always start hidden' preferences were not working as intended
- FIXED: Tool's init was called multiple times on Eden launch
- FIXED: When editing a keybind a modifier key could not be properly set by pressing the key on the kb
- FIXED: using the 'revert' button from the prefs leaf showed a wrong message box
- FIXED: removed a debug systemChat spamming
- FIXED: deleting emitters was partially broken by 1.94 game update
- TWEAKED: version number was not shown correctly

1.025.02 (the tool prefs still show 1.025.1..)
- FIXED: Moving emitters was broken by 1.94 game update
- FIXED: Grouping emitters to set was broken by 1.94 game update

- FIXED: Synchronizing 'attribute emitter' lightsource to a trigger was not functioning properly
- FIXED: Synchronizing any placed emitter (non-attribute emitter) with a trigger was not functioning at all
- FIXED: some leftover systemChat when using global attach

- ADDED: Emitters inserted with this tool now have basic interaction with Zeus; emitters can be moved, deleted and toggled on/off. Refer to the manual for detailed information, page 74.
IMPORTANT NOTE!!: Zeus scenarios made with version 1.024 have to be loaded into Eden and re-exported for these changes to take effect in that scenario. !!
- ADDED: custom keybinds setup for all possible tool kb shortcuts, refer to manual page 75
- ADDED: values on number and array data fields on the tool UI can now be adjusted with the mousewheel. Refer to the manual for more details, page 77
- ADDED: a warning prompt about High Particle Quality setting and possible 'DX11 ERROR BUFFER MAP FAILED' CTD

- FIXED: Entering any data in array fields could cause scripting error popups
- FIXED: Data validation on the particle editor 'position' field was broken
- FIXED: The 'Special' leaf would show diag_exe-only texts when selected while light emitter selected
- FIXED: several 'in-game' functions were returning wrong/faulty data
- FIXED: in some situations triggersync would fail causing a tool error note to display repeatedly if loading scenario with emitter/trigger syncs was attempted
- FIXED: deleting emitters would corrupt a database resulting in scenario that could not be loaded into Eden
- FIXED: deleting triggers did not clear all related databases properly
- FIXED: saving scenario (in Eden, ofc) would save all triggers in it into the emitter triggersync database even if none of them were synced to any emitter
- FIXED: setting up multiple "attribute emitters" for an object (not the default emitter set) would result in emitters created "untoggled" (name shown red, not emitting anything)
- FIXED: copy/pasting non-emitter object(s) and then selecting an emitter object would delete the selected emitter object (actual emitter would still stay emitting in Eden)
- FIXED: renaming emitters after loading a saved scenario into Eden caused a script error and thus was not functioning properly
- FIXED: Detaching an emitter did not reset 'position' to [0,0,0]
- FIXED: lightsource 'Attribute Emitters' would not show up in-game, and upon returning to Eden would also appear missing.
- FIXED: The tool 'Safe Mode' was not functioning as it should
- FIXED: changing emitter name and then changing it back would trigger the "name already taken" notification even thouugh name no longer taken
- FIXED: in some cases a "Error Type Number, expected Object,Group,Display (dialog),Control,Task,Location" could show up
- FIXED: synced trigger namespaces were not stored correctly
- FIXED: syncing triggers did not function after previewing
- FIXED: most non-numeric keys would trigger datavalidation on array data fields
- FIXED: after mission load using <backspace> to hide Eden UI (and thus tool UI) and then unhiding UI would result in ghostly non-working tool UI
-TWEAKED: A 'low level' chance on how the tool databases are stored into the mission.sqm. Is a possible source of trouble so please report anything that doesn't work (like loading up mission made with 1.024 into the editor)
-TWEAKED: The way emitters are handled on mission init in MP, should be way less "server melty". Proper JIP handling also added (was "horror" prior).
-TWEAKED: Scrolling pulldown menus with mouse wheel etc should no longer cause intermittent zooming of the Eden edit area
-TWEAKED: Manual/Eden Tutorials updated with info on the recent additions.

Version number stays the same, no code changes:
- included the HNEG_emed_scenario_functions, forgotten from initial release..
- a slight update on the pdf manual
Added stringtables at Github if someone wants to do translations:



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