Author: Fat_Lurch
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.28
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This mod enahnces the capabilities of ISR turrets on both vanilla and addon UAVs and Helicopters.

Date: 2020-08-27 06:31

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Turret Enhanced


This mod enahnces the capabilities of ISR turrets on both vanilla and addon UAVs and Helicopters.

This mod is in early development - more features will be added soon.

Handy reference: Ctrl+T locks and unlocks the turret. Remember this because the "slew" command locks the turret.

Current features:
-Support for any vehicle with a turret that inherits the base UAV or Helicopter class witrhin ARMA (This should be all UAVs & Helicopters including addon)
-Slew turret to position on map via click
-Add Black, Blue or Red numbered markers on the map where the turret is pointing
-A North marker in the turret view for situational awareness (UAV only right now, helicopters soon™)
-Server key included

To install Turret Enhanced you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Known issues:
-The North marker can sometimes be off by as much as about 10°. Cause unknown
-The North marker was flickering a bit. I've changed some bits around and would appreciated feedback from other folks to see if the changes worked.
-The turret on the USAF MQ-9 needs to be zoomed in one level before slewing will work
-No helicopter support for the North marker (yet)
-The map slew feature locks the RHS MH-6 turret

Future plans:
Planned Features:
-North SA marker for helicopters
-Slew to typed coordinates
-Shown map coordinates of where turret is pointing in turret view
-Locked/Unlocked status of turret

Features under consideration:
-Support for planes (e.g AC-130)
-More advanced markers
-Language support
-ACE-specific version

Marker and slewing interactions are accessed through the vanilla scroll menu when actively looking through the turret of a UAV or helicopter.

This addon started as an update to UAVs for my private gaming group. Along the way I relaized that a small handful of UAVs in ARMA are actually defined as helicopters (BIS?). My group has really been enjoying the additional functionality so I thought I'd share.

The intent of this mod is for it to work on ALL UAVs and Helicopters with a turret.

This mod might work as a server-only addon but I haven't tested this. If anyone tests this and finds out one way or another, please let me know.

I've tested this with the following assets so far:
-Vanilla AR-2 Darter
-Vanilla MQ-4A Greyhawk
-CUP MQ-9 Reaper
-USAF MQ-9 Reaper

This is in very early release so there will be issues. Please let me know on here and I'll address them when I get a chance. I'm specifially interested in assets this doesn't work on. If it's something I can fix, then I'll plan on getting it working. If the assets inherits its base class from something other than UAV or Helicopter then there may not be much I can do.

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to the following folks for help with this:
-Killzone Kid

And of course thanks to BIS for ARMA 3!

Changed - Increased UI draw rate in attempt to reduce "flicker" for some users
Changed - Re-ordered scroll actions

Added - Change Loiter Radius command for UAVs
Added - Blacklist for RHS UH-60s

Added - Support for vehicles with multiple turrets (e.g. Vanilla V-44, USAF AC-130U)
Added - Weapon Status Report for UAVs
Added - VMS (Vehicle Management System) Reset for UAVs
Changed - Prompts now use systemChat instead of hint commands
Changed - Change Altitude command visible for UAVs only now
Changed - General code cleanup & pruning

Added - GUI blacklist for the upcoming USAF AC-130U

Added - Simple blacklist for USAF_MQ9
Fixed - Bug preventing GUI from displaying
Fixed - Key issue (At least I hope...)

Added - Change altitude command

-Fixed issue where actions disappear above a certain airspeed
-Updated Signature

-Added turret Azimuth and Elevation indicators modeled after the MQ-9 display. Tested with the vanilla MQ-4A Greyhawk, AR-2 Darter, USAF MQ-9 and USAF RQ-4A.

-Updated Server Key

-Fixed issue where actions could be displayed twice if you're looking at another aircraft with a turret
-Moved grid display slightly left to align better with RHS A-10 targeting display

-Added 8 & 10 digit grids for the target indicator. The default is 6 digit. You can change the precision through the addon options.

-Added more options via CBA. Mission makers should be able to enable/disable features as they see fit

-Added configurable keybinds for adding markers
-Added compatibility with Firewill's FIR AWS assets

-Added settings dialog via CBA
-Added support for ACE helicopters and the USAF AC-130 Spectre

-Added 2D distance measurement feature

-Added support for Pilot Cameras. This ensures full compatability for the A-164 Wipeout

-Corrected a code issue where the turret would slew to incorrect positions in steep terrain

-Added support for inputting 8 and 10 digit grids

-Added Support for planes

-Added support for planes

Slew to Grid:
-Improved accuracy
-Now slews to center of grid
-Added proper cancel functionality via escape key
-Set focus to text input when dialog comes up for faster input
-Users can now commit their entry with the Enter key on the numpad for faster input
-Tooltip added to Enter key to remind users of keyboard inputs

-Added slew to typed coordinates feature. Initial implementation can be off by approx 100 meters - researching cause.

-Automatic turret unlocking once slewing is complete
-Initial Support for planes (single seaters won't see the marker and slew commands yet)

-Updated so that ONLY turret operators see the Slew and marker actions. Sadly, incompatible with CUP at the moment.

-Minor bugfix

-Removed bug where each subsequent map click after slewing the turret would result in another "uncommanded" slew operation

-Re-wrote main loop to prevent "infinate loading screen"

-Added target grid indicator
-Should now work on all helicopters
-Made North S.A. pointer more accurate
-Filtered out FFV "turrets". Gunners on littlebird benches should no longer see the North marker or interface.

-Support for helicopters
-Automatic unlocking of the turret 5 seconds after slewing

Initial Release

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