Author: diwako
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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.8.0
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: A HUD showing unit positions and names of units in your squad.

Date: 2020-10-12 09:58

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DUI - Squad Radar


A HUD showing unit positions and names of units in your squad

This clientside mod shows a compass in the bottom middle of you screen and a list of people in your current squad. It is made with SQF commands which recently have been added to Arma3 and where not available back in the days of Arma2 or early Arma3. Meaning no weird workarounds with map elements are needed anymore which just eat more frames.
A strong point of this UI is its customizability and its many features are all settable with CBA settings. This mod is made as an alternative to STHUD (not the full STUI suit).

Rescale the UI elements in CBA settings, text can be rescaled on its own as well!
Choose which font is used in the UI
Icon Styles
Choose which icon style should be used
Color Schemes
Choose the colors that are used throughout the UI
Compass Styles
Choose how your compass should look like
Choose which UI elements should be shown
Enable or disable the Compass or Namelist on the fly, both or individually. Keybind to hide the UI is included
Show the Bearing On Top Of The Compass
Or don’t, you choose. Also possible to show milradians!
Adjustable Compass Range
Change the range of the compass on the fly either via CBA settings or keybindings
Compass Refresh Rate
Do not want to update the compass every frame? Choose the refresh rate of it!
Compass Unit Occlusion
Time to get lost in the jungle again!
Namelist Text Size
Change the size of the text of the squad name list. Smaller means more units will fit into one column!
Buddy System
Designate someone in your squad as your buddy, they will get their own icon so you will always find each other
Show Unit Ranks
SQL just died? No problem, Keybind included to see who is the next in rank
Make your own styles
Color, icon and compass styles on mission level are supported!
Currently only English and German is supported. You can help expand this list!
ACE3 Support
Playing with ACE3? Support in terms of unit classes and ACE interactions have been added!

And more in the future!

To install DUI - Squad Radar you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use the DUI - Squad Radar please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

Q: What does DUI mean?
A: I leave that up to you ;)

Q: Possible more icon, color or compass styles in the future?
A: Sure, I am very open for suggestions and people helping to make some

Q: I found a bug, where do I report it?
A: Best post that to the GitHub page, makes things easier to organize

Q: Can you add this feature?
A: Head over to the GitHub page and request it in the issue tracker

Q: Hey, I am from server XYZ can we use this mod?
A: Sure! Keep the license in mind tho

Q: How do I use the buddy system?
A: Be in the same squad with your person of choice, look at them and be close to them. It will appear in your scroll wheel menu. If you use ACE3 however, you have to ACE interact with that person!

Q: The namelist cuts off early, cannot see the last name in a column, is this a bug?
A: I consider it not really being a bug as you can change the scaling for the namelist in CBA settings. Scale the text up or down under category "Namelist".

Q: Does the namelist support more than 12 people
A: Yup, not sure why you have that many people in one squad, but yeah. As long as your screen has width.

Q: Can I move the UI elements around?
A: Yes! Currently there is no user friendly way to do so, but you can use the debug console in the editor. So load up the editor, place down 2 units in a squad and start fiddling with the debug console.
Replace the *some number* part with a number, beginning with maybe 0.5. If you think you messed up you can reset it by giving the *some number* part the value simply called "nil" (without quotation marks). Execute this, and see where the UI elements are afterwards.
profileNamespace setVariable ["diwako_dui_compass_x", *some number*];
profileNamespace setVariable ["diwako_dui_compass_y", *some number*];
diwako_dui_setCompass = true;

profileNamespace setVariable ["diwako_dui_namelist_x", *some number*];
profileNamespace setVariable ["diwako_dui_namelist_y", *some number*];
diwako_dui_setNamelist = true;
Once you think it looks good, execute this to save your changes. (Note: some mods are saving profileNamespace already, but just to be sure)

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks for testing during development

License / Disclaimer:
Copyright 2019 diwako

This work (diwako_dui or the like) uses the license Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)
For your Steam accounts safety, do not reupload it to the workshop as it voilates Steam Subscriber Agreement section 6D.

Copyright 2019 diwako. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named diwako

Radar - Setting to choose when to show medic icon (#139)
Nametags - Added to DUI (#147)
Radar - Max opacity setting for icons on radar (#149)
Radar - Setting to control distance between radar and bearing control (#150)
Radar - Occlusion fade in time setting (#152)
Radar - ACRE God mode throws error (#146)
Radar - Reduced icon jitter on radar (#151)
General - Moved color setters to main component, fixes bug in indicators (#148)
Setting CBA setting "diwako_dui_radar_trackingColor" is now "diwako_dui_main_trackingColor"

Crew Radar functionality (larger compass range when in crew slot) (#127 by 10Dozen)
Allow all items which can be used as compass (#129)
Show icon when speaking with popular radio mods (#130)
Add ability to hide cardinal points even with compass item (#135)
Don't run GUI updates while game is paused or minimized (#125 by Fusselwurm)
Add missing Russian translations (#126 by 10Dozen)

- Show milradians twice when using compasses with milradians (#121)
- Compass was rendered below ACE goggles overlay (#120)
- Support for IFA compasses by veteran29 (#123)
- Added Custom icon support for indicators by synixebrett (#114)
- Japanese translations by classicarma (#118)

- ACE Pointing showing up on map and when compass was hidden due to being alone in the group #112
- PT-BR translations by aradiel #106
- Priority for custom unit specific icons is now above the buddy icon #107

- Several fixes to the buddy addon
- Do not add actions on HC and dedicated server
- Handle respawn of buddy
- Japanese translations (by classicarma)
- Support for unit specific icons (see:
- Added setting to group unit icons on the radar by vehicle
- Added support for ACE_finger (Pointing in ACE)

- Support for the compasses of the creator DLC "GM"
Note: The compasses bearing range go up to 6000 or 6400 as these are using mils!

- Sort namelist feature (Sort by name, rank, fireteam color or create your own sorting algorithm)
- "Remove Buddy" ACE self interaction, for when you know it won't work out
- Brazilian/Portuguese translations (by aradiel)
- Russian translations (by topden)
- Polish translations (by 3Mydlo3)
- Bearing numbers disappearing when looking straight north and not using leading zeroes
- Map open check removed as UI elements have this built in (namelist and compass appear immediately again after closing map now)
- Hide the vanilla squad bar option is hidden if ACE Interface is detected

- Feature for bearing number above compass showing leading zeros (Example: "007" instead of just "7")
- feature for indicators scaling based on distance
- feature for indicators scaling based on FoV zoom level
- Feature for indicators using ACE Nametags logic (requires ACE Nametags to be present and to be enabled!) (by 654wak654)
- Feature for indicators for toggling medic and sql icon inside the indicators on or off (by synixebrett)
- Custom color definitions, set any group color to what ever you want
- Feature to hide the namelist when being sql. For people preferring the vanilla squad bar
- Brazilian Portuguese translations (by aradiel)
- Japanese translations (by classicarma)
- Assign buddy option for ACE interaction moved to "Team Management" Node when available
- Buddy feature is now its own PBO, for groups that do not want to use this feature, they can safely delete the buddy pbo
- Internal detection for medic status enhanced (by dystopian)
- String table formatting and syntax errors

Hotfix addressing script errors
-Fixed script error happening in indicators
-Duplicate stringtable entry (aradiel)
-Polish translation (3Mydlo3)
-Portuguese translation (aradiel)

-New feature: Indicators (by Brett) (it is its own PBO, you can remove it or disable it in CBA settings if you do not wish to use this feature)
-Russian translations (topden)
-Player icon will now show up on compass if you are alone in a group and chose to hide it if there is tracked object showing up on the compass
-Rescaling of UI elements now enabled in A3 UI editor
-Default scaling value of Radar and Namelist is now dependent on screen height (bovine3dom)
-Updated Japanese translations (classicarma)

Spanish translations (Terry)
"Clones" Icon Style (kripto202)
Added Setting to hide UI from the get go
Added keybind to show/hide UI while holding down
Extended Support for popular Radio mods spectator variables
Brazilian Portuguese translations (Aradiel)

Mod is now converted to CBA Mod Template!
Namelist is completely rewritten so cutting of text should be way less of an issue
Selecting ACE3 color scheme now takes the colors from ace_nametags if that mod is present
Custom color for out of squad tracking
Occlusion fade speed is now configurable!

UI now renders above ACE Nightvision overlay
diwako_dui_special_track now showing correct icons for mod vehicles and turrets on compass

Namelist row calculation was wrong, most noticeable on normal or above Arma UI scaling
You may need to redo that, sorry
Out of squad tracking, introduction to missionNameSpace variable "diwako_dui_special_track"
Korean translations (Patch)
Namelist text scaling now allows 3 decimals instead of 2
Brazilian Portuguese translations tweaks/changes (aradiel)

Portuguese language support (aradiel)
Japanese language support (classicarma)

Missing slash in Polish translations
Removed not needed debug code
CBA Setting to either use the Layout Editor position or precalculated default position for UI elements

Occlusion now checks for visibility once per second, meaning the feature is not as fps intensive anymore
Selection numbers are now shown in the namelist when at least one unit is selected

Arma3 UI Layout editor support
Ability to hide squadbar

Namelist cutting off vertically on displays larger than 1080p in height
Custom Code call passing nil for compass control
New compasses:
Mil. Interface
Xeno (red,green,blue)
New colors:
Wargame colors
Color blind friendly colors
Cone based vision for occlusion feature
Ability to hide compass and/or player icon when alone in group
Customize range when distance warning color should be shown on compass
Japanese, French, Czech, Polish Translations

Bearing disappearing
Checkbox to keep UI showing while ACE interacting
Ability to set Compass opacity
Bearing can now be scaled up and down as needed
Outline control for namelist

Initial release

- Community Base addons A3

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- BI forums

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