Author: Cucumber
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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.91
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This project adds different types of reaction on getting hit as well as the ability to first aid and dragging the wounded. All this works for player and AI.

Date: 2021-01-25 22:21

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Project injury Reaction (PiR)


This project adds different types of reaction on getting hit as well as the ability to first aid and dragging the wounded. All this works for player and AI.

Types of reaction:
Knocking out weapon
Knocking down helmet
Loss of consciousness

Also possible transitions from one state to another.

Description of the mod's mechanics for the player:
If you are wounded and you can crawl, or if your weapon has been knocked out, then you need to move a certain distance, or wait a certain time to go to the next state.
Help can be provided only when the player is in a state of unconscious. This condition is the end for any injury.

All setting you can find in CBA mod menu:
Enable injuries for player
Turn on smoke
Knock off helmet from the head
Knock the weapon out of hand
Not compatible with ACE3 medical system. Not planning at all. 200% out of 100% guys.
Stop asking pls, thank you.
In case of using this mode with ACE3 you need to delete all medical .pbo files from ACE3.
Or you can turn off medicine for AI in ACE3, and turn off injuries for players in PiR.
Then injuries will work for AI.

To install Project injury Reaction (PiR) you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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Changelog: (30-12-2020 - only displayed in news once every three months)
Finally, we fixed the signature of the key)

Fixed loss of a Med kit when replacing it not in a backpack.(there is an automatic transfer to the backpack)
Added a random delay of up to 0.3 seconds for the concussion animation, for greater visual variability.

The transition after crawling has been slightly improved.

Keys fixed.

Mod settings are now available in the editor.
Fixed a config bug when adding first aid kits to inventory in the editor.

Fixed the position of the wounded icon.

Now the IFAK and MedKit are displayed correctly in the arsenal.
A MedKit can now only be placed in a backpack.
New icons for IFAK and MedKit.

Added icons above the wounded units, as well as their settings (disabled by default, to enable go to settings).
Reworked the player assistance system code.
When there are not enough people to heal, a special animation now plays.

Minor fixes.

Added options to disable instant death.

Hot fix.

Improved the intelligence of the AI medic.
Reworked the calculation of reactions to injuries.
Added options for reaction probability coefficients.

Improved the stability of collective healing in multiplayer.

Fixed error in Crawl.sqf.

Fixed error "isPlayer".

Cancellation on new running animations.
Fixed all the errors in the animation config related to "bad move".

Removed unnecessary files.
Changed the sprint animation with the weapon lowered.
Tactical running animation with weapon lowered has been changed.

Redone ragdoll.
Fixed dependency bug.

Redone ragdoll.

Adjusted ragdoll to minimize falling of hands into body.
Wounded AIs now have their radio disabled.

Now switceble medics can assist.

Now switceble units can assist.

Reworked healing code to avoid high ping issues in multiplayer.
Added one more option for the number of players required for healing.

Add action icons in crawl and panic stages.
Fixed error with icon after unit switching.
Made switchable units unavailable when they are injured.

Fixed error in crawl action.

Fixed not disappearing healing icon after loading a save game.
Added weapon sway when injured and its settings.

Fixed sinking into the ground if killed while providing assistance.
Hopefully the appearance of binoculars after being wounded has been fixed again.

Fixed loss of IFAK after respawn.
Fixed the appearance of binoculars after an injury.
A small correction of moans, now some moans will sound more often than others.

Hot fix for smooth transition from panic animations to death and ragdoll.

Added a smooth transition from panic animations to death and ragdoll.

The coefficient of critical injuries in the torso is slightly increased.
Fixed a bug of getting stuck in the animation when dragging a player during a high ping.

Fixed stuck after crawling for AI.
Reduced range for moans from 200 to 150 meters.

Reduced bounce of the wounded after being dragged by the player.
Removed AI slippage at the start of dragging the wounded.

A small fix for the animation config.
Now work idle animations for unarmed AI.
The problem with periodic stacking of AI when dragging a wounded, has been resolved.
Fixed bug when knocking out weapons without a magazine.
Fixed a problem when player was enter in a vehicle in a panic state.

A small fix for the animation config.

Fixed reaction to explosions. It was broken after the update of the ARMA.
Fixed AI getting stuck when dragging a wounded unit with pistol.
Added weapons swap to launcher (RPG) in prone position.

Added option for units with disabled damage.
Fixed animations in a creeping state.
Corrected idl animations.

Fixed multiple effect from hit and FPS drops after respawn.

Removed unnecessary forgotten files.

Added 18 animations to react to a near explosion.

Dead icon bug fixed.

A few minor fixes

The problem with deleting actions has been resolved.
The keys are fixed again.

The keys are fixed.

Added collective treatment feature
Added display status of unconscious blood loss
Added display status of unconscious treatment
Added new action icons
Added option for the dependence of blood loss on the severity of the wound
Added options for collective treatment
Added option to save treatment progress
Added option to disable IFAK mod
Increased available blood loss time in options
Increased available treatment time in options
Changed options menu
Menu translation fixed
The bloody screen in Zeus and the observer is disabled
Scream of the wounded range increased
A few minor fixes

Return to the previous version.

Wrong version.

Ragdoll slightly reworked.
Fixed the impossibility of treatment after the explosion of a grenade behind cover.
The keys are fixed.

Reworked wound disable features for player.

Fixed bleeding when injured by a grenade in water.

Fixed double action when injured by a grenade.

The first step of a big update.
Added 45 wound animations for the unit with the main weapon.
Fixed bleeding when a grenade explodes behind a wall.
Videos showing new features:

After injury, count of ammo in magazines does not change.

Fixed grenade loss of an underbarrel grenade launcher after a wound.
Little code optimization.

Minor bug fix in crawl reaction in multiplayer.

Minor fix in medic treatment animation.
Now the unit can not die from blood loss during treatment or drag by the player.

Fixed injured limbs.

Redesigned help AI behavior. (Now the nearest unit is helping the wounded)
Fixed AI medics.

Keys Updated.

Fixed AI medic help when bleeding is stopped.
Fixed loss of consciousness in the water.
Fixed compatibility with units from the Contact expansion.
Fixed compatibility with RHS last update.
Added compatibility to units with non-standard fraction. (for example, the mod now works with units in the arsenal)

New IFAK's system added for AI.
Added option for AI IFAK's new system.
Fixed translation to some menu items.
Redesigned bleeding damage system.
A few minor fixes.

Fixed sticking when dragging.
Fixed minor problems with animation in unconscious.

Hotfix new IFAK's system.
Added transparency adjustment for contusion effect.
Now the weapon is knocked out with attachments.

Added option for IFAK's new system.
Fixed the lack of treatment with re-hit.
Fixed re-launch of blood when unit in water or wehicle.
Added self-treatment of AI for non-gunshot injuries.

Fixed the possibility of contusion in water.
Fixed blood loss when AI is injured in water.
Fixed moans when injured in water.
Fixed moans for non-critical injury.

Fixed hand ragdoll.
Fixed the loss of equipment after the climb.
Fixed animation after player dragging player.
Fixed the impossibility of throwing grenades after treatment.
Fixed interruption of the effect of a contusion during multiple breaks.
Fixed bleeding with explosions.
Fixed the inability to injure an explosion after respawn.
Fixed uncondition animations.
Added the ability to treat any injuries.

Fixed rotation of AI in a bent state.
Fixed a problem with equipment after respawn.
Fixed animations on player self-healing without weapons.
Fixed a problem with jamming of AI after injury during treatment.
Fixed bugs when player dragging player.
Fixed bug when a player is injured during treatment.
Removed repair animation after exiting a player’s knocked out weapon status.
Removed the inclusion of animations after death with a knocked out weapon from the AI.
Reduced twitching animations after knocking out weapons from AI, if it remained in place.
Added changed ragdoll.
Added smooth transition of blood from the screen after treatment, or death.
Added sounds for the player when injured state.
Added contusion effect.

Hopefully fixed bug with weapon hanging in the air.
Added the ability to adjust the intensity of blood on the screen.
Now the blood disappears from the screen as soon as you are cured or died.

Fixed triggering player's blood effect when injured in transport.
Now you can die from blood loss in transport.
Now with disabled injuries for player you are available to aid AI.
Fixed bug with mags in weapon which was knocked out.
Fixed animation bug after knocking out weapon.
Now after switching unit, if previous still alive, but injured, then blood effect will disappear from screen.

Fixed weapon knockout animation.

Fixed bug with crawling after respawn.
Reduced bounces after some lethal hits.

Now mod works in an unscheduled environment, so it works faster.
Solved problem with legs injury.
Fixed bug with the repetition of moans.
Fixed jams while dragging for AI and player.
Removed delay for adding injuries to a unit after respawn.
Fixed treatment problem, when you disable mod for player.
Injuries now work fine if you change unit/fraction.

Fixed little bug with IFAKs.
Now you can disable mod for any fraction.
Added an option for disable mod for AI.

Added about 680 sounds of moans and screams (dont ask why).
Removed standard treatment system.
Now won't trigger in water.
Fixed minor animation issues.
Now commander after revive will returns to his post.
Added the ability to stop soldiers crawling or panicking.
Now you bandage the wounded with his IFAK. If he doesnt has one, then will be used your.
Added aid search radius setting for AI.
Added coefficient setting for crawling.
Added coefficient setting for panic.

Units now moves after treat wounded.
Fixed error with effects.
Fixed animation bug after dragging.
Improved animation after knocking out weapons for AI.

fixed little stuff

Added BloodLust compatibility.
Now should work normally on dedicated servers.
Added option to mod settings menu, now you can disable injuries for civilians and play with zombies, for example.

Fixed the error that occurs when weapon is out of ammo and you are wounded
(thanks @Grandpa Gropes-A-Lot for feedback).
Now disabling injuries for player in mod menu settings will work correctly.
Made first step to BloodLust compatibility.

key added

fixed some issue


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