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Date: 2009-06-28 17:20

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The objective of this function is, taking care of creation, placing, units side, quantity, composition, skill, behaviour, speed and how the enemy and friendly patrols act in a mission.
The idea is -using some parameters-, that the function takes care of setting the level of unpredictability and danger the players require.
FormPatrol takes advantage of the possibilities of the function "CreateAll.sqf", so it's only a kind of capsule for CreateAll plus an exploration mini-engine which removes the generated groups or place them back depending on the presence or not of the opposite side it was programmed for.
As CreateAll, FormPatrol can be set as we like, using some transferred parameters (exactly 12).

A common call for FormPatrol looks like this:
  _handler = [torre, resistance, East, [50, 800], [2, 5], "Man", [3, 7],
0.5, [“officerE”,“soldierE”,”soldierEB”], "aware", "normal", "R"]
spawn handFormPatrol;

Before checking each parameters lets see how the function works:
When we approach our objective (for example a radio tower), some enemy groups will be gener-
ated which will move around patrolling the area.
These groups are not part of the Tower defence units –created by the mission maker, but they
could with the right preparation-, but they will be an important obstacle in our advance. The
advantage of the procedure is that the mission is lighter to load initially, the variability is high
together with the editor, the unpredictability is high even for the mission maker, and it allows us to forget - as editors- of having to check the different actions taken by the attackers if they are repealed and retreat to regroup and enter the area again.
Obviously, the generated groups, will stay in the area for some time after the fight -waiting for a
counter-attack- and they will be removed by the function if there is an fight-inactivity status in the area.
When there is a contact with enemy units, a patrol takes care – as well of react to the threat- of
asking for help from near groups -if there is any-. These groups, will move to the coordinates of the
contact to help in the defence.
The typologies depends on the parameters passed to the function, but basically there are 2 main
    a) Constant number of created patrols. If some patrol is eliminated another one will be created in the area to keep the activity.
    b) Constant number of created patrols till certain objective is active (for example, destroy a radio tower).
To learn about each parameter check the PDF manual included in this download.

The original manual is in Spanish and you can find it in the Manual_FormPatrol.pdf file. I (Big) translated it and this translation can be found in the Manual_FormPatrol_English.pdf file.
As you can see i only translated the text so i suggest you to open both manuals and check both reads at the same time.
Please forgive any spelling mistakes as well as any translation errors which I'm sure exist.

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