Author: ofp_f3d3
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.3

Short description: This script give the players some time to react by displaying a small marker on the map to warn them of a possible round coming down on the area.

Date: 2019-03-26 20:36

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Artillery Radar Script


This is my first script to be released and i hope it won´t be the last.

This script was and idea that came to my mind when a wrong click on a zeus mission sent a full 82mm mortar barrage on a squad. Thats when i came with the idea, even if it isnt completly realistic, of creating something that would give the players some time to react by displaying a small marker on the map to warn them of a possible round coming down on the area.

I dont use any kind of eventhandlers, and if im not mistaken, all the calculations are run server-side. The script only works for mortars and artillery as easier to predict its target, where mlrs or rocket propelled rounds have an engine providing acceleration. (i might try to get them to work in the future)

Hope you enjoy it, and if suggestions or ideas come up, write them down and if its in my skill range, ill try my best to add them.

Installation / Usage:
For usage instructions and information of how to use the Artillery Radar Script please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

Future plans:
-Remove markers after hit.
-Predict launch position after X rounds fired from around the same area.

License / Disclaimer:
Released under APL-SA

Now that it works and has been tested extensively in Dedicated server environment, development will focus on making it more accesible to players giving them better warning signs other than markers. Although it was tested in a 16 people dedicated server with great results and players really happy because now they can actually fight against artillery strikes and not instantly die without warning.

-Radar_MrkR --- Its job is to mark the radar´s position and its range so its visible to everyone in the side of the radar.
-All markers (Radar pos and range, and prediction markers) now only show to the side the radar belong to,making
this viable for PVP. Markers are created globally but its alpha is set to 0 and only changed to 1 by remoteexec.
-Several optimizations marked by sarogahtyp

0.1 BETA
-Added a floor height for the radar to detect rounds to simulate blind-zones too close to the radar.(Default Radar Pos ASL + 500m)
-Added death range. This value shows the "sure range" of death around the round´s impact. If you are within this range, you die. THANKS sarogahtyp for showing me how to check class configs
-Added filter to only predict artillery rounds and avoid tank shells or anything else - AGAIN THANKS sarogahtyp for the code
-Markers are now stored and deleted in order when rounds impact
-As artillery radars cant locate a single round, the threshold for detection has been increased from "> 0" to "> 2".
-Position of the round was changed from getposATL to getposASL, this showed improved precision.
-The radius of the marker now corresponds with the indirectHitRange X 5
-Replaced Radar_Alcance for Radar_CalcImpact.sqf by sarogahtyp


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