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Version: 1.25

Date: 2019-12-18 23:17

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Arma Commander


Arma Commander is large scale strategy game mode, in which player controls Army Battalion, and captures bases on the island. Player can control his troops from the map, or assume their direct control on the battlefield. Mode can be played in Single Player or Coop against AI Battalion, or in Team vs. Team setup.

How to Play
- Launch Arma with the Mod
- Go to Multiplayer -> Server Browser -> Host Server
- Select one of the missions called Arma Commander (currently available on Malden only)
- (You can go to Params in lobby to change settings of the mission, select battalions fighting the battle, etc.)

Game Rules

- Request troops of your selection on the battlefield
- Attack enemy and empty bases on the map
- Each captured base will generate some income to buy reinforcements
- Battalion that owns more bases when time runs out is victorious

Game Mechanics

Requesting units
Request new groups by pressing REQUISITION button on map screen.
You have to place landing zone and then order new groups.
New groups are bought for requisition points. There is limit on how many groups of one type you can request, and there is also limit on simultaneously deployed groups.

Taking Control of Groups
You can assume direct control of your groups by clicking on 'Switch' button. You will switch into the leader of selected group (if it's not taken by another player), and fight on the batlefield yourself.
Only exception are artillery units, which has to be commanded remotely.

Every group can take losses, run out of ammunition or just lost its transport. For this there is resupply button on group tabs, which will refill the group into its original status. Ammmunition is refilled automatically and reinforcements are dropped on parachute.
Resupply is available when you have enough Requisition points and group is far enough from the fighting.

Capturing Bases
Capturing bases takes some time, so side of the opponent can react on the attack and try to deflect it. Capturing is indicated by symbol of the base on map going red, and percentage appearing next to base name. Progress of capturing is indicated by flag in the center of base going down, switching color and then going up. Only after attacker's flag gets on top of flag pole, and percentage of his color gets to 100% is base captured.

Single Player, Coop, TvT
Arma Commander can be played in single player, as the mode was originally created for. But multiplayer is limited numbers is also supported, both Coop and TvT.

Commanding and subordinates
When playing in multiple players on one side, only one can be commander. Other players can take control of groups, or all of them can cooperate in one group.

Player can select in lobby with which battalion he wants to fight with. Each battalion has composition of different group, providing different tactical options and different game experience.

Game Modes
There are two types of mission, differing in starting situation:
Frontline: Both Battalions start with equal resources and starting bases.
Invasion: Invading Battalion start with only one base, but large resources, while defeners have most bases on the map, and very limited resources.


How to setup new Arma Commander Missions
1. Place Arma Commander Game Mode module on map.
2. Place two teams of playable units on their starting locations, they will become the command group for both sides.
3. Place two Battalion modules near the teams, select their side and battalion type, and select their starting resources (100-200 is good for start).
4. Place bases around the map.
4.1. Bases must belong to correct side — If NATO and CSAT battalions are fighting each other, do not place a Base with INDEP owner. You can place EMPTY base instead.
4.2. Select appropriate amount of defending soldiers.
4.3. You can create positions for defenders: Place group of soldiers into positions they should guard, and synchronize leader with module of the Base.
5. Create description.ext in the mission folder with the line below: It will include all required lobby parameters and respawn + revive settings.
#include "\AC\"

More detailed tutorial can be found here:

To install Arma Commander you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Is Arma Commander compatible with other mods?
- Yes, you can create your own battalions and groups inside on any island, supporting any mod. Guide on how to do it is in discussions section.
Will there be some High Command functionality?
- High Command is hard to modify, so I don’t use it. But I want to improve the controls of the current interface (like chaining waypoints).
Are there more missions to play?
- Yes! There is dedicated channel for unofficial missions on the Discord server:
- And there is workshop collection with Arma Commander missions:
Will there be more assets - helicopters, airplanes, naval?
- Yes, I want to support them at some point.

BI forums thread:
Discord Server:
Trello Board:
Gitlab repository:
In-depth mission creation tutorials (thanks to FlaK):

Arma Commander Anniversary Patch:
- Tweaked: AI can create 3 simultaneous attacks instead of 2.
- Added: Ability to add height for Close Air Support.
- Fixed: Hovering and clicking on map uncovering hidden bases.
- Fixed: Timeout victory conditions not evaluated properly.
- Fixed: Default daytime is is in 5 AM in complete darkness — now it’s in 8.
- Fixed: Reinforce your group when it’s behind enemy lines: Now it’s
- Fixed: Faulty condition evaluation in some supports cases.

July Patch
- Added: 2 new missions: Rebellion, Altis mission with FIA and AAF fighting and Nadbor Pocket, last stand mission on Livonia.
- Added: 3 new battalions — Spetsnaz battalion, LDF battalion and NATO mechanized battalion has variant using woodland uniforms.
- Added: Ability to take command and relieve command at any time. This way player can give command to AI which will do all strategic moves and requisition instead of him.
- Added: New game type — last stand. Attacking side has to capture all bases, defending side has to hold at least one when time runs out.
- Tweaked: Reworked prices for the support. The timeout is generally much shorter (around 30 seconds), prices are lower.
- Added: Module for base position randomization: Now you can randomize position of the base. Just synchronize the position with base module, random placement will be selected at startup.
- Fixed: Hidden bases and their detection is working.
- Tweaked: All group counts are coherently counted from full to empty — 10/15 means 10 units available out of 14.
- Added: Custom game mode added, so you can create your own ending conditions in init of the mission.
- Tweaked: Default daytime was moved from 5 AM to 8 AM.
- Tweaked: Value of each base is correctly counted to the victory points.
- Added: Value of each base is shown after the base name. Base [3] is has value of 3 points. Bases without value visible are giving 1 point.
- Tweaked: Ordered vehicles should much less likely end up flipped or destroyed by some ground object.

Hotfixed: Groups are not reacting on orders.

Added: AA groups and transport helicopters to various battalions.
Added: Switch between units inside the group (action appears when you look at your teammates)
Added: Shared commanding between players (they share the same units and Requisition points. Must be turned on by MP lobby parameter)
Added: Gradual spawning of defenders
Fixed: Hovering over hidden enemy groups brings up their group info
Fixed: Debug mode forced on by last update.

Added: Experimental support for transport helicopters
Added: Air units type, these units have land order
Fixed: Units stop spawning at some point in the game
Fixed: Only surnames are shown on the client not complete names
Fixed: Group spawned on ground keep cease fire order
Fixed: Can order unlimited reinforcements in short time
Fixed: Occasional spam of notifications in MP.
Removed: Vehicles are no longer part of reinforcements
Tweaked: Forced stance of defenders in static positions

March update hotfix:
Fixed: Transported units are not shown in groupInfo
Changed: Rewritten reinforces algorithm
Added: Ability to disable music in params
Fixed: Spawning on ground will not resolve in cease fire order
Fixed: Debug mode forced on

Added: Better visualization and handling of transported units.
Added: Saving loadouts of custom groups added as option for the module.
Fixed: Resupply of custom groups.
Fixed: Groups not spawning after some point.
Fixed: Minus values in group cap.
Tweaked: Better simulation and visualization of resupply.
Tweaked: Visibility of empty vehicles on map.
Fixed: Transport unloading, and soldiers returning back into a vehicle.
Added: Skill and income multipliers for each side.

Fixed: Obsolete BIKEY.

Fixed: New BIKEY.

Fixed: Close Air Support not firing cannons and machineguns in various mods, like IFA3.

- Added: Close Air Support, available also as a module
- Added: Sounds for artillery support
- Changed: Preventing corpse from being deleted
- Added: Bases can give any amount of Requisition points
- Tweaked: Switching into different units should be much more reliable: Two players controlling one unit should not happen anymore.
- Tweak: Conditions for requesting new groups and supports.

February hotfix #1:
Fixed: Countdown for getting new resources.
Updated: Example missions including artillery modules.

February Update Changelog:
Added: Requesting supports from requisition bar
Added: Module for adding custom artillery to the battalion.
Removed: All artillery units from battalions (although functionality stays the same. You can use it in custom battalions, but only on your own risk).
Tweaked: Aligning buy table to battalion bar, so any amount of supports and groups can be requested.
Added: Basic income for battalion, which is not dependent on number of occupied bases.
Fixed: Not able to get into minus points, server checks points before spawning requested groups.
Fixed: Max unit count occupied by groups dead for a long time.
This update does NOT include Close Air support, but it's being worked upon.

- Changed: Aggregating all synchronized units to garrison, each type can be registered multiple times, not just once.
- Fixed: Deleting groups when they lack soldiers.
- Tweaked: Duration of the black screen on start.
- Fixed: Reinforcements queue script error.

- Added: New BIKEY

- Added: New BIKEY

January hotfix patch:
Fixed: AI was not attacking or defending their bases.
Fixed: Vehicles could not be damaged.
Added: New rules for dropzones: Dropzones can be around bases which are far enough from enemy activity (1km).
Changed: If deploying unit without selecting landing zone, a random LZ is selected automatically.
Fixed: Debug mode parameter is now working (when running in editor, you can switch it on by writing in console: DEBUG_MODE = true).

- Reworked Groups: They should be much more network friendly, and much less buggy
- Fixed: Reinforcement bugs
- Removed Ammo count from groups UI
- Tweaks to paradrop, units should not get into combat and spot units on larger distances

Fixed: Grammar and faction icon disappearing

- Added: Modules for creating custom groups and custom battalions.
- Added: Example missions with custom battalions, vanilla and RHS (RHSUSAF).
- Updated: Reworked Malden South mission with awesome compositions by C.J.
- Tweaked: Organization of files, keys have now their own folder.
- And various small fixes.

Added bikey

Bespreek deze update in de discussies-sectie.
Update: 20 dec 2018 om 19:10
- Added bikey

- Tweaked: Mission time can be up to 10 hours.
- Hotfixed: Player swiching to dead unit will not get stuck without a map.
- Fixed: New missions without description.ext will not end immediately
- Fixed: Removed waypoints of dead groups.

- Tweaked: Mission time can be up to 10 hours.
- Hotfixed: Player swiching to dead unit will not get stuck without a map.
- Fixed: New missions without description.ext will not end immediately
- Fixed: Removed waypoints of dead groups.

- Signed PBO
- Resupply will restore fuel of all group vehicles too.

Added proper tags.


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