Author: LSValmont
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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.8b

Short description: This is a long time requested script that allows mission makers to easily add multiplayer compatible patrol Dogs to their missions in Arma 3.

Date: 2020-05-08 11:35

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vDog Patrol and VDog Feral Multiplayer Scripts


vDog Scripts Main Features:
- Easily add patrolling ai Dogs to allied, enemy or even playable Arma 3 units.
- Easily add ai Feral Dogs who will roam a trigger area and viciously attack any unit who enters their territory.
- Lightweight Scripts. (Your FPSs will thank you!).
- Multiplayer Compatible!
- Fully featured script also comes with sound effects. (Dog barks, growls, cries etc).
- Since version 1.3 the scripts also support the ACE 3 damage model!
- Even thou the scripts were made with Multiplayer and Performance in mind they work in SINGLE PLAYER just as well.

- CBA Community Based addons. (Dependency removed in the latest version but CBA is still suggested just in case).
- Basic Mission Editing knowledge. (For adding the commands to the unit's init and/or the triggers).

Installation / Usage:
vDog Patrol Details:
vDog Patrol Script Usage:
Step 1: Download the vDog Patrol Demo Mission and open it with 7zip.
Step 2: Move the scripts and sounds folders found inside the vDogPatrolv12.VR folder to your mission folder.
Step 3: Update your mission's description.ext file to include the contents of the DEMO MISSION's description.ext file or just move the file if you don't have it.
Step 4:
In the Eden Editor, on a unit's Init field add:
null = [this,"Alsatian_Random_F",1] execVM "scripts\vDogPatrol.sqf";

So in this example:
this (is the name of the Unit who will get the patrol Dog companion).

Alsatian_Random_F is the kind of Dog that will be used. The script accepts two inputs right now: Alsatian_Random_F and Fin_random_F.

1 is the number of Dogs to be added under that unit's command. (Can be more than one but it is not suggested).

vDog Patrol Notes:
- The patrol dogs can be added to both Player Units or Ai Units but since this is a MP compatible light weight script there are no commands for the dogs. They still behave like well trained dogs even without manual commands.
- The dogs cannot kill enemy units but will disable them for a few seconds and will damage their legs. They are more like a detection tool rather than killing machines.

- The dogs initially bark and point (reveal) the closest enemy in a 100 meters radius. If the enemy unit gets closer than 75 meters the Dog will then start running towards its prey and then sprint. A vicious attack on the victim follows.

- The dog will only stop chasing selected targets if the enemy unit gets 120 mtrs away from the dog/dog owner or if its owner is dead. So if you want your dog to return to you or stop attacking get 120 mtrs away from the enemy.
- Patrol Dogs are not attacked by the Arma 3 Ai (Arma 3 engine limitation and the work arounds are not compatible with the lightweight nature of this script).

- Still I have set up the script in a way that if the Dog Owner dies then the dog stops being aggressive to compensate the Ai not attacking them. (The Ai will attack the owner and if they kill him then it is like they have killed the Dog).
- If a dog owner gets very far away from the Dog the Dog will teleport back to its owner only if he is not inside a vehicle. This also simulates the dog getting in the vehicle with its owner.

vDog Feral Details:
vDogFeral.sqf notes and differences with vDogPatrol.sqf:

- Feral dogs do not require a unit to work like the patrol Dogs, just a trigger created via Editor or via Script.

- The Area of the trigger will be the Feral Dogs's Territory.
- You can set the trigger activation to any condition. Set condition to True to spawn the feral dogs on mission start.
- The dogs initially bark and point (reveal) their closest target. If the target unit gets closer the Dogs will then start running towards their prey and then sprint. A vicious attack on the victim follows.

- Unlike the patrol Dogs (that are trained to disarm and attack the legs of their targets) these FERAL Dogs do full damage to their victims and will kill anyone with 6 to 8 bites.

vDogFeral.sqf Usage:
In the Eden Editor, on a trigger's on ACTIVATION field add:
null = [thisTrigger,3] execVM "scripts\vDogFeral.sqf";
So in this example:
3 is the number of Feral Dogs to be added inside the trigger area.

Unless there are bugs to fix, this script is considered FEATURE COMPLETE and will not be updated unless necessary.

I would like to thank everyone involved in the project from the testers to the Arma 3 gurus and kind souls who helped along the way.

Credits & Thanks:
This Script would not have been possible without the awesome and kind help of johnnyboy.

So for a fully featured retail quality Dog Script check out the JBOY Dog script. It is light years ahead of anything else in terms of features and the only reason this vDog Patrol Script exists is to bring MP compatibility, otherwise (for single player) all mission makers should go with JBOY Dog instead:

Adapted from the amazing work of Monovdd / Carlos A. Arango S. and Team Condor.

- Fixed two sound class errors: dogGrowl4 and dogGrowl. (Both reported by PatPgtips on so thank you PatPgtips!)
- Corrected the Feral Dogs's TRIGGER ACTIVATION code so that there are no "Type Array, expected String" errors. (Thank you @mrakos2005).
PS: Use this in the TRIGGER ACTIVATION now: null = [getPos thisTrigger,((triggerArea thisTrigger) select 0), "Fin_random_F", 3, true] execVM "vScripts\vDog\vDogFeral.sqf";
- Patrol Dogs are now faster to react and will reveal targets to their owner so they are far more dangerous and useful than before! (Fear the Patrol Dogs!)
- Dogs will now take slightly more punishment before going down.
- Additional small optimizations!

1) Dogs are now up to three times faster than before!
2) Dogs will now most definitively not go through walls and obstacles in most circumstances other than when getting unstuck from objects.
3) Now the movements of the Dogs, specially the Feral Dogs, are more erratic and evasive, making it harder to kill them.
4) Patrol Dogs' attack distance increased ~25% to accommodate for their faster speeds.
5) There is a small chance now for the Dogs, specially Feral Dogs, to make their targets drop some equipment when attacked!
6) Added yet another 4 more sounds to the Dogs including new calm dogs sounds for when no action is happening.
7) The performance impact of these new features is minimal in contrast to the added benefits.
8.) Fixed the "Heal Dog" not being removed from players once their dog was dead.
9) Prevented the spamming of dog sounds (Now each dog can only play one sound every 5 seconds).
10) Added a check so that Dogs don't move into water so easily.
11) Fixed Dog orders sound spam!

- Extensive rewrite of the whole script package to accommodate the massive new features introduced in version 1.7 while performing even better than before.
- Dog Ai UNITS were replaced effectively by AGENT units. The effect was an astoundingly increase of performance while loosing no functionally whatsoever. (Also freed up mission Groups in the process).
- Dogs can now be targeted and shot by REGULAR Ai UNITS (This is a first for Arma 3 in the Multiplayer Department!). It can be enabled or disabled when the scripts are EXEC. (Enabled by default)
- You can now command the Dogs to "ATTACK" or "STAY" via the Arma 3 RADIO MENU (0-0).
- The Dogs now feature new sounds and wounded textures courtesy of @johnnyboy!
- You can now heal your wounded Dog Patrol Dogs! (Only one dog per player, but you can add more than one to Ai units in your squad for example)
- Charging dogs can now cause nearby Enemy Ai units to flee in terror!
- Updated the DEMO mission to showcase the new features better.
- Fixed all the bugs and issues reported by the community.

- Updated the Dogs attack distance so they don't reach enemies who are high above the ground.
- Updated and Improved the Demo Mission with both Patrol Dogs and Feral Dogs present and examples with Patrol Dogs on Player, on Ai enemy and Feral Dogs Guarding a tower as their territory by using a trigger.
- Updated Readme Files to show the latest changes.

1.3 "FERAL DOGS" RELEASED! (04/23/19)
- Now includes a brand new script that adds Multiplayer Compatible FERAL DOGS! to your missions by using just a trigger! (MORE DETAILS BELOW).
These wild dogs roam their territory (trigger Area) in packs and viciously attack anyone who invades their space but will not pursue targets outside of this area.
- Both the vDog Patrol and vDog Feral have a new damage model. Now the damage adds up the more the dogs bite a particular target. (Previously the damage was flat meaning that the dogs could never kill their target).
- Added ACE 3 support! (The script will now defect if you are using ACE 3 and apply the correct damage commands that works with ACE MEDICAL).
- Final tweaks to sounds volume/distance ratios. (Now dogs can be heard over longer distances).

- Removed the CBA Community Based addons dependency! (Still recommended thou just in case!)
- Improved sounds volume/distance ratios. (Now uses remoteExec Say3d).
- (Optimization) The script now stops if the Owner of the Dog does not have simulations enabled (enableSimulation false;). This makes the script much lighter when combined with good dynamic simulation values.
- The dogs will now disengage targets if they get 120 mtrs away from them or their owners. (Previously the dogs would never stop chasing a target once it was selected and until it was dead.)
- The script has a random delay so it does not get loaded while all the other mission scripts are being loaded. (Dogs take up to a minute to be fully loaded into your mission session to prevent potential stutters.)

- Community Base addons A3

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