Author: Curious
Author Website:

Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.1.6
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This mod has been created to give us an authentic feeling while conducting our operations, as well as establish a lore behind the group and it's core values. The gear used are retextures of base-game assets, as well as retextures of some of the mods.

Date: 2020-06-18 09:53

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Viking PMC Official Mod


The Viking PMC Mod is a clan-created game overhaul to fit the PMC lifestyle within arma communities. Originally created by Curious, a development team has been established to create exciting new assets for the community.

It aims to bridge the gap for PMC-style communities by providing relevent assets that are used by companies in the real world.

It features various improvements to the game, such as UI improvements, customized reskins of gear + vehicles as well as custom assets, quality of life improvements and more!

All of the gear with a logo on will have a counter-part to allow public users the enjoyment of our content.
You will notice that some of the retextured gear is not from the vanilla game. This is so other communities can use the modded retextures as well. You can take a look at the Viking PMC Extensions Mod for an example on how to add the gear. (Or use that mod itself and ignore the dependency warnings.)

This mod includes a lot for the group. As the group suggests things, we attempt to make them happen!

You can join our development discord[] to discuss the mod and it's features with developers and other community members.

You can view the GITHUB (WIP) page to see how frameworks can be used and read information about the mod.

The follwing list is generalized:
Custom music and sounds
Custom retextures of uniforms, vests, backpacks, headgear, facewear, items and more
Custom retextures of vehicles
Unique, Custom 3D models incl. Weapons, vehicles and gear
Custom Frameworks
Various game Mechanics (adjust the game to our liking)
Custom factions (both friendly and hostile) - Requires Viking PMC Mod Extensions

To install Viking PMC Official Mod you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Due to an error on my part (Curious) a temporary mod has been setup to allow the settings for frameworks to work without the extensions mod. This will be updated in V1.1.5, see the mod here:

Credits & Thanks:
Before retextures are made, we have contacted the authors and requested permission. If you as a mod creator have noted something that you did not consent to, please message myself or another contributor so we can remove it ASAP.

VSM All In One Collection - Allowed retexture rights for their custom gear.
EC 365/565 and Tahoe 08 created by Danz and Skan.
Femal3 - High quality female player models and faces for our use.
Some gear has been used in complience with the licencing information found on the Multi-Play Uniforms workshop page as of 17/02/2019.
ALIAScartoons for his amazing EMP[] and Monsoon[] scripts that we have turned into functions.
AK5C, VSS, MP5 provided by Luca

Added: New caps with flags.
Added: Mountain suits in various camos.
Added: New function group, unit data (grab and set).
Fixed: Quick Join not working from main menu (uses CBA settings now).
Fixed: Audio not playing on EC 365s
Fixed: Various backend errors to bring them up to current standards.
Fixed: errors on FAST helmet retextures
Fixed: Bad texture on PMC uniform
Fixed: Naming of some uniforms
Fixed: Allignment on mission template tool
Fixed: Dynamic filtering system on template tool
Fixed: squad placement on template tool
Fixed: Functionary Suits being added without p3ds, still WIP until next major update.
Overhauled: Mission template tool, will work on making it more dynamic for any user to setup settings rather than predefined.
Added Suits
Added Caps textures.
More coming once the template tool is complete.
Removed EC-135 unit data.
Removed EC135 due to IP Violation.
Hotfix 2: Fixed a config error
Hotfix: Fixed AK5C not showing
Added: New Weapon: AK5C
Fixed: Various bugs
This is a bridge update between 1.1.4 and 1.1.5. More will be inside of 1.1.5 but this update addresses some bugs also.
Fixed: Template tool buttons
Will update soon.

Added: Post Process Effects
Added: M9X RVMATs
Added: New Identities
Added: Fleece Uniforms
Added: Uniform Diagonal pack
Added: New cap based on offical, patch and backwards version too.
Added: VKN_fnc_selectRandomIndex function
Updated: Amir Indentity with tattoo's
Updated: Uniform Loki
Fixed: Mission Template Tool with prep for next release
Hotfix: Forgot the key, sorry!
Hotfix: Fixed the template tool taking a string instead of an integer
hotfix: removed ragdolling settings
Hotfix: ACE Medical Ragdolling
Hot Fix #1
Updated: Eurocopter 135 camos not having non-logo variant.

Added: Standardized images for use.
Added: Random Arsenal Loadout Generator.
Fixed: Mission Template Tool.
Fixed: Panic Button displaying to all users.
Updated: Randomization system on image selections

Will update at a later point

Added: ACE PBO Check to fn_Ragdoll_init to avoid error when ACE wasn't present
Added: Support for ACE Self Interactions for in-house functions/features (more to follow)
Added: Eurocopter 135/635 variants with Viking Black, Loki, Viking OD and Viking Sand skins with medical counterparts
Added: Ability to select textures via vehicle customization in the arsenal
Added: ACE FRIES system to Eurocopters
Added: Discord Rich Presence support for various events in-game - requires to work
Updated: File layout for VKN_Objects
Updated: VKN_Objects cfgPatches to properly add the vehicles as units
Updated: IFV Warrior and Y32E Cihuai Aircraft Units to display in Zeus/3DEN Editor
Fixed: Lightbar on the light variant of the Tahoe

Added: Sirens to Security Tahoe
Fixed: Missing image for fn_missionTemplateTool
Fixed: fn_missionTemplateTool with an unscheduled sleep being used
Fixed: Legion Forest cap
Fixed: Author of legion forest camo set
Fixed: APC Warrior desert missing skin.
Updated: fn_displayPlayerInfoAbove - hid until Version 1.1.1

Added: New PBO VKN_Identities incl. new faces for players to use.
Added: Retextured FV 510 Warrior (Woodland) and FV 510 Warrior (Desert) retextured variants for BLUFOR.
Added: New images for factions within Viking, ODIN, THOR, LOKI, VIS and BALDER -
Updated: Legion Forest Collection.
Updated: fn_respawnPositionSafeZone to enable all factions. Also rewrote for optimisation.
Updated: Roles and Ranks custom configs.
Updated: LOKI Cap

There are a number of errors that were found in the latest version. A version rollback to Version 1.0.7 was decided upon until these fixes could be explained and fixed. Sorry for any problems caused.

Hotfix 1: Removed error-causing PBOs.

Fixed: Mission Template Tool
Fixed: fn_cameraSetup error
Added: Custom sounds for a mission, available for all users. As follows:

Added: fn_respawnPositionSafeZone - adds safe zone on respawn positions for BLUFOR - Function will support all factions in Version 1.0.9

Added: Wooden Crate
Added: LOKI Uniforms (Woodland and Tan)
Added: LOKI Vests (Woodland and Tan)
Fixed: Missing Backpacks on gear

Added: Cazador Uniform
Added: Cazador Headgear
Added: Cazador Vest
Added: Helmets into NV slot for use with diving gear
Added: DDPM Shirt and Sweater
Added: G36 Support (Not useable but configs are all setup - model still needs work but is useable)
Fixed: Vest textures missing.
Fixed: Pictures on some assets were missing (Gear type)
Fixed: Civilian Shirts not displaying correct textures.
Fixed: An error in the loading screen displaying message to user.
Fixed: Text in function: VKN_fnc_missionTemplateTool
Fixed: Texture glitch on VKN_Vest_V_HarnessO_drk_F - Fixed after BI fixed in A3 Version 1.92
Updated: Halt Framework
Updated: Splash screen information

Fixed an error where the "VKN_Gear.bisign" was signed with the extensions key.

Fixed base classing on configs.
Fixed an issue with stealth gear showing up in thermals.
Fixed medical backpacks missing textures.
Fixed naming to show gear is order with it's category.
Fixed M98 camo brightness/saturation.
Fixed DPM Black classname.
Added new base classes.
Added logos to gear.
Added new image on gear picture.
Added police gear (Uniforms, vest and riot helmet) - faction
Added Loki Uniforms and vest
Added Lynx winter camo type.

Added Function VKN_fnc_redirectClientToServer
Added Function VKN_fnc_cameraSetup
Added VKN_Missions.pbo - Hols information for missions. (Soon to be moved to ext. mod).

Hot Fix No.2

Fixed VIS special forces helmet.

Hot Fix No.1

Fixed VIS Special Forces Helmet NV and Thermal.
Fixed Carrier Rig Models.
Fixed Icons on gear.
Fixed config entries for headgear.
Fixed medical vest texture.

Fixed naming of gear in "VKN_Gear".

Added Texture for Black TFR backpacks.
Added Black backpack (Carryall, assault pack and kitbag).
Added OD and OCP medical bags.
Added two snow camos (Rolled + unrolled)
Added Viking VIS Special Forces suit.
Added Black Stealth Uniform (Rolled + Unrolled)
Added Black T-Shirt.
Added VSM vest retextures, black and medical versions of existing backpacks.
Added VSM OPS Core 2 Black Helmets.
Added medical helmets (Black and snow)
Added MTP and Snow Helmets.
Added Xian black texture varients.

Fixed EMP functions.
Added support (WIP) for the main menu to support other servers besides the VKN for quick joins. Will work fully next update.
Added Loki specfic gear.
Added 2 more medical backpacks (OCP and OD).
Added DPM + Black combat uniform.
Updated an error in the fox coats.
Fixed Legion forest textures being too bright (stage 1 of 2).
Adjusted some names of uniforms.
Added more languages into the supported strings.
Fixed an error that caused the main menu to not load the custom version.
Remove 2 depricated modules.
Started porting over VIS specific gear (Faction gear).

Fixed a generic error with the BISIGN and key(s).

Fixed broken texture (Again, I promise this time).
Fixed foxcoat RVMATs not finding their textures.
Merged TRYK gear to it's folder to abide by it's workshop information. (Part 1 of 2)
Started to setup languages to allow non-reading users the ability to still use our content it it's fullest.

Fixed some other script/bug errors that there isn't much point in adding.

- Fixed some broken textures.
- Reworked config files and organised "VKN_Gear".
- Added Halt framework to enable users to halt registered civilians.
- Fixed CBA settings not showing.
- Added/fixed lots of back-end files for performance of configs.
- Added custom sounds to the euro copter.

Hotfix no.2:
Fixed material error on objects.
Fixed an issue with ragdolling not picking a proper animation/not looping as well as not not detecting itself already running.

Hotfix no.1:
Fixed missing gear from arsenal
Removed animations from Ragdoll. Unit will roll and stabilize instead.
Added a black variant to the Eurocopter AS365/565."

Removed files not currently required.
Added ragdolling to ACE players if the mod is present.
Fixed various bugs inside of functions.
Removed the mission template tool until: is fixed.
Removed alive as a dependancy in "VKN_Misc".
Added New backpacks (black and black + medical) WIP.
Added more headgear and uniforms.
Adjusted all the logos.
Fixed an error in "cfgOrbat.hpp" which was causing the last section to not be read.
Added Zeus and 3DEN compositions. WIP
Added more/updated exsisting loading screen images.
Added AS 365 and AS 565 helicopters + textures.
Added Chevrolet Tahoe types.
Added support (but not implimented due to time constraints) sound files for the AS helicopter series.

Fixed more bugs than you would imagine, but not going to list them here.

Added new retextured gear.
Started creating custom objects. (Ammo Crate and G36).

Updated key.

Various updates on top of the dedicated server error.
Moved VKN_Characters to a new mod to remove dependancies.

Fixed an issue where some frameworks would cause an infinite loading screen at mission start.
Reworked some preInits.


Added new presentation features around the mod and general fix ups before release.

Added EMP Framework
Added monsoon Framework
Fixed the strategic map to allow for scrolling + function error
Added custom loading screens to replace terrains if the mission maker decides to not use a custom one
Added custom map markers for each viking element
Added custom sounds for the new effect frameworks
Added custom gear for factions - work in progress
Fixed up some faction errors with images

Added showcase images to the workshop page

Fixed factions
Added Factions
Fixed functions

Fixed groups in the factions

Added support for the strategic map framework
Added icon tracking on units
Added support for settings framework - Coming next update
Fixed a small issue with the loading screen
Added new factions: The Cartel | The Order
Added new images for factions

Prep for inital release.
Adjustments to UI
New Fonts
New Loading Screens
New Factions
New Gear Configs

Added new factions and features!

Initial Commit.

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