Author: Gunter Severloh
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Requirements: Kunduz Afghanistan - Fixed Doors, Iraqi-Syrian Conflict, RHS,Hermes Airlift Services Mod v1.7
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Version: 1.16

Date: 2020-10-11 12:20

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The ISIL Foothold

Gunter Severloh

Hello Arma community!
Here is a mission i built that i have been working on and off since November 2018:

After a recent reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan, intel reports ISIL forces have established a foothold in the Southwestern area of Kunduz using local Afghan compounds as their place of operations.
Your mission is to locate and clear these compounds, eliminate the anti air threat, destroy their ammo, fuel, Radio, and eliminate the ISIS commander leading the occupation.

Here is a video of my play through and i beat the mission using only 2 of the 4 players:

(Video doesn't represent the latest build.)


  • Mission Requires RHS, Iraqi-Syrian Conflict, & HAS Mod
  • Playable in Single player or Multiplayer.
  • 4 Player Coop with Revive.
  • 1 player teamswitch
  • No respawn
Friendly Assets
  • 3 dune buggies seats 4 - (no respawn).
  • 2 Humvee's with .50cal - (no respawn).
  • 1 Ammo, fuel, & repair truck - (no respawn).
  • 4 Artillery (Mortar M252) Fire missions.
  • 4 calls for a helicopter to: CAS, Drop supplies, Transport, & pickup.
  • Access to Virtual Arsenal at Base to change uniform, weapons, loadout & gear.
Map, Time, & Weather
  • Mission set on Kunduz, Afghanistan Map - (Fixed Doors version so you can open the doors).
  • Over 50 placed buildings, walls, objects, sandbags, and wrecks in and around the compound areas.
  • Month: August - Time: 17:30hrs (5:30pm).
  • Soldiers randomly garrisoned in and around the compounds - (Each play through is not the same!)
  • Roaming infantry patrols will seek you out if you make your presence known.
  • Roaming .50cal Mounted truck.
  • Random starting positions of several of the objectives.
  • If you play solo you have only 4 lives, die with all 4 and mission ends. How long can you survive?
  • Full Briefing with Tasks.
  • Briefing, Supports, and Tasks will transfer to the player on team-switch.
  • 12 objectives with tasks, with no gui task indicators on the map.
  • Use your map to locate objectives based on their description for the task.
  • Your enemy is the ISIL forces, also known as ISIS.
  • Player's faction is Blufor (RHS - USA SOCOM / MARSOC).
  • Start at a large FOB and drive, or fly to the AO.
Advice & Tips
  • Take your time, patience and recon are crucial in surviving in this mission.
  • Theres no wrong way to approach or do an objective, but rushing and carelessness will cost you.
  • Check the rooftops, windows, doorways, and your corners before you make your move.
  • Shooting your weapon will draw their attention, so shoot and scoot!
  • You only have 4 lives if your playing solo, when all 4 are gone its mission over!
  • Use your support Assets, they are limited but can maximize your efforts if used at the right time.
  • Playing Coop means working together, covering the other guy, reviving/giving aid/ammo.
  • Use the terrain to your advantage, as a long range fighter many threats can be eliminated from afar.
  • Move to cover from cover, and look for the next position of cover for your next move.
  • Do your recon, assess the terrain, plan your move, look at where there is cover.
  • When in doubt throw a grenade.
  • When the enemy has an idea or is zeroed in on your position, MOVE!
  • Move diagonally, laterally, not straight.
  • Arc your doors and openings, doing so will allow you to peer the inside flanks.
  • Close your flanks - after moving into a house with doors, close the door behind you.
  • Dont try to outshoot an enemy that already has a bead on you, move!
  • Use natural, and other light sources to illuminate the enemy surroundings.
  • Dont crest hills and become a silhouette, always crawl and use rocks or bushes to conceal your shape.
  • When searching for enemy, look for silhouettes, or shapes that dont belong, dark on sand stands out.

- You can find the mission under Singleplayer Scenarios on the main menu.
- You can also find it under MP Lan.

Vanilla Arma3 version Steam Workshop

ACE version Steam Workshop

Respawn version Steam Workshop

I want to thank the following members of the Arma community
for their work/help with my mission:
  • Rydygier - for his insights in using !ALive code, sorting out bugs with mission end.
  • Larrow - for his code on Multiple support requesters.
  • pierremgi - for his help with code for transferring the briefing on teamswitch.
  • Kronzky - for his Urban Patrol Script.
  • Sushi - for his [TOG] GARRISON SCRIPT.
  • Simmax - for his Kunduz FOB Template which i upgraded.
  • Rydygier & myself - for HAS - Hermes Airlift Services Mod.
  • Red Hammer Studios - for their RHS Mod.
  • AccuracyThruVolume - for his fantastic Iraqi-Syrian Conflict Mod.
  • James2464 - for his original map Kunduz Afghanistan
  • Hortzy - for his help with parameters
  • Psychobastard - A3 Wounding System - AIS Revive script

- All enemy FIA soldier now wear desert themed uniform, helmet/hat, face wear, vest, backpack, and in some instances weapons.
- Some enemy soldiers now use different weapons based on their role, as an example FIA snipers now use the MK18 ABR sniper rifles.
- Various sandbag walls were adjusted on some of the buildings that had them, as they were floating in some spots.
- A few enemy soldiers had their gear adjusted for better sake of variety in look.
- Added some new houses to compounds 3 and 4.
- Added a gate to compound 4.
- Adjusted the waypoint of the reinforcements, as sometimes one of the vehicles would get stuck on a building enroute.
- Swapped the Mora for a Pickup truck with hmg for the reinforcements.
- Updated briefing.

- Removed AIS Revive system as it was preventing the player from interacting with anything after teamswitch when playing solo.
- Added couple walls at the base.
- Added ammo for a couple launchers at the Outpost objective as the launchers didn't have any.
- Added a few benches in some areas.

- Updated briefing.
- Removed all weapons and gear on player and playable units because player will
get weapons and gear from virtual arsenal anyways, plus adds a little immersion
by starting with nothing.
- Replaced the vanilla revive with A3 Wounding System - AIS Revive script,
with this you can stabilize and give first aid to a fallen player,
friendly AI will also do the same for you.

- Updated the briefing.
- Added static 50cal to the bunker of the front of the base.
- Added 2 more playable units for a total of 6.
- Changed CQB Operators to Operators.
- Adjusted various walls for level and position at the base.
- Added misc items in various areas for ambiance.

- Updated and fixed the weather Parameters as they would prevent the mission
from running on a dedicated or a GSP server, only MP lan seemed to work
now mission should work on all servers!

- Adjusted positions of all MG nest perimeter guns as they were falling over and completing their tasks.
- Removed a couple of objects found inside the house on the East Mg Perimeter.

- Updated HAS module allowing the helis to respawn if they were destroyed.
- Added a code to the recruit AI script allowing the AI to work with HAS.
- Moved the medic at base out of the Medical Cargo house and to the front of it.
- Reworded the map marker for the Fuel tank & trucks objective.
- Replaced the Qalat tower with a 2 story house.
- Found and removed 2 objects buried inside a house in compound 1.
- Added 4 new MG nest Perimeter objectives which are optional.
- Updated the Launcher objective ammo box adding missing launchers for the ammo in the box.

- Added 1 soldier to the Outpost objective group.
- Added a medic to the base so if your injured and within 10 meters of him, he will move from his position and fully heal you and then return back to his position.
- Added Parameter Mg(Kord) nests to the ISIL side, so be careful when your approach the area!
- Added a new compound objective, named Compound 5 see the task for more information.
- Added a new another objective - Mg Nests - See the task for more information.
- Added a new parameter in the MP lobby where you can turn on or off stamina and fatigue,
its on by default.
- Added a few wrecks.
- Adjusted a setting for HAS.
- Changed the outpost tower from sand to rusty.
- Changed the weapons and ammo in the launchers box in the outpost to have only AA launchers
and ammo to reflect what the actual objective is.
- Fixed a code in the patrolling squads.
- Fixed some codeing in the init.sqf.
- Relocated the Outpost Static MG, watch out he can see better!
- Relocated the FOB closer to the AO on the west side of the creek.
- Rebuilt the FOB and is now on a Flat concrete platform, with all new walls, lookout bunkers, and some other things. see Screenshot.
- Replaced the Minaret with a Qualat in Compound 1 because the Minaret tower still had a clipping issue where you would clip through the stairs about 3/4 up and get injured.
- Updated the init.sqf adding support for server.
- Updated the time of day parameter in the MP lobby, you can now change the time of day from {"Dawn","Morning","Noon","Afternoon","Dusk","Night"};
- Updated the briefing, making some misc adjustments.
- Updated the briefing adding a new section called Tactical Tips.
For mission requirements each version of the mission has their own requirements
all of them need the below map regardless of the version. More info see the release thread!
Kunduz Afghanistan - Fixed Doors

- Added More lamps at the base around the helicopters area.
- Added new MP Parameters which allows the player to change the weather, time of day,
and the difficulty of the enemy.
- Added adjustable code that reduces sway, recoil and removes the fatigue.
- Fixed - Mission would not end when all tasks were completed.

Zip contains all 4 versions of mission:
- The ISIL Foothold (Original mission v1.9)
- The ISIL Foothold (ACE v1.3)
- The ISIL Foothold (Respawn v1.5)
- The ISIL Foothold (No mods v1.5)

- Fixed the recruit AI sign was facing the wrong direction.

- Increased the Air support (Ammo, transport, CAS) to 6.
- Increased the Artillery fire missions from 4 to 6.
- Updated the Radio antenna task, previously when the antenna was blown up the message would state the radio and transmitter were destroyed, the transmitter part was removed.

- Added gate and fence to compound 4.
- Fixed a collision issue of the Minaret tower in compound 4 as the player would clip on the stairs and get hurt or killed.

- Adjusted heights of service trucks at base as they were stuck halfway in the ground, and then popup in the air once the game started.

- Moved the marker for AI Recruit infantry to the recruit AI board, as it was on the road.
- Turned off the music that would start as soon as you stepped out of the Barracks.
No mods version
- changed the AA Task from a AAF Gorgon, to an FIA Truck with HMG.
- Changed the Static mg from AAF to FIA truck with HMG.

- Moved the AI recruitment board to the wall by the ammo
(be sure to tell your recruited AI to get into choppers, or vehicles while in the base as they wont follow you or exist the base on foot.)

- Added some objects to base buildings, adjusted object positions.
- Added more various sandbag walls to roofs in all compounds.
- Added the option to Halo/parachute to the AO.
- Added the ability to recruit AI for those who prefer help while playing solo.
- Added 4 quad bikes as an alternative vehicle w/1 med fak added each.
- Swapped out 1 MRZR 4 dune buggy with an unarmed Humvee.
- Increased bleedout duration to 5min for coop.
- Changed the game time to 17:00hrs (5pm) so you will have more daylight time.
- Replaced the Chinook with the MH-6m littlebird.
- Updated briefing.

- Changed the Officers beret for vanilla arma3 beret as there was an error reported
about the beret p3d, hopefully the change removed the error.
- The ISIL Commander will now start randomly among the 4 compounds, so you will need to locate him now.
See task description for details.
- Radio Antenna now starts randomly among the 4 compounds, so you will need to locate the tower.
- Moved the ISIL Commander and Radio antenna markers as they both objective/tasks are no longer based in compound 4.
- Moved the reinforcement tank/bmp/infantry squad closer so they show up sooner.
- Changed the markers that were worded ISIS to ISIL.

- adjusted a couple of names in the briefing's credits.
- Adjusted the name in the description.exe as it was incorrect.
- Radio antenna objective will now start in a random position within compound 4.
- Added and adjusted positions of various sandbag fences on buildings.
- Adjusted weather.

May 4th, 2019

- Kunduz map
- Hermes Airlift Services
- Iraqi-Syrian Conflict
- CBA_A3

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