Author: Valmont and George Floros
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.1

Short description: This script adds Suppression effects to your missions. These audio visual effects will trigger on players when Ai Units' bullets land or pass near them simulating the "Fear Effect" of being shot, pinned down anxiety or just general combat stress.

Date: 2019-05-07 10:32

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vSuppress Multiplayer Script

Valmont and George Floros

vSuppress Script by Valmont and George Floros is the first script based Audio-Visual Suppression effects for Arma 3.

vSuppress Main Features:
- Easily add Suppression effects to your missions. These audio visual effects will trigger on players when Ai Units' bullets land or pass near them simulating the "Fear Effect" of being shot, the anxiety caused by being pinned down or just general combat stress.
- Fully Multiplayer Compatible!
- Extremely lightweight. The script was conceived with performance in mind and on testings with 60+ Ai units shooting at a single player resulted in a meagerly 2 FPS negative impact.
- The Suppression effects are purely cosmetic and will not cause any other effects on players such as decreased stamina, stats etc.
- The sounds and the visual effects can be easily tweaked and disabled inside the script.
- Players cannot suppress other players, only Ai Units who have the script/EH running will be able to suppress players.
- The suppression effects are quite minimalist and fast in nature to keep Arma 3's gameplay unchanged while adding an additional layer of immersion to the game.

Installation / Usage:
For usage instructions and information of how to use the vSuppress Multiplayer Script please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

There are two versions of the script:
- vSuppressAll.sqf that runs from your missions' init.sqf and sets the variables and eventhandlers for all enemy Ai units present at the start of the mission.
- vSuppressUnit.sqf that can be used to add the script to a single specific Ai Unit or for adding the suppression effects to units that spawn via script or after mission start.

- vSuppress was born out of the need of an "out of the box" thinking regarding projectile impact tracking in Arma 3 that is both performance friendly, accurate enough and does not create dependency on additional mods/addons. (Since native solutions such as a ProjectileImpactEH currently does not exist in Arma 3).
Most if not all current mods dealing with Suppression rely on loops that track the position of the bullet projectiles almost in realtime and until they loose velocity or cease to exist, checking its positions and velocity all the way up to that point. This approach was accurate but fairly impractical in terms of resources used and also in terms of multiplayer environments where Arma 3 calculations can often go wrong under low FPS/Latency scenarios. In fact in our MP testing scenarios the solutions using the projectile tracking loop could result in a loss of up to 10+ FPSs during heavy combat situations versus the 2 FPS loss of vSuppress.
- To work under MP environments and without a noticeable performance impact vSuppress took a unique approach on the matter by using a cleaver solution conceived by George Floros that consisted in using the assignedTarget command and complemented by Valmont's weaponDirection currentWeapon vectorAdd vectorMultiply to actually predict the potential future location of the projectile instead of actually tracking the real projectile (expensive).


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