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Requirements: Community Base addons A3, Faces of War, IFA3 LITE, US General Equpiments and Accesories (FOW/IFA3)

Version: 1.02
Signed: No

Short description: These are my Indonesian Paratroopers, they are as authentic as i could get them.

Date: 2019-05-27 15:38

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Indonesian Paras / Borneo


The Indonesian–Malaysian confrontation or Borneo confrontation (also known by its Indonesian/Malay name, Konfrontasi) was a violent conflict from 1963–66 that stemmed from Indonesia's opposition to the creation of Malaysia. The creation of Malaysia was the amalgamation of the Federation of Malaya (now West Malaysia), Singapore and the crown colony/British protectorates of North Borneo and Sarawak (collectively known as British Borneo, now East Malaysia) in September 1963. Important precursors to the conflict included Indonesia's policy of confrontation against Netherlands New Guinea from March–August 1962 and the Brunei Revolt in December 1962.

The confrontation was an undeclared war with most of the action occurring in the border area between Indonesia and East Malaysia on the island of Borneo (known as Kalimantan in Indonesia). The conflict was characterised by restrained and isolated ground combat, set within tactics of low-level brinkmanship. Combat was usually conducted by company- or platoon-sized operations on either side of the border. Indonesia's campaign of infiltrations into Borneo sought to exploit the ethnic and religious diversity in Sabah and Sarawak compared to that of Malaya and Singapore, with the intent of unraveling the proposed state of Malaysia.

These are my Indonesian Paratroopers, they are as authentic as i could get them.
Ignore any missing requirements as they are not needed,or, download them if you choose.
I will remove the error about missing flags soon.
Ill also add pics, when i can find some !!
Credits to the required mods authors.

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With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
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Included files:
Indo Paras.pbo


- Community Base addons A3
- Faces of War
- US General Equpiments and Accesories (FOW/IFA3)

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