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Requirements: RHSUSAF

Version: 1.2
Signed: Yes

Short description: Two distinct Griffin variants are in RAF service, the HAR.Mk 2 operated as a multi-role helicopter, and the HT.Mk 1, as part of the Defence Helicopter Flying School.

Date: 2019-06-13 20:16

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42 Commando Griffin HA2


Two distinct Griffin variants are in RAF service, the HAR.Mk 2, operated by 84 Squadron as a multi-role helicopter from its RAF Akrotiri base, and the HT.Mk 1, flown by 60(R) and 202(R) Sqns as part of the Defence Helicopter Flying School (DHFS). In the support helicopter role, the Griffin HAR2 carries six fully-equipped troops, or up to eight if operationally essential. It also employs underslung Bambi Buckets for fire fighting and has a vital search and rescue (SAR) mission, as well as taking force protection, military aid to civilian authorities and ISTAR roles.

The Griffin HAR2 is equipped with night-vision goggles and a FLIR/ TV turret, which affords its crews a relevant night capability. Owing to the hot, arid climate of its Cyprus base, the HAR2 regularly employs its crucial fire fighting capability across the region. Other capabilities include search and rescue. The HT1 lacks the weather radar and one or two other of the HAR2’s operational features, but is equipped to deliver comprehensive multi-engine helicopter training to future frontline pilots and rear crew. It also equips 202(R) Sqn, formerly the SAR Training Unit, providing UK military helicopter pilots with SAR and mountain flying training.

RHS UH1Y Retexture of the Griffin Helicopter.

- Griffin HAR2
- Griffin HAR2 Armed
- Griffin HAR2 (Jungle)
- Griffin HAR2 (Jungle) Armed
- Griffin HT1

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Included files:

Future plans:
- Griffin HAR2 (Rescue)

Credits & Thanks:
- RHS (Model)
- TomTucka(Config)
- Flynn (Textures)
- RabidusUK(Morale)

- Textures all reworked slightly
- Added Griffin HAR2 Rescue

- Fixed inheritance issue with unarmed version

- Fixed Static fire animation on Armed versions
- Fixed passenger loading for Armed versions



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