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Requirements: CUP Units, CUP Vehicles, CUP Weapons

Version: 1.03
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Triveneto is a fictional republic in the north east part of the italian peninsula. The Triveneto, or Tre Venezie, is an historical region of Italy.

Date: 2020-11-29 11:53

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Triveneto armed Forces


Hi guys, a lot of time ago I was creating a work called the italian division project, but due to the lack of time and the need of a lot of work it was discontinued. Now I'm here with a new work, that was initially part of the italian division project, but it is now reworked to be as simple as possible to and more friendly to future arma updates.

It will be dependent from CUP for the vehicles and the weapons, becouse I think they have done an awesome work and, in this way, this mod will be always up to date with future Arma 3 changes.

Triveneto is a fictional republic in the north east part of the italian peninsula. The Triveneto, or Tre Venezie, is an historical region of Italy. The area included what would become the three Italian regions of Venezia Euganea, Venezia Giulia and Venezia Tridentina.
Venezia Euganea, Venezia Tridentina and Venezia Giulia are now the three main regions of the Triveneto Republic.


Since the fall of the Republic of Venice in 1797 more or less strong political movements attempted the reconstitution of the republic.

At the end of World War II, in the general confusion that surrounds the northeast area of Italy was created the Triveneto autonomist movement, which was initially underestimated by the government of Rome.

In 1949 the situation degenerates, the movement now has the good cheer of the population and, in an attempt to eradicate it, the major political leaders of the movement are arrested. This leads to heavy protests in the streets. On January 7, 1949 during a demonstration, for unknown reasons, a clash begins with police, 5 policemen and 4 Protestants are killed. The killing of some citizens by the police increases the protests that lead to more street clashes between police and protesters.

On January 20 the government of Italy moved the army in support of existing police units, but this does nothing but feed the clashes, the autonomist movement indeed had, in the confusion of the early years after World War II, found and stored many weapons.

February 23, the point of no return, during a round is lost control of the situation and 20 activists of the movement for the independence of the Triveneto are killed, this triggers riots and demonstrations against the methods used by the Italian government in other cities of Northern Italy.
The evening of February 25, the government commissioner in Venice is murdered in his office along with an army general.
The Italian government declared martial law and in tried to occupy the cities of the north east with the army.
The clashes intensified, while Padua, Verona, Vicenza, Treviso and Pordenone are placed under control of the Italian army as a result of violent clashes, some rebel units guided mainly by former soldiers occupied Mantua, Ferrara, Brescia and were moving to Ravenna and Bergamo.

Given the precarious Italian situation and the fear generated by the USSR to the east (NATO in fact born on April 4, 1949) the US decide, together with France and the UK, to enter into the question politically to prevent Italy from descending into a new civil war. It was therefore decided to grant the people of the Italian Northeast to express themselves on belonging to the Italian state through a plebiscite while the forces will attest to their positions in a stalemate.

On 10 May the population is expressed with 63.7% for the independence of Venice Euganea, the Venezia Tridentina and Venice Giulia that will create the republic of Triveneto.

After that political conflict between the Republic of Triveneto and the Italian Republic started, regarding the occupied areas. In fact, both refuse to withdraw the army from the areas occupied months before. After two more months of diplomatic clashes with the mediation of the USA all occupied territories are returned to the respective country except the cities of Mantua and Ferrara, who are assigned to Triveneto as compensation for damages.

The Triveneto Republic since then has always been on the western side, but was admitted into NATO only on July 5, 1983 due to continuous oppositions from Italy.

From the second half of the 80 relations between the two states have normalized and economic and trade cooperation have become more and more intense.

The army of the triveneto republic is composed by four brigades, one heavy brigade, where you can find the two tank regiments and some mechanized infantry regiments, two medium brigades, where you can find the anphibious assault regiment with some mechanized infatry regiments and the air assault regiment, and one light brigade, where you can find some mountain regiments.

M1A1 Abrams MBT
FV510 Warrior IFV
MC80 Warrior IFV
ADAV1 Keeper (custom AA defence vehicle based on the MC80 warrior)
Land Rover
Zamak Truck
CH-47F Chinook
UH-1Y Venom
AH-1Z Super Cobra
Eh-101 Merlin
MPLS Titan (multi purpose launcher system, it can fire both AA or AT missiles)

The navy main base is in Chioggia, on the southern part of the Lagoon of Venice. The navy is based mainly on 6 Lepanto class Frigates.

The air force operates from four airpots mainly, one in Verona (2nd Fighter wing with 20 Eurofighters), one in Istrana (1st Fighter wing with 20 Eurofighters), one in Rivolto (3rd Fighter wing with 20 Eurofighters), one in Venice (5th wing with 4 E-130J AEW and 10 C-130J).

To install Triveneto armed Forces you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Recommended and/or optional addons and mods to use with Triveneto armed Forces.
The Eurofighter texture and the E-130 texture are optional and can be downloaded separately as they will require y Eurofighter and my E-130 packs.
- Triveneto eurofighter Typhoon
- Triveneto eurofighter Typhoon

Changelog: (29-11-2020 - updated as it happens, displayed in news once every month)
-Added landing crafts for the Da Mar infantry (Marines)
-Added M1151 and normal HMMWV (SOV and UAV terminal) as deployment vehicles
-Added new infantry classes
-minor bug fixes

-Added the Da Mar infantry (Marines), together with the AAV-7A1
-Added Special forces Infantry
-Added CSR units (Secret service/intelligence), with security detail, Vips and operatives.
-Added optional retexture pack for my boeing 737, with C-737, E-7, KC-737 and C40 triveneto textures


Initial release

- CUP Units
- CUP Vehicles
- CUP Weapons

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