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Requirements: Operation: TREBUCHET

Version: 8
Signed: No

Short description: includes additional equipment and enhances to existing equipment for the OPTRE mod.

Date: 2020-06-03 09:18

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Operation: Arsenal Expansion for OPTRE


This mod includes additional equipment and enhances to existing equipment for the OPTRE mod.

Current additions:
VTOL hornet variant, complete with reworked HUD and pylon system.
All hornets now have a pilot camera and laser designator. All of them also contain a pylon system.
M41 SSR, aka SPNKR, now is one launcher. Contains new missile types, such as SALH, Thermal, and dumbfire.
M6 G/GNR, aka spartan laser, added as a launcher. Currently still a WIP, but is functional.

To install Operation: Arsenal Expansion for OPTRE you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Credits & Thanks:
Big thanks:
-Article 2 Studios, for OPTRE
-You, for actually reading this part.
-The OPTRE community, for existing.
-The Insurrectionists, for being great target practice.
-Microsoft, 343, and Bungie: For the Halo universe.

+Add default loadouts to hornet.
+Add default loadouts to pelican.
+Add default loadouts to sparrowhawk.
+Added 1x AGM502 option for loadouts.
+Added Illumination flare bomb, (Mk127).
+Added illumination bomb to pelican temporarily until B-65 is integrated into OPTRE.
+Add ANVIL II IR rockets
+Fix ANVIL I rockets occasionally breaking
+Fix C2GMLS not guiding on sparrowhawk
+Fixed G-meter script for HUDs running on every airvehicle unnecessarily.
+Removed overspeed warning for pelicans
+Reduced damage of C2GMLS from OPTRE's 400 to 50 to reflect the small warhead.
+Changed C2GMLS to proximity fuse.
+Made glassing beam compatible for Zeus.
+Changed the appearance of the beam through light attenuation.
+Blue beam variant
+Disruptor Bomb Module
+Cryo Bomb Module
+Warthog with a 2-gauge shotgun for a turret (blame Tycus for this one)
+Spartan laser now has 3 burst settings.
+Fixed Spartan Laser effect being clientside only.
+Skeleton swapping system for going between spartans and nonspartans. (Multiplayer compatible!)
It appears that event handlers registered to the player will have to be reregistered. Unfortunately, no method exists for this purpose. Retrieving eventhandler code from the player unit and reapplying it to the new unit cannot be done.
A lot of functions were added this update:

+Added ANVIL-III SALH rockets.
+Reorganized the aircraft weapon, magazine, and ammo classnames and introduced an OPAEX_AirCore.pbo.
+Made SPNKR have 100 thrust instead of 10 to make up for low speeds after maneuvering.
+Made SPNKR seekers all have maximum range of 2500. This means the SALH and SACLOS have been reduced from 4 km to 2.5 km max range.
+Added Sparrowhawk HUD
+Added Pylons to Sparrowhawk
+Added Sparrowhawk Innie version (in texture lists) temporarily until OPTRE updates their Sparrowhawks
+Added pylon models from the hiddenselections to the A, B, and C versions of the Sparrowhawk
+Fixed all hornets giving an error
+Fixed Scorpions not having gunner seat due to new update
+Fixed assault rifles breaking without the ACE compat
+Reduced the fuse distance of impact grenades from 60 to 0, meaning it will always detonate.

+Fix scorpion turret reticule missing.
+Fix spartan laser causing heat damage to user.
+Increased strength of spartan laser
+Thanks to innumerable requests, the SPNKR will have its own OPAEX version and the vanilla magazines and launchers will return untouched.
+No more recoil on the Spartan laser.
+Convert the spartan laser to use magwells instead of magazines to fix SPNKR rounds being loadable.
+Fixed a bug with the Falcon hull hit values

Hotfix for Glassing beam being binarized.

+Falcon HUD
+Added smoke dispensers to scorpion
+Added SACLOS M41 missiles.
+Reworked the Thermal M41 missiles to actually track consistently.
+Added glassing beam module with options! (Thanks to DarkLordAinsley and Nekro)

+Fixed missile detection and countermeasures in standard hornet.

+Pylon smoke rockets in red
+Pylon smoke rockets in blue
+Pylon smoke rockets in green
+Pylon smoke rockets in orange
+Pylon smoke rockets in purple
+Pylon smoke rockets in white
+Pylon smoke rockets in yellow
+Added impact smoke grenades for grenade launchers.
+Impact smoke in white
+Impact smoke in blue
+Impact smoke in red
+Impact smoke in yellow
+Impact smoke in green
+Impact smoke in purple
+Changed incoming missile warning to red in HUD for both pelican and hornet
+Fixed bug with hornet and pelican missile detection system
+Fixed bug with hornet countermeasures

+Removed the obstructive glideslope from the normal hornet's HUD.
+Fixed the radar not being usable in the normal hornet.
+Fixed the radar not being usable in the pelican.
+Fixed duplicate weapon issue for the hornet.
+Changed mod logo
+Made pcitures for the mod's workshop page.

+HUD for normal hornet.
+HUD for Pelican.
+Pelican with pylons!
+Improved hornet fuel consumption to allow at least 2 hours of operation.
+Made C2GMLS more susceptible to countermeasures.
+Fixed minor animation source errors on the hornet.
+Massively improved spartan laser performance impact.


- Operation: TREBUCHET

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