Author: Madin
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.19
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: is providing simultaneously as many FPS and bots as possible.

Date: 2020-02-26 14:10

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Madin AI - Dynamic AI spawn/systems


What is this mod for?
Providing simultaneously as many FPS and bots as possible.

Not everything can be overcome in terms of efficiency in the Arma engine, but several things can be improved.
Many single-player games, despite hundreds of downed bots at the end of the level, simultaneously display up to a few units on the screen at max. The mod will strive for this.
Most of the modules are rewritten, as until now they were only as scripts. And now with "better" quality, code performance and customization from 3den. Planned addition of support for Zeus.

What is inside as right now (3den modules - "ArmaForces - Madin AI"):
Build Spawn:
Cities are dynamically filled, units are spawned only where they are needed. The whole city is filled with enemies, and fps is more than 5.
synchronize one bot from group with the module. In the module's settings adjust parameters such as the number of bots / range etc.

Point Spawn:
Respawn point for AI, bots are added as the previous die.
Synchronize one unit from group with the module and set the module options.

Other modules that will appear soon:
Civilian module: Spawn braindead civilians, that can react to gunfire and display custom animations. Automaticly spawn/despawn. Very little resources used.

Support module: Bots spawn with vehicle and come to a specific place. They unload the infantry, and if the vehicle has a cannon, the units are responsible for it and the drivers stay in place.

A few others modules are on the way.

To install Madin AI - Dynamic AI spawn/systems you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Mod is currently in the "Minimal Viable Product" state, and will recive multiple updates in near hours/days. Right now there are only 2 modules from a few other "ready" ones but waiting to be rewritten / tested, and, ironically, no additional "AI" itself.

- Fixed option to force ai to move to zeus waypoints
- disable AI for units in AIR vehicles
- Add "Allow flee" checkbox, disabled by default
- Change default value of ptsd on hit to 0
- Workaround for ACE double EH killed bug in respPoint

Some minor fixes:
- respPoint now stops when nearby buildings get destroyed
- missed text in CBA settings
- adjustments to AI skill when under suppression
- some typos
- overall "cleaning" of code, still some work to do and new features™

- removed "findEmptyPos" that could freeze game
- Added optional "Force move / formation" - Force AI to move to waypoint placed by zeus. (CBA settings)
- flee distance - How far the bots will run when under fire (PTSD, CBA settings)

fix "CBA crash" for vehicle AI

fix server freeze when AI found hostile aircraft

*minor fixes
(last time i updated wrong commit to WS, whoops)

added bikey

- Fixed mags added to players instead of bots (@veteran29)
- Fixed typos and missing text in CBA settings

fixed additional mags given to players instead of AI

fixed "Respawn point" performance / crash bug

1. AI will advance to enemy “from cover to cover”, when not interrupted by zeus. When zeus adds new waypoints, AI will not modify them* in general.
2. AI have new parameter = PTSD. When fired near AI / AI get a hit / someone from (its) formation dies, group will recive PTSD. PTSD will recover with time.
- Group will recive penalty to all of its skills depending on recived PTSD `skill = base skill * (PTSD + 1) ^-0.5`
- Group will stop advancing when PTSD threshold is met.
- Group will flee to nearby buildings/obstacles in opposite direction to target when PTSD threshold met. *Interrupts zeus commands, but returns to them when PTSD is low enough.
3. AI will get additional skill penalty when suppressed.
4. AI will get it’s vision reduced depend on bushes/trees nearby.
5. Players will get camouflage bonus near bushes/trees nearby.
6. % chance for AI to get additional magazine when reload (for RHS/CUP more frequent AI fire). Set to 0% by default.
7. AI will mount near stationary guns/vehicles with guns when possible.
8. Additional option for AI penalty to aim for set time when it hits player.
9. Probably something more, that I forgot by now.

- Added some JBAD buildings to Build Spawn (@3Mydlo3)

- Fixed some typos
- added deactivation distance for civilians

- Civilian module added
- Spawns ‘low resource taking’ civilians in specified area. Need buildings to work, supports CBA_buildingPos.
- Automatically despawn civilians when players are not present.
- Civilians ‘react’ to gunfire.
- You can use civilians presets or add own units by synchronize them with module, loadouts are also saved.
- Build Spawn
- “Distance” setting replaced by visible area in 3den (@veteran29)
You need to update missions that use this module before update
- Added ‘Activation distance’
- Units when activated starts to patrol, instead of zerg rush players. (More options of units behaviour coming soon)
- Respawn Point
- Fixed bug that when ‘Activation Distance’ was set to -1, module will not work
- Added ‘Buildings distance’ parameter – If any building in specified area will be destroyed, module will stop work
- When group is set to despawn on start, they will have restored behaviour, speed and all waypoints with their type on spawn.
- General
- Added ‘Plane/heli activation’ in every module, to specify if module will be activated by players in aircraft
- Added ‘Code executed on unit spawn’ to exec own code on each unit. Passed arguments [_unit].

And probably something more, some minor fixes that I forgot by now.

fix systemchat spam for Point Spawn


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