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Version: 10

Date: 2008-09-01 15:58

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Warfare - PIP

Modified version of new Warfare that uses all the nice Mando scripts.

Just extract the pbo file to your ArmA\MPMissions folder

Change log:
- + Respawn on leader
- There is now only one squad leader who has control of all the warfare menus etc he is the leader all other members of the squad are basic infantrymen
- Can be played on Singleplayer

- Laser designator now needed for console - cleans up menu
- Vibeds - place satchels on moving vehicles
- Latest Mando console with Hellfire armed recon :-)
- North and south version included

- Added Zonekillers support pack The AI can now hit you with arty and AI airpower. Also the latest mando bombs console 1.56
- Mando missiles really work now Shilkas and Vulcans are deadly Mando SAM sites.

- Mando AI sams fixed (So I thought bug found some sort of time warp now fixed in v04:-))

- Shika and Tow AI Mando SAMS
- Mando sound works

- initial public release

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