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Requirements: @CBA_A3,@CSA38 mod - Czechoslovakia army 1938 (Munich Crisis),@CUP Terrains - Core,@GEIST-A3 LITE,@IFA3 Liberation,@CSA38 mod - Marenice (WW2 Terrain),@WW2_Objects
Island(s): Marenice
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Version: 1.00

Date: 2019-07-19 07:30

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Fight Back


As an ex-General of the Czech Army, you are under suspicion of being aware of information about this, and have been taken to a Gestapo house for questioning. During the night an opportunity arises for you to overpower your captives. You can now break out of the house and contact the Czech Army.

The time has come to Fight Back, and the objective of the mission is to take control of the surrounding area of Marenice.

You will need a map.

At the start of the mission it is possible to also don a disguise.

The dead bodies around you have been scripted to allow you to change uniforms into those of the Gestapo. Whilst wearing the uniform you will be able to move around undetected by the enemy however; if you open fire you will be detected, and your blood-spattered uniform will become a liability. One of several friendly Czech Bunkers is marked for you on your map. You might want to head there first to re-arm and rally up with extra Czech fighting men but be warned; it might be better if you do, to plan your route avoiding potential enemy locations.

At the Czech Bunker locations you will find ammo boxes.

These are equipped with Tonics Virtual Arsenal so that you can choose your equipment, weaponry and loadout and Bon Inf and Mosers Recruitment dialogue, so that you can rely on reinforcements during the mission.

To head immediately for the Red Icon [One of the Easter Eggs] it would certainly lead you through heavily fortified enemy areas.
The locations of the remaining friendly Czech Bunkers will be revealed once you reach the one that is marked to the North-West of Marenice. Good Luck!

Easter Egg / Final or Optional Objective +

Sitting by a campfire in the woods are two Wehrmacht soldiers assigned to patrol and search the area for any signs of the rumoured Czech Army Resistance hideaways. Rather disturbed by their orders, they spend their days chatting by the campfire, chopping wood and drinking Wine, which is bought to them daily by an Officer from Krompach. Hidden and Dangerous 2 players may recognise the scenario from a Mission found in that game, the similarities are too great for this not to happen. All well and good as long as you realise that they will prove a liability if found dead. In this Mission as a result of the implications of their deaths. In Hidden and Dangerous 2 as a result of the reputation such killings represents for the British Commandos. The Officer may be parked in his Kubelwagen at the Krompach-Jonsdorf Border post marked on your intelligence map.

If they are no longer alive when they are next delivered Wine you will alert the garrison at Krompach.

The Wehrmacht in Marenice can easily be reinforced from over the Eastern Borders and you may not want this to happen for several reasons:

1/ You currently have insufficient Armour to defend yourselves against potentially vast numbers of Wehrmacht Armour

2/ You may be able in time, to fool the Germans based in this area, and subsequently German High Command, that the Czech Army represents more than the threat a few dead bodies represent


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